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Comment Re:Is this news? (Score 1) 120

I figure it'll get worse as Boeing and Airbus reduce the number of unique vehicles in the lines going forward. Airbus is down to only manufacturing the A320, A330, and A380. And Boeing was planning on having three clean sheet designs (Yellowstone) - the 787, a new 737/757/767 variant (pushed back due to the A320 NEO as they developed the 737 MAX to compete), and a 777/747 replacement (likely the 777X). They'll each have variants but they'll probably just be variation in fuselage length for variable passenger capacity to keep costs down with a common wing.

Not sure how either companies will want to do things since you need that engineering knowledge on the next aircraft and if you're going through that process less frequently, you'll have fewer seasoned folks that know what they're doing. Oh well.

Comment Re:Problem is true waste is hidden (Score 1) 249

Well sure, modernizing nukes means jobs. Though the Minuteman III systems were first deployed in the 70s (though has seen some system upgrades) while the bomber variants vary from the 60s to 80s. I think we both would agree that systems age over time and their effectiveness would degrade in some capacity. Spare parts become increasingly rarer as programs run longer and that can drive costs too.

Now this certainly ties back to the debate of what do we want the military to do. Is there value in strategic nuclear deterrence? If so, how much of it do we really need?

Perhaps another area of focus could be on things like the Army's complaints about Congress buying more tanks the Army doesn't want. How many systems have we had forced onto our troops because of political posturing? How much could military expense be saved by using COTS parts like a GPS in lieu of a "battle hardened" unit? How much waste is there in budgets because folks ran under and don't want to lose it (lots from what I hear)?

I'd speculate this is true across the board for government waste and having overlapping missions for various organizations too. It might not be as bad in others as the military but it doesn't mean we can't look at it either.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 122

That honestly sounds like the best solution.

I have a spare bedroom I'd love to rent out but as I'm a renter, I'm not gungho about violating my lease. Regulation as a B&B would make it easy for landlords to catch folks breaking their lease. At some point when I buy a place, I would also likely want to rent a spare bedroom on infrequent occasion to help blast away the mortgage as hotels here are not cheap. Would be happy to take that approach.

Comment Re: Nothing says... (Score 1) 273

That math is a little wonky since your process is really 7 hours. If you wanted to run it 24/7, you could have 24 cycles of drive and recharge in a week - 86% utilization. But compare that to 7*24/21 (21 is drive and rest), you get 8 so a utilization of 52%. Still far better regardless.

The question of interest I have is what these unmanned trucks will do if someone attempts to rob them - say at night with limited traffic. Could be via fake traffic block or something out of Fast and Furious while at speed. Having an active driver serves as a legitimate deterrent as they can call it in quickly. Not sure what the solution might be for an autonomous fleet. Broadcasting cameras going to some security office hub? How do you handle areas with lousy data coverage?

Comment Re:Bad move (Score 1) 227

I tap a button on my Fire remote and select skip preview. Dunno how you're watching Amazon but it works for me.

Amazon's shows do really suck. Man in the High Castle is entertaining enough and Alpha House was hilarious. Grand Tour was not really much fun. I can't think of anything else I've seen on the menu I'd even want to watch.

Comment Probably for the best (Score 3, Insightful) 99

If people were polite and considerate of each other, this would easily be something that should be allowed.

Unfortunately, we live in reality where people tend not to be overly considerate of others around them while on their phones. Add in the cramped quarters of an aircraft on top of the stressors various folks have related to travel and I think you'll see more aircraft incidents that we would like. Wifi with email should be sufficient for most communication needs.

Comment Re:What would an AI actually do? (Score 1) 135

Having skimmed enough local profiles, I'd be hard pressed to find any evidence that only 5% of ladies are real. Most of the profiles look pretty authentic to me (OKCupid) but I guess if you're using other places, they might not be.

My observation is that I just don't mesh with a lot of the folks on the site. Could be for a number of reasons: lots of vegans/vegetarians, folks that love to travel everywhere (crazy high cost of living here and I don't want a roommate), I'm far less established financially than others my age (was in a doctoral program that ate my 20s) which makes me less hesitant to spend money, a lot of my interests are more hermetic than many folks enjoy (I sure don't blame others for that but it does make things harder), and folks have kids (nah)/want kids (I'm increasingly leaning towards no as I get older).

I have noticed many profiles having a list of some size in terms of what they're looking for. Like they're buying a laptop or car and want it speced out. That might be part of why they're still single. I see someone I kinda dig, see a list and something on that list doesn't resonate with me, and I just assume they aren't going to be interested. An example would be "I'm not interested in Republicans". I'm independent and don't vote straight ticket but that statement comes off as someone that doesn't want to hear opposing views. So why bother? I already send non-sexually charged messages that don't get responses.

It's funny cause I moved from the Southeast US because I felt I was too liberal and now in New England, I'm too conservative.

Comment Re: Alternative to ban (Score 1) 233

I don't know as I really haven't looked. I feel like PNW brand of environmentalism is the same level of diet and social justice that ends up being a negative - no compromise. I'm pro-nukes until solar/wind and storage is affordable enough to cover the needs of the grid completely plus water desalination.

I think that's really the problem. Americans either forgot how to compromise or stopped trying and want control over every little thing in their lives. And it's what ultimately makes a lot of people unattractive.

Comment Re: Alternative to ban (Score 1) 233

Goodness. Tell me about it.

I moved from the Southeast, where being agnostic closed a lot of doors for me, to New England for a job and what I figured was a better dating environment for me. What a mistake that was. Lots of vegans/vegetarians, social justice priority minded folks, instant distrust of gun ownership, etc. I have nothing against any of those perspectives but I love BBQ restaurants (I'm even willing to eat less meat but I'll never give it up. I would also like company while eating.), not worrying about every little thing (How many marches have there been already?), and target shooting is a fun hobby. It would be somewhat hard to have it work in a relationship.

I was too liberal for the Southeast and I'm too conservative for New England. My answer of 'other' in the OKC question of politics (liberal, conservative, centrist, other) is a negative. Lots of "I don't date Republicans" which I read as, "I won't have someone challenge my beliefs." I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up with a foreign lady too just because American women are far too picky for what they really bring to the table.

Comment Re:I think it's safe to say that wouldn't hold up (Score 1) 216

If I come home to find a guy abusing my pre-teen daughter, you bet that I will Judge Dredd this mofo's ass.

I would be careful with that strategy. If you've disabled him and he's no longer a threat but you then execute him, you may find yourself in court anyways facing charges. Heat of the moment might get you a lot of leniency but it does put you at the mercy of a prosecutor for whether you're charged and if you go to trial, a jury and judge.

Comment What's the performance gap? (Score 2) 314

No one is surprised that kids from wealthier means do better in school. This is well documented. What's the performance gap between the bottom 60% and the top 1% kids? If the gap is sizable, let's look towards correcting that. If the gap in performance is negligible, then I'm going to get more interested in these findings.

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