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Submission + - ROT13 challange (slashdot.org)

ByOhTek writes: Seeing as how the trolls... err... editors have decided to ROT13 the stories on slashdot for April Fools, why not add some fun to the tedium — a challange. Can you make a sentance that is readable (not necessarily having the same meaning) in ROT13?

Frrvat nf ubj gur gebyyf... ree... rqvgbef unir qrpvqrq gb EBG13 gur fgbevrf ba fynfuqbg sbe Ncevy Sbbyf, jul abg nqq fbzr sha gb gur grqvhz — n punyynatr. Pna lbh znxr n fragnapr gung vf ernqnoyr (abg arprffnevyl univat gur fnzr zrnavat) va EBG13?

Submission + - Slashdot poll - Google should rename Go to ...

Buttonius writes: Google should rename their new programming language Go to
* Gone
* G
* They should not rename it but buy the rights from McCabe and Clark
* CowboyNeal

Submission + - Internet slower than rat, horse, rabbit, and dog. (cnet.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: CNET demonstrates that the internet is "actually slower than every major animal. It's even slower than the apocryphal tortoise over a mile." In order to prove this they "pitted the world's top animals against the Web over a one-mile course, transferring 32GB of data.". The results of the experiment showed the Internet to be the worst way to transfer data over short distances. "If you put 32GB of data on a bite-proof USB key and strapped it to a cheetah, for example, it would be available to read at the destination 11 times faster than the Internet. The cheetah takes 30.9 minutes, the Internet over 6 hours!" Pigeon, horse and dog also perform very well at transferring 32GB of data, and even the lowly rat is over 8 times faster than the internet. CNET suggests the internet "should hang its head in shame over its ranking in the one-mile speed test."

Submission + - Australia to send your text message into space (spacefellowship.com) 1

xp65 writes: "An Australian science magazine is offering inhabitants of the third planet from the Sun the chance to send text messages to aliens. Thanks to a special project launched by Cosmos, Earthlings will be soon able to send a free text message to the nearest earth-like planet, Gliese 581d. The project, supported by the Australian government, is part of National Science Week.Australia's Science Minister Kim Carr was quoted by media as saying that the project would help people "discover the limitless possibilities of science," giving people an "opportunity to contact other intelligent life forms"."

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