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Comment Re:Samsung should learn from this experience (Score 1) 158

Except that this has nothing to do with sealing in the batteries.

What, do you work for Samsung or something?

This has everything to do with sealing in batteries.

1. Removable batteries have significant armor as they may spend time out of the device. This armor would have protected the battery from localized temperature spikes.

2. Removable batteries contain internal thermal and current protection, and often fusible links. The connectors cannot be tightly spaced because they must allow for movement. Even if a battery short were somehow possible, the battery would have protected itself rather than igniting.

3. If there are problems with the battery, it can be returned and exchanged without the device. Samsung, could have, in fact, simply sent replacements when they learned of the problem.

4. If it turns out the device is defective, it can be easily shipped without the battery and the battery saved or recycled separately. This cuts down on recall costs dramatically.

I mean talk about disingenuous.

Comment Re:S7 Edge (Score 1) 212

Apple pisses me off as a corporation. I find the iPhone ecosystem restrictive and annoying.

But calling it a "moped" is ridiculous.

And we in the Android camp should get off our high horses. Android is a fucking mess. Bastardized *nix userspace, Google creepware everywhere, incredibly inefficient bytecode VM (relative to native code), and now we can't even trust our devices to run apps reliably, thanks to the non-optional Doze being forced on us all. Hint: app whitelist does not do what you might think it does.

I myself cannot wait for a proper Unix phone (like our sacred old n900) to make a new appearance and .. please oh please .. popular splash.

Comment Right (Score 2) 286

I mean, Windows (in the server room) has slowly gotten better over the past 20 years.

But even today, 20 years after I started my career on Solaris, Linux, HPUX (ugh), and Windows NT, it's a nuisance. The OS will still disobey a direct order due to licensing configuration issues. It is still difficult to manage over a low-latency link. It's still insecure. It still doesn't play nicely with other OSes.

Clearly these guys are paid to write what they're writing, so whatever. But it is interesting that the same complaints we - who actually do this for a living - had 20 years ago are mostly valid today.

Comment The sad thing (Score 1) 90

The sad thing is the people (at least partly) responsible for this - the lawyers and VPs at the content cartels insistent on geo-restricting content - have already made off like bandits.

Their studios will fail and go bankrupt after they've been long gone, retired, living off the riches accrued by market segmentation.

Comment Re:Why the hate? (Score 1) 251

Why the hate?

I've owned four Samsung Android phones over the past 6 years, and the last one I purchased was the Note 3.

In pursuit of planned obsolescence, ... pure profit motivated greed, with zero regard to environmental load, they started soldering batteries into all of their phones and sealing the cases.

That's why all the hate.

To watch this disaster (for them) unfold makes me giddy (except of course for anyone hurt by the devices).

Comment Re:Turnabout: their dogma ran over their karma (Score 1) 86

Absolutely. Frankly, it fills me with glee (except for those who were hurt).

I'd be in favor of a law in Canada banning the import/sale of devices with sealed batteries. There is simply no excuse. None. It's an environmental disaster and there is simply. no. excuse.

* Exceptions for certain medical devices

Comment If... (Score 2) 761

If this leads to the abandonment of a2dp, I am all for it.

It's actually quite embarrassing that a2dp is still a standard in widespread use. The very fact you can't bidirectionally stream audio at a high bitrate is so 90s.

If this move brings on 6ch, 320kbit bidirectional audio, I'm all for it (even as an Android user).

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