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Comment Safety... for the rich (Score 1) 205

In remarks made to the North American Broadcasters Association yesterday, Pai said that it's a public safety issue... Although Pai thinks smartphones should have the FM chip turned on, he doesn't think the government should mandate it: "As a believer in free markets and the rule of law, I cannot support a government mandate requiring activation of these chips. I don't believe the FCC has the power to issue a mandate like that, and more generally I believe it's best to sort this issue out in the marketplace."

It's a public safety issue, but it should be left to the marketplace, and if you can't afford an extra $10 per month for this "public safety" feature, then you deserve to die in an emergency?

Comment Re:Anthropological principle (Score 1) 184

as the bible dictates the universe being created by God for man

I think that you're making assumptions about what the Bible actually says.

Earth was made for man.

I'm not a Christian but I know their book. It does not preclude intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, in fact, it might even suggest that there is. John 10:16 mentions "Other sheep" who are "not of this sheep pen(or fold)". Could those other sheep or the other fold refer to non-humans who are not on this planet? It's debatable.


Comment Cyanogen Mod Folding Isn't Surprising (Score 1) 145

A group whose business plan was, "don't bother us, if one of us feels like supporting a device we will, and if we decide to stop supporting it at a whim, we will... and did we mention? Don't bother us to ask us to support anything, we will if we feel like it." Unfortunately the reason many open source products suck. And I LIKE Linux. But only groups that understand that the software isn't the reason for the business, the people who use the software and their business requirements are. Redhat, Canonical (and derivatives), Suse, Open/Libre Office, Apache Foundation, PostgreSQL, etc. THEY get it. Your users are why you are in business, not your personal whims.

Comment Re:Oh, noes... (Score 1) 110

Frankly, I'd rather have police accountability than privacy from having people see my face while I'm in public.

You realize that this is not an either/or choice right? We can give police body cameras & get the associated enhanced accountability and put safeguards in to prevent it turning to ubiquitous surveillance,

What effective safeguards can you propose that allow us to have full police accountability through body cameras, but don't let the police look at the faces in the videos? Doesn't blocking that impair the effectiveness of the accountability?

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