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Submission + - Chinese Kid Sells His Kidney for an iPad and iPhone, Suffers Renal Failure ( 2

assertation writes: Though you might say you'd give your left arm for an iPad, you only mean it figuratively. But one Chinese teen actually sold his kidney to make enough money to buy the Apple tablet and an iPhone. Today, Wang suffers from renal deficiency, meaning his kidneys can no longer filter out toxins from his blood. Doctors say he's going to need a transplant of his own

Submission + - Robot chimp could teach apes to talk, humans to run and scream (

DillyTonto writes: A robot bonobo equipped with rubber wheels, an electric motor and a remote control in the hands of a semi-articulate ape sounds like the start of a joke or another sequel to Planet of the Apes. It's actually a serious computer science and primatology project that is wacky enough to get computer science students in Des Moines interested in working on RoboBonobo prototypes and English/Bonobo chat software. It's so offbeat it may also get donors interested enough to contribute the $20,000 a working version would cost at an Iowa university with no budget to spare for robots remote-controlled by non-humans and a great ape research center that has plenty of talking apes but not one fully operative, water-cannon-equipped, robot that can be controlled using ideograms large enough for ape fingers to tap on a tablet and a fake ape head creepy enough to freak out any humans that aren't mowed down by the water cannon.

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