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Comment Re:Scottish independence (Score 2) 499

Without England, Scotland has nothing to offer the EU except liability.

Scotland is small ,but it has a higher per capita GDP than England, or the entire UK for that matter -- if you count North Sea energy. Scotland as an independent country would be the twelfth largest economy in Europe and almost exactly in the middle of the pack for size in the EU.

Now logically speaking Scottish independence from an independent UK does not necessarily equate to EU membership. Scots could choose independence from the UK on the basis that union with a UK that is not in the EU is not as attractive as union with a UK that is in the EU.

Comment Re:Okay. (Score 4, Funny) 268

...if everyone were to post as AC, then it would be the content of their posts that would be rated and nothing else.

Which is why I don't typically post AC. When a /. user sees my sig, they know that whatever preceded it must have been pure gold and any deviation from its goldiness must have been a misunderstanding.

Comment Re:Hell, it's about time. (Score 1) 242

Do you think the voters know more or less about Trump as a result of his twitter feed? Do you believe there will be any confusion about who Trump is come November 2020?

We definitely know more about Trump from his Twitter feed. He's painted himself as a thin-skinned, reactionary conspiracy-theorist. This is a good thing - I want to know as much about the candidates as possible. The bad side is the impression he's giving the world.

I think Trump's Twitter feed is a historic landmark in the evolution of democracy.

Me too. That doesn't mean I think it's a net positive in this case.

Anita Sarkesian tells us were having wrongfun if we enjoy mainstream video games. The folks at WorldCon tell us we're having wrongfun if we enjoy good SF books without regard to the political leanings of the authors.

Who the fuck is Anita Sarkesian and why should anyone care if she or WorldCon don't encourage or condone what I do? Are these examples of "my betters"? I don't feel oppressed. I guess "unapproved fun" is only important to me if I give a shit about the approval.

Comment Re:3.5mm jack and IP68? (Score 1) 93

Don't worry Apple's new headquarters are nearly finished.

Did you see it's shape? The distortion field generated by a coil that size will finally cover the entire planet. No more issues with range causing people on the other side of the internet to question the mighty half eaten fruit.

Comment Re:Still clinging to iPhone limitations (Score 1) 93

Bring back the removable/easily swapped-out battery _with_ waterproofing. Stop thinking thinness is the primary design goal.

Please go buy another phone. I don't want a removable battery with *compromised* water proofing (because that's what it is), and I sure as hell don't want a thicker phone because of it.

Comment Re:Look like spec (Score 2) 93

The silly thing is someone thinking this is silly because of reason X without having any of the inside information that went into the design and engineering.

It's even sillier complaining about this on a phone with an SD card slot. I for one will be buying the smallest version available because unlike other manufactures this one doesn't limit my storage.

Comment Re:Every politician, all the time, in real time (Score 1) 268

just like every other law congress passes, it doesn't apply to them.

That's probably true. Just because their ISPs can sell their information doesn't mean they will. I'm not necessarily saying they won't bite the hand that fed them, but I don't think it's likely.

Comment Re:Well lets see... (Score 1) 199

4. Picture-in-Picture mode for videos. Essentially you can now have a small window with video playing on it placed on top of any other application.

That sounds annoying.

It sounds like a killer feature ... that has been part of every media player except for media player itself since about 1997.

Comment Re:All this Glitz but it's still posessed... (Score 1) 199

The average Windows user will have no idea how to disable updates.

No the average windows user doesn't understand the process of updates or when to disable them.

The average windows user will find something that annoys him, will type it into google and will then take shots in the dark to see what fixes his problem, and one of those will be disable windows update. That's it. It won't get enabled again whether it was the cause or not.

Remember windows updates were a default on Windows XP too, a lot of fucking good that did for the average user who put more effort into disabling the security notification than they did just letting windows install updates.

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