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Comment Re: Positive feedback? (Score 1) 306

Some schools bend over backwards, but not Stanford. (at least that was the case 25 years ago)
All the places I got accepted to offered a financial aid package that made some sort of sense, albeit still difficult for my family.
What Stanford offered was a joke. It expected me to come up with 12K-per year, and my folks for another 12K ish, which the financial aid forms clearly showed we don't have. (the numbers are fuzzy, but it was all ridiculous.) They were telling me to my face "if you're not rich, no need to apply".

So I went elsewhere. They weren't my first choice anyways.

Comment Re:I'd love it except I have a kid (Score 2) 91

Are you some kind of fucking moron?

That is a great question -- "am I some kind of fucking moron" and I'd say it entirely depends on what you mean by "fucking" and "moron", for instance If one would interpret these two terms in the best possible light, perhaps while laughing out loud as a compliment to a joke well made, with a slap on the back, at the pub, after a good evening of dozens of locally brewn pilsners, then by all accounts I'd be delighted to be called a fucking moron and I'd gladly take it with a prize for the longest fucking sentence.

Submission + - SPAM: HDMI over USB-C: What's a development kit?

bvankuik writes: Cypress is a producer of ICs, and their stuff is on all sorts of products like several Apple laptops, Sony's PlayStation 4, FitBit products, etc. They have recently announced that their CCG2/3/4 chips supports HDMI over USB Type-C. Such an announcement often comes with a development and this blog explains what a development kit is, and how it's generally used.

Comment I'd love it except I have a kid (Score 4, Funny) 91

My iPhone 6 Plus its battery died so while getting it repaired, I got a cheap Android phone (a second-hand LG Nexus 5). Since I took care to only buy/use apps that appear in both the App Store and Google Play, the shift was easy. I thought, when that expensive phone comes back I'll just sell it.

However, I didn't think it through because when it came to making pictures, I was a bit disappointed. Now shooting photos might not be the most important thing in the world for you, but I've got a three year old daughter and don't want to look at crappy shots later in life. So as soon as my iPhone comes back, I'll be happy to go back to an expensive phone again.

Comment Uncaught exception of type NSException (Score 1) 338

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to say that it's really great that libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException
        0x18131340c : adrp x8, 149589
        0x181313410 : add x8, x8, #0 ; =0
        0x181313414 : ldr x9, [x8, #8]
        0x181313418 : cbnz x9, 0x181313428 ;
        0x18131341c : adrp x9, 27
        0x181313420 : add x9, x9, #1393 ; =1393
        0x181313424 : str x9, [x8, #8]
        0x181313428 : stp x20, x19, [sp, #-32]!
        0x18131342c : stp x29, x30, [sp, #16]
        0x181313430 : add x29, sp, #16 ; =16
        0x181313434 : sub sp, sp, #32 ; =32
        0x181313438 : add x8, sp, #16 ; =16
        0x18131343c : add x19, x8, #8 ; =8
        0x181313440 : movn w20, #0
        0x181313444 : stp xzr, x20, [sp, #16]
        0x181313448 : orr w0, wzr, #0x6
        0x18131344c : add x1, sp, #16 ; =16
        0x181313450 : movz x2, #0
        0x181313454 : bl 0x1812c254c ; sigaction
        0x181313458 : ldr w8, [sp, #24]
        0x18131345c : and w8, w8, #0xffffffdf
        0x181313460 : str w8, [sp, #24]
        0x181313464 : str w20, [sp, #12]
        0x181313468 : orr w0, wzr, #0x3
        0x18131346c : add x1, sp, #12 ; =12
        0x181313470 : movz x2, #0
        0x181313474 : bl 0x18132880c ; symbol stub for: __printf_arginfo_n
        0x181313478 : orr w0, wzr, #0x1
        0x18131347c : bl 0x181467470 ; __pthread_workqueue_setkill
        0x181313480 : orr w0, wzr, #0x3
        0x181313484 : mov x1, x19
        0x181313488 : movz x2, #0
        0x18131348c : bl 0x18146585c ; pthread_sigmask
        0x181313490 : bl 0x18146a908 ; pthread_self
        0x181313494 : orr w1, wzr, #0x6
        0x181313498 : bl 0x1814673e0 ; pthread_kill
        0x18131349c : movz w0, #0x2710
        0x1813134a0 : bl 0x1812efb3c ; usleep$NOCANCEL
        0x1813134a4 : orr w8, wzr, #0xffffffe7
        0x1813134a8 : str w8, [sp, #24]
        0x1813134ac : orr w0, wzr, #0x3
        0x1813134b0 : mov x1, x19
        0x1813134b4 : movz x2, #0
        0x1813134b8 : bl 0x18132880c ; symbol stub for: __printf_arginfo_n
-> 0x1813134bc : brk #0x1

Comment LINQ (Score 1) 338

Once on a conference, I talked to Casey Liss (co-host of the ATP podcast). He's now an iOS developer, but at the time was still a .NET developer. He explained the basics of LINQ to me. Basically, it's an extension of the language for querying the database. In other languages, including Swift and Objective-C, you'll type your query in quotes. The compiler has no idea what's between the quotes, it's just a string for all it cares.

In C# with LINQ, the compiler offers code completion and type checking for queries and I thought that was great. I know Swift and Objective-C have Core Data, but LINQ is much more integrated. Why doesn't have Swift something like that?

Comment Re:No steam = just about useless (Score 2) 129

I bought the X-COM series (the first 3) a while back. I could easily copy the DOS executable and associated files over to my regular DOSBox folder and play it. In fact, I keep my DOSBox folder on an SD card so that I can move it around to any of my computers and play it at will, even on computers that don't run Steam.

So surely, you're exaggerating. Maybe "some" or "many" games stop working but not "all".

(Oddly enough, some games on Steam that are obviously just DOSBox wrappers around the original game aren't available on MacOS, even if I could easily manually copy the DOS files over to the Mac version of DOSBox w/o issue. GOG seems to do this better.)

Comment Sennheiser has new models as well (Score 1) 252

I'm a fan of Sennheiser, because these have big cups and I have big but sensitive ears. Small over-ear headphones will quickly start to irritate. So I have the Sennheiser HD 558 for home and office. I prefer wireless but they didn't have decent (big cup) wireless ones. Damn shame, but they've apparently seen potential revenue in those iPhone 7 users. Because there are two new models: the HD 4.40 and the HD 4.50 with noise cancellation.

Really looking forward to getting that last one. I'm working regularly in an open office and every now and then, there's someone calling for an hour or so. A good headphone can keep you sane.

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