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Comment Re:Interesting wording (Score 1) 111

So they aren't necessarily using renewable energy, they are buying it?

This is supreme court justice level of contrived thinking. Do you buy energy and just keep it laying around the house? Or do you buy only the exact amount of energy you are consuming? If the end result is to direct money towards green energy projects in the hope they will be more viable and start taking over a larger portion of the grid, then yes this is achieving that goal perfectly.

Comment Re:Actually, they gave an indication (Score 1) 87

I think I wouldn't mind flopping with that level of revenue

Very short sighted. I would prefer to see what the profit figures and what the initial investment was before I talked about if I would mind the level of "flop".

You can make any number sound good. But you can only really generate net positive cash flow one way. I wonder why they haven't stated the exact number yet.

Comment Re:I have a semi-smart watch (Score 1) 87

I can't imagine how old it gets to charge watch every day

It may seem counter-intuitive but if you have something that you can regularly do on a daily basis it doesn't get all, it gets part of a habit. Kind of like my phone doesn't last more than a day, putting it on charge is part of a daily routine the duration of which can be measured in seconds. It's not like you need to go horrendously out of your way with these devices.

That said I don't own one, but don't over-estimate the problem.

Comment Re:China's Trump is named Xi (Score 1) 252

Well, I don't think anyone thinks many non-Chinese speaking Americans are going to move there. I think this is targeted at the top tier of immigrant talent, particularly people who may have come from China to the US for school and stayed. For them the equation is more complicated than the one you present, particularly if they feel unsafe, or even unwelcome in the US.

Just to put some perspective on this, as I write this there are 328,547 current graduate students in the US from China. Ten years ago nearly all of these people would have remained in the US -- and these are valuable people to have. Today far fewer do because it's become harder to get a green card, and opportunities.

Likewise there are 166K Indian graduate students in the US, many of whom China would like to lure away when they graduate. It would be better for us that they stay here, but China would very much like to obtain the services of these bright young people with shiny new graduate degrees from American universities.

I'm not talking about the cheap contract labor your IT consultant uses to run your Exchange server; I'm talking about the intellectual elites who create technologies, companies, and jobs. China may be a police state, but that doesn't make them stupid; they value these people. America... not so much. In fact there are places in this country where being an educated white American makes you the object of suspicion.

Comment Re:Plasma (Score 1) 95

Colour aging isn't an issue. That can be compensated for much the same as high quality panels compensate for backlight fade or backlight differences.

Burn-in is an issue. I wouldn't buy an OLED for a computer monitor. I would for a TV. I'm on the fence about a TV with a Playstation or Xbox, but I don't need to be on the fence because the cost makes it prohibitively expensive in its current form.

Comment Re:Plasma (Score 1) 95

Another OLED issue is that the blue pixels wear out faster than the red and green, leading to a colour shift over time.

The colour shift is a solved issue based on panel design, and controllers that compensate for the shift.

Burn-in is the real issue, as is dimming over a long period.

Colour shift / colour reproduction is not, and given the choice I'd prefer an OLED panel for colour critical work.

Comment Re:I'll take this over OLED (Score 1) 95

Get a current one, and maybe get a clue that a lowest cost panel in a device designed as a computer is not the same thing as a large quality panel designed specifically as a panel.

I mean shit based on my experience with LCD based phones, that technology is just not ready for the prime time on big displays.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 685

The great virtue of Democracy is not in ensuring good government, it's in getting rid of bad governments.

The fact that Congress is so reviled yet stable indicates we're no longer a functioning democracy. We're a plutocracy, where elections are determined by overwhelming advantages in fundraising.

Comment Re:Excellent (Score 1) 60

TL;DR : Telstra (Australia).

Nothing more needed saying. Good for coverage and nothing else. They also seem to be the only carrier that puts effort into screwing business customers as equally as consumers.To be fair to Google though, the model is similar. The difference is that ISPs actually put effort into ensuring things work first go on the iPhone.

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