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Submission + - Symantec's CTO doesn't trust own IT dept (

Anonymous Coward writes: "Symantec's CTO, Mark Bregman, says in a piece about security issues with travelling to China that he's "pretty relaxed" about following his own corporate security policies, adding "I don't let my IT department near my laptop". What do Symantec's IT Department have to say for themselves, I wonder? And what does this say about the security of the Symantec / Norton AV development environment?"

Submission + - UK govt lost 3m driver records in the US 1

Cally writes: Only months after the UK government admitted that the Revenue and Customs had lost personal data on 25 million people on unencrypted CDs, the transport secretary is about to announce the the DVLA — Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority — has lost records relating to three million applicants for Provisional Driving Licenses. (These are the 'learner licenses' used before passing the test.) The unasked question is, how often has this happened, but gone unreported, in the past? It doesn't seem very credible that the civil service have suddenly forgotten data security procedures in the last few months.

Submission + - X Prize Cup 2007

Cally writes: reports that the X Prize Cup 2007 is now in progress, with several teams competing for the Lunar Lander Challenge — a vehicle must take-off, hover for three minutes (six for the second-level challenge), and then make a controlled vertical landing at a site several hundred meters from the launch pad. John Carmack's Armadillo Aerospace, now down to only two vehicles after a last minute accident in testing, are in the running to take the prize.

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