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Comment Re:Refused to hand over "evidence" (Score 1) 85

Yes some random person claims a company is trying to destroy evidence while filing suit against them. No ulterior motive what so ever. No sireee.

Common sense would be realising that you don't need the device to file a claim against the company and realising that if they can't produce the device in court that it would work very VERY strongly in your favour.

But oh hey look corporation = evil so let's just throw common sense out the window and side with the guy making the fishy claim.

Comment Re:Refused to hand over "evidence" (Score 1) 85

Mr. Burnt Fingers: Yeah, not going to do that. This is going to the police as evidence because I need to file charges against you so that I can sue you. I am not handing over the only evidence that it is your fault to someone who may have ulterior motives.

Yeah laughable. The world doesn't work that way. You don't need the device as evidence in your suit against them, and it will actually work against you in this regard. All you're doing is pissing away your chance at settlement and compensation.

Comment Re:Two types of laws (Score 1) 381

I suggest you try, "Officer, I didn't see the sign" the next time you're pulled over for running a stop sign.

Something that will get you let off for intentionally running a stop sign. Unfortunately being inattentive on the road falls under reckless driving and is against the law in its own right and the police officer really won't give a shit what he writes the fine out for providing it's an equal amount.

Comment I'd like to hear a coherent argument (Score 1, Interesting) 172

That our authority over DNS is legally US government property in any sense the framers would have agreed upon, even stretching that concept of property to include intangible property.

Even if you can argue that DNS is American government property, it's pretty useless property. Since it is largely administered in a decentralized fashion, if the rest of the world wants it can set up its own DNS system and have people in their country point to their preferred root servers.

Comment Re:Clearly Samsung's QA department..... (Score 1) 161

I suspect if the washing machine manual came with the warning "If you don't balance your clothes, this washer very well might sling itself apart, and cause personal injury or property damage" people would pay much more attention.

What fraction of consumers would you guess RTFM for their washing machine? Or even have one - A great many of us inherited our washer with our residence with no manual.

Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 144

And yet you still have a very very closed view that implies everyone does it for the same reasons you do. It's the no-true-Scotsman taken to the elite and extremes.

When you're done contemplating this ask your class if they'd quit their job and go study with Shaolin monks. The vast majority of them will say no I only do this for [insert reason which has nothing to do with perfecting a martial art]. Shit man type Jiu-Jitsu into Google, go to any website and click "about" and some of the top things you'll see every time is "fitness" "cardio vascular" "muscles". No mention of Shaolin monks.

Comment Re:How do you know? (Score 1) 277

I think that more complicated attacks will be the next mainstream just after the easy attacks will be patched.

I've been saying that for 20 years. Yet here we are.

I've come to terms that once all the low hanging fruit are sorted out the hackers will take a vacation and arrive home just in time for Christmas where a billion people will open new toys with new holes thanks to the same old crap security that we still haven't overcome 20 years later.

Heck I honestly think we're going backwards in this department.

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