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Comment Re:Just to be clear what that means (Score 1) 232

But then you'd have no employees left. There really should be some level of basic training required/supplied, but most places just won't do it, even if took just an afternoon.

Unfortunately, getting people to switch to a critical and questioning mindset takes more than an afternoon. For many, I don't think it can even be done. This makes protecting the business from its own employees a necessity countermeasure, as long as you can't segment off the insecure users.

Comment Re:...disabled by default... until it's not (Score 1) 274

The majority of Windows systems are corporate workstations, which only need an office suite, PDF reader, and a few corporate-approved applications, typically pushed through SCCM (which I assume will be exempt from this feature).

The problem is that this is true for most PCs, but not all. And it's the ones that need extra software that tend to be business critical.

Comment Summer (Score 1) 76

the Xperia XZ Premium won't be out until late spring or just ahead of the summer

Would that be by American or old world definition of summer?
I'm asking because that difference means a 1.5 month difference in when we can hope to see this.
(American June 21 is first day of summer, old world June 21 is midsummer)

Comment Re:Not viable on Windows 10 (Score 1) 232

AC is full of crap. Never had issues with Windows 10 and having a separate admin account (which is the best policy no matter the operating system).

I would argue that not relying on a tie between accounts and privileges is a better policy. It may take more work to set up something like selinux and capabilities, but not a lot of malware or Oracle scripts (but, I repeat myself) can deal with that.


FCC To Halt Rule That Protects Your Private Data From Security Breaches ( 119

According to Ars Technica, "The Federal Communications Commission plans to halt implementation of a privacy rule that requires ISPs to protect the security of its customers' personal information." From the report: The data security rule is part of a broader privacy rulemaking implemented under former Chairman Tom Wheeler but opposed by the FCC's new Republican majority. The privacy order's data security obligations are scheduled to take effect on March 2, but Chairman Ajit Pai wants to prevent that from happening. The data security rule requires ISPs and phone companies to take "reasonable" steps to protect customers' information -- such as Social Security numbers, financial and health information, and Web browsing data -- from theft and data breaches. The rule would be blocked even if a majority of commissioners supported keeping them in place, because the FCC's Wireline Competition Bureau can make the decision on its own. That "full commission vote on the pending petitions" could wipe out the entire privacy rulemaking, not just the data security section, in response to petitions filed by trade groups representing ISPs. That vote has not yet been scheduled. The most well-known portion of the privacy order requires ISPs to get opt-in consent from consumers before sharing Web browsing data and other private information with advertisers and other third parties. The opt-in rule is supposed to take effect December 4, 2017, unless the FCC or Congress eliminates it before then. Pai has said that ISPs shouldn't face stricter rules than online providers like Google and Facebook, which are regulated separately by the Federal Trade Commission. Pai wants a "technology-neutral privacy framework for the online world" based on the FTC's standards. According to today's FCC statement, the data security rule "is not consistent with the FTC's privacy standards."

Google Renames Messenger To Android Messages as the Company Pushes RCS ( 92

We have come a long way from the age of flip phones and nine-key texting. Even as if group messaging and instant messengers took over, the SMS has largely retained its core standard over the years. Google wants to change that, and for this, it has been working with hundreds of carriers and manufacturers around the world to bring the text message into the 21st century. Using a standard called Rich Communications Services, the group plans to make a texting app that comes with your phone and is every bit as powerful as those dedicated messaging apps. This would make all the best features available to everyone with an Android phone. From a report on BetaNews: Just last week we were talking about Google's championing of RCS (Rich Communication Services), the successor to SMS. Now the company has renamed its Messenger app to Android Messages as it aims to become not just the default SMS app, but the default RCS app for Android users. Part of the reason for the name change is to convey the idea that the app is now about more than just one type of message. Google is betting big on RCS and this is hinted at in the app update description which says it adds "Simpler sign-up for enhanced features on supported carriers."

Comment Re:Quantity vs Quality (Score 1) 150

Depends not only on the person, but also the task. Implementing complex algorithms efficiently in code tends to require more attention and focus than sitting in hours long meetings listening for the occasional cue to speak for 30 seconds.

The latter is, without doubt, the most tiring.

When I've accomplished something at work, I come home far more alert than when it's spent on politics and communications.

Comment Re:"Toxic" comments huh? (Score 1) 195

Well, let's all bow down the moral arbiters of justice then. I'm sure that they'll be right on top of removing speech they disagree with.

Never attribute to opinion that which can be adequately explained by greed.

They may agree fully with what you said, but a comment that a company's customer support sucks is still going to be removed.
Preferably automatically, so they won't have to pay an outsourced minimum wage slave to do the job.

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