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Submission + - HP Touchsmart (

COMON$ writes: OK it has been 3 weeks and I haven't seen any discussion from the Slashdot community regarding the unveiling of the HP Touchsmart PC on June 10th. I have not been a big fan of all-in-one PCs in the past. But I can really get on board with this port of the apple touch tech to the home PC.
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Submission + - Video on demand what is worth it?

COMON$ writes: I know this has been covered in different flavors before but I have tried software ranging from various flavors of Myth to plug-ins for Windows Media Center. Both have led me to wait patiently for a legal way to have my videos in a readily available digital format.
Enter Vongo '', this program allows for me to download movies on demand any time I want, and as many as I want. There are drawbacks, DRM, didn't play well with my remote, a questionable compression level, limited movies, and only 3 devices at a time can have the software installed. However, I was able to simply grab a movie, and have it playing in full on my TV in under 20 minutes. Which beats the pants off of netflix and blockbuster.

Which leads me to the question, what would be an acceptable media center for Joe User? Is Vongo on the right track? Personally I want a single console that will rip music and DVDs to an acceptable format, download media as needed, and work completely from a remote. I don't care much about DRM as long as I can watch/listen on my multiple media devices at any given time. I think Vongo is a start, but has a long ways to go to meet my wish list. What about you?

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