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Comment Re:Wow... that's pretty harsh. (Score 1) 463

The thing is, I've been following the "Sean Murray lied" discussion on Reddit and I keep seeing some people make claims about statements, for example claiming Murray said that it was an MMO, or that a certain feature was in the game.

But when I go to check it out, it turns out that Murray just said some "maybe" statement or "as of right now in the current build" vague statement, or we find out that the feature is in the game but they just haven't seen it yet.

For example, someone in this Slashdot discussion said the only ship upgrades were for pulse, beams, warp and shields....but that's factually incorrect.

Or that there are no differences between ship classes, when there are. Ship HP and maneuverability varies by ship type.

Or claiming there is no questline, when there IS. (though since you have to interact with wreckage at your start point, some players don't find it right off)

Or that there are no large scale battles, when there are.

Now if you're talking about meeting other players, SM made various vague statements with qualifier words. For example saying "you should be able to do that" is not the same as "you WILL be able to do that". And more than once he emphasized that players shouldn't focus on any multiplayer aspects because the game was essentially single-player. "What will reasonably happen is that you'll run into a planet someone has discovered before" "It is not a game about a deathmatch." "It is not what people should be thinking about"

I'm sometimes think that most of the vitriol on reddit is coming from non-native english speakers or austistic spectrum types who don't get nuance of language, playing the PC version.

Comment Re:Wow... that's pretty harsh. (Score 1) 463

Murray was always coy and vague, I don't recall him ever directly saying much at all was 100 percent confirmed which is why I kept my expectations a bit more on the "lower side of reasonable". I have been mostly of the mindset that Murray didn't "literally lie". But I might have missed some pronouncements. Can you give me links?

Comment Re:No good-guys here (Score 1) 463

I actually pre-ordered the game for PS4, Limited Edition no less. But....after watching Murray's coy and vague statements I kept my expectations reasonable and for the most part, am playing the game I expected.

And I'm going to say again that I can't categorically recommend this game to everyone, especially not at the $60 price, and would rate it about a 6.5 - 7 on a 1 - 10 scale. And that score only for those who like Minecrafty grind.

I'm enjoying it as a "palate cleanser game between games". I've used Minecraft the same way.

Comment Re:50 hours of crap. (Score 1) 463

Also, the game crashes frequently even on console, but it can go hours between crashes. For PC, we're used to that sort of shit, and while I think that's still worth a refund, you wouldn't get mass outrage. On the console OTOH, Just Works (TM) is the freaking point of console games.

I have the PS4 version, it has locked up just ONCE for me, at the start of the game on the starfield screen. That was before the second patch. Otherwise it's been rock solid on my launch model PS4 (with an upgraded hard drive)....knock on wood.

The crashiest "console" game I own is Borderlands 2 on Vita, now that thing locks up....a LOT.

I think the player base would have been content to wait for a patch to fix the crashes.


Comment Re:It's Sony - duh (Score 1) 463

Maybe for the PC version, but in my experience the PS4 version has been solid. Only one freeze, once on the starfield you see as you start the game, before the second patch was released.

The thing that bothers me most about the game is the UI and some of the gameplay elements.

Personally, I don't think HG should have charged $60 for the game and I can't categorically recommend the game to everyone. I recommend watching some streams for a few hours or finding a friend who has it and trying it out in person (PC/PS4) or having a PS4 owner with the game share play with you.

But, I have been enjoying it as a "palate cleanser" sort of game to play in-between plays of other games. I have used Minecraft in the same way. That said, I would rate it a 6.5-7 on a 10 scale, for the PS4 version anyway, but ONLY for those who like to play Minecrafty games now and then. Again, it isn't a game for "everyone"

Comment Re:Sour Grapes (Score 1) 85

Why are you using this dumbass expression?

I would suspect one of two reasons.

Either 1:
He isn't talking about just musicians. He's talking about musicians, authors and filmmakers.

Or 2:
He's doing whatever he can to avoid calling people like Young Thug, Kodak Black and Lil Uzi by the label "Artists".


Comment Re: And the other end of the deal? (Score 1) 292

There is nothing inherent about women that would make them not work as hard as men. That's nonsense.

If you're talking about "putting forth as much effort", you're probably right but if you're talking about "able to perform as much physical labor in the same amount of time", you're definitely wrong.

Obviously there are individual women who are stronger than most men but on average men are stronger and can perform more physical labor.

It's not discrimination that lead to most loggers, miners and firefighters being male, it's biological differences.

There is some physical recovery for the woman after childbirth, especially depending on the method of delivery. However, the amount of leave goes beyond what's necessary for recovery.

They would probably just outright lose the employee if they didn't give what she deemed to be "Adequate" leave when a child is born. It's a compromise that employers make because it's better for them to wait a few additional weeks for the experienced employee to return than it is to hire and train a replacement.


Comment Re:Big surprise some jackhole Silicon Valley (Score 2) 242

I can hear the 80s era commercial version of their service.

"Is that pesky first amendment getting in your way?
Is someone saying things about you that you don't like?
Did someone publicize something sleazy that you did but was recorded without your knowledge?

We can help. We'll sue them into oblivion and maybe get you some money in the process.

Call 1-800-SHYSTER
There's no fee unless WE get money for YOU!"


Comment Re:Death Rattle of an Industry (Score 1) 86

Time and again? That's a bit of an exaggeration there, don't you think? Are you referring to OtherOS, that was a single incident.

and AFAIK the only thing they consider a privilege is their network, not the console itself.

I did run OtherOS by the way, YDL, and moderated over on the YDL forums. Was a regular on the PS2 Linux forum as well. So I'm not unfamiliar with the issue you are probably referring to.

And as I've said many many times:

It is the users choice as to whether they keep OtherOS (and lose access to PSN because the PS3 isn't running the most recent firmware), or upgrade it and lose OtherOS. Now you may make the valid complaint that one shouldn't have had to make that choice, and I agree. But Sony felt that they had to do "something" about the vulnerabilities revealed and OtherOS users were just a rounding error against the horde of users who never used it.

Supporting OtherOS also cost Sony money, and there were compatibility issues in regards to firmware not long before OtherOS was removed.

Comment Re:Death Rattle of an Industry (Score 1) 86

Funny comment, but that's not likely to happen, the PS4 is more focused on gaming than the PS3 was. And it is less annoying in regards to background updates and the like than the PS3 is.

I've been enjoying mine, a launch model with the HD upgraded to 2TB, it has most of the features I wished the PS3 had. Though it is lacking a bit in certain specific ways compared to the PS3.

I recently took some No Man's Sky screenshots on it, and while I usually copy my shots to an external drive for later batch upload with tags/description via flickr_upload on the PC, I was wondering if I could do a quick upload of one or two to flickr via the PS4's web browser. However, unlike the PS3's browser, the PS4's browser doesn't support image uploads.

And the PS4 can't play/rip music CD's.

Comment Re:You know I could get in to something like this (Score 1) 82

Well personally I've been quite happy with a number of the new features. Also security isn't irrelevant to me, given that I do work to keep my device secure by updating it, by running security software, and be screening what I install and only installing things I need.

I am talking about MY interest in something and ya, having new versions of software is something that I consider. If I'm getting a new device that is something I want.

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