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Comment Re:Cheap (Score 1) 626

You're not an American, so it's not a shock that any number of terrorism-related American deaths is no big deal to you. However, those of us that are Americans, or even just live here, would like to keep the number as low as possible. What we do to effect this will not be dictated to us by someone who sits on their hands while thousands of inbred, third-world savages rape a million little girls because you're so terrified that someone might think you're a racist if you do anything about it. Fuck you and your cowardice, you disgusting piece of shit.

Comment Re:MISSION: To obliterate the wages of programmers (Score 1) 168

The posts were timestamped within minutes of each other, say the exact same thing, and use the exact same writing style. So sorry you couldn't find work as a programmer because you suck at it. Pretty soon you won't even have your current shill job, because it will be automated by a bash script. At that point you'll just have to suck even more cock in truck stop bathrooms. Have fun dying of AIDS. :D

Comment Re:Singular "they" (Score 1) 151

While the bold text is really convincing and completely negates the instruction of every English teacher on Earth, you forgot the link to the blog that was using other blogs as citations. As for "valid singular pronouns", we have "one": "When one is cold one might shiver." We also have "it", though it's generally not used in reference to people, unless, of course, you keep your victims at the bottom of a hole in your basement floor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Comment Re:MISSION: To obliterate the wages of programmers (Score 0) 168

Oh, look, an AC code.org shill. The most pathetic part is that you're not even good at it. Your only argument is to pretend that anyone who objects to foisting a bullshit agenda onto schoolchildren must be "a protectionist fuckwit" or "shitty programmer". Come back when you have a retort that's a bit more sophisticated than some dreary-ass argumentum ad hominem. In the meantime, go punch your mother in the face for raising a fucking retard.

Comment Re:MISSION: To obliterate the wages of programmers (Score -1) 168

First, you forgot the apostrophe in "Let's". Second, no, children need to be learning how to read and write in school, not learning how to be whores for human garbage like Satya Nadella and Mark Zuckerberg. Third, fuck off with the tired-ass 15-year-old South Park meme. It doesn't make you sound clever or sophisticated, it makes you sound like a sad fucker that laughs at his own shitty, unfunny jokes.

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