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Comment Re:No, only people who put a value on life lose (Score 1) 651

It's nice that you imply the person isn't human simply because you disagree.

The problem is that resources are limited. We 'could' have doctors spend lots of time keeping you alive, but that means we are going to have a ton of doctors, and not much else. The whole purpose of money is to distribute/use our resources in a somewhat sane way. With bailouts and built in inflation we may have deviated from the path a bit, but that's still what money at it's route is.

So you can say "do whatever it takes to keep people alive" and then have millions of living people without basic necessities... or you can realize that, in reality, you can't save everyone... and difficult choices need to be made. Putting a dollar value on a life is likely one of the most fair ways to do it.

Comment Re:How can you be convicted of breaking a secret l (Score 1) 775

It's unfortunate, but semi-secret laws are the norm. Read through the US Government's Code of Federal Regulations. Just about any technical area will tell you to abide behind some document that is behind a paywall. ANSI/IEEE/ASME and some industry organizations all charge (often exorbitant) fees to read a copy of what has been made 'law'. The government looking to industry to self-govern is an EXCELLENT idea... but it often puts people at risk because (outside of companies) they can't afford to purchase every spec they are legally obliged to follow. Hell, people have 'broken the law' by using an old/outdated version of a paywalled specification. (Yes this is called 'code' and now 'law', but it still leads to fines and jailtime).

Comment Re:Browser UI + guts mix and match (Score 1) 152

This might actually be an 'excellent' security model. Currently on Firefox I rely on noscript for security, whitelisting sites that I trust.... but this does nothing for JPG/GIF/whatever bugs.

I'd much rather have untrusted sites displayed as text only, with everything other than BR/line breaks filtered out in a more simple/stupid/secure renderer. Think Lynx in a browser.

Comment Re:Similar Story (Score 2, Interesting) 230

Odd timing.

I'm currently in Pueblo, CO at a test site 30 miles outside town. There's only one paved road to the facility and it's from Pueblo.

I usually fly into Denver, drove through the Springs, to Pueblo and then head out to the site. Simple trip, just get on 25-S and drive. Get off on exit 101A and drive ~30 miles.

Well, I wanted to test my new gps. It had me drive down to the Co Springs airport and then take a ~30 mile dirt road. Actually got me there quicker, but the facility keeps that gate locked :/

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