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Comment Re:Turnabout: their dogma ran over their karma (Score 1) 86

Absolutely. Frankly, it fills me with glee (except for those who were hurt).

I'd be in favor of a law in Canada banning the import/sale of devices with sealed batteries. There is simply no excuse. None. It's an environmental disaster and there is simply. no. excuse.

* Exceptions for certain medical devices

Comment If... (Score 2) 761

If this leads to the abandonment of a2dp, I am all for it.

It's actually quite embarrassing that a2dp is still a standard in widespread use. The very fact you can't bidirectionally stream audio at a high bitrate is so 90s.

If this move brings on 6ch, 320kbit bidirectional audio, I'm all for it (even as an Android user).

Comment My question is: (Score 3, Informative) 164

Have they fixed the rather major defect they introduced by forcing an unconfigurable doze on us all?

Any application which requires the device to remain active (ie. safety applications like marine anchor and AIS alarms) are not functional on Android 6.0+. Even if you add applications to the exception list, they'll still be suspended, and woken only every 15 minutes while dozing.

A simple "do not EVER interfere with this process under any circumstances" option would resolve it, and to be honest it's quite shocking it was ommitted.

Comment Re:If Water is Scarce (Score 1) 323

Your'e right .. I am (today, in most places). But the point still stands.

It's mostly people lacking a scientific education screaming "we're running out of water" and misunderstanding the actual nature of the problem - some areas have limited access to naturally fresh water, and will need extensive recycling and desalination programs.

But when you put it that way, it's so much less dramatic.

Comment Re:If Water is Scarce (Score 3, Interesting) 323

Seventy-one percent of the Earth is covered by water. We simply lack the technology to change that statistic.

Water cannot be "scarce" on Earth.

It is expensive to desalinate water. However, war is many orders of magnitude more expensive.

Think of it this way: $0.25USD per 1,000L of desalinated water vs $2.50USD per 1,000L of ground or lake water taken by force.

There may be minor skirmishes over specific rivers, but there will never be war because it is not economically advantageous.

Comment Re:Why use FB? It's a social network (Score 1) 534

Interesting to hear from the other side.

I'm not a heavy Facebook user, but I have mostly dissociated from former friends who share your attitude. It kinda creeps me out, to be honest.

I live on a boat and move around frequently, so Facebook is quite convenient for keeping track of events and the goings on of my friends. When I'm in a particular town, a simple "I'm in town; drinks?" is enough to reunite perhaps a dozen friends for a nice evening.

Anyway, we all make our choices, but it is interesting to hear it from your side.

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