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Comment Re:Skinny? (Score 1) 107

You call $30/mo skinny? $30 for a lifetime is skinny..

Well, compared to the average US cable bill which is WELL over $100/mo.....$30 a month is skinny!!

Don't get me wrong, I like a bargain as much as anyone and am always looking for a good deal. Even though I make a healthy living, I try not to over pay for things. I look for bargains on everything I, clothes, toys...etc.

However, most all LEGAL things have a price, and you decide what is and isn't reasonable.

I don't mind paying for things that are valuable to me, as that I know other folks have to make a living too.

However..if $30 a month for a TV service is too MUCH for you to afford, then I suggest your time would be better educating yourself or working harder to get a better paying job so that $30 isn't a burden for you to pay a month after necessities of life.

Comment Re:Not tech crisis - it's a general crisis (Score 1) 118

Interesting - thanks for that. It nicely addresses what I was going for with my "what kind of skills...?" question. It's also kind of telling that it belies the idea that you can teach everyone anything - forgetting that there are inherent capabilities and limitations that are different for each individual (I, for instance, will always be at a disadvantage in a height-dominated sport because "you can't teach tall").

Comment Not tech crisis - it's a general crisis (Score 2) 118

What skills are lacking in the first place? I would argue that it's not lack of 'tech' skills - there are many people who can read specs and often obtuse community posts and write software that meets some specs.

What is lacking is critical thinking, ability and desire to refine existing technologies (rather than reinvent things or try to come up with the next biggest thing), and failing to look at how everything is interconnected over the long term.

We don't need more computer science in schools, we need more critical thinking classes. I'd also say we need more classes in "how practice is different than theory" but that doesn't sound glamorous.

Comment Re:How were crimes solved before cell phones? (Score 1) 254

As far as plastic bags go, it wasn't "some". It was "most" - maybe "all". I really really REALLY wanted to dispose of plastic bags properly, but had no way that I could figure out to do so

You can't just throw them in the trash and let the garbagemen take them away??

What's wrong with that...?

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 1004

So you're saying that Russia should have all the emails sent and received by the Secretary of State?

I'm guessing most of our largest enemies and likely many of our allies...DO HAVE copies of her emails from her "private server".

I've heard many of the Three Letter Agency types and experts saying that any intelligence agency worth their weight, had gotten into that server and gotten any info they wanted.

I personally have little to no doubt that Russia and many other foreign governments have Hillary's emails on that server in their files.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 4, Insightful) 1004

Sounds like a form of Treason if true. Inviting a foreign nation tho cyber-attack America and/or Americans... can;t believe people actually are willing to vote for this piece of garbage

OH c'mob, lighten up Francis....

He's only saying something that MANY folks have been jokingly been saying since they first released the DNC emails....

I've heard numerous folks joking and saying "well, hell, if the US govt can't find the missing emails, maybe these Russian chaps can...."

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 2) 693

To be fair, the Republicans managed to toss the Democrats the most easily defeatable opponent ever in someone who is consistently offensive to nearly everyone including most of the party he is nominated for and the Democrats still couldn't actually field someone who could soundly beat him.

There was never a Democratic presidential nomination contest. Hillary's victory this week was decided on years ago. Maybe Bernie was the last to be told, but didn't you think it strange that the Dem contest was just Hillary vs. Bernie (plus the occasional third guy)?
The Republicans had over a dozen people vying for the spot, and say what you like about the man, but Trump got the votes, and the Republican establishment hated it. It was a real contest.

Comment Re:Black is the worst threat level...? (Score 1) 133

Black is the new Red, this is political of-course, it doesn't have any other meaning. Colour coding means something because of the colour properties (red is the most visible colour due to its wavelength and our perception of it). I guess what Obama is saying is this: the white people are scared of the blacks so much, they must perceive black as more dangerous than any other colour...

Maybe Obama is just using this to implicate that whites are "unsubstantiated or inconsequential "...per the description of the rating on the system?


Remember, it is perfectly politically correct to disparage white folks, after all they have all that 'privilege' you know....

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1) 353

If you don't care much about the rest of the world, why the fuck are you reading news about temperature in Kuwait in first place?

I'm browsing through the headlines on a US Centric website, and was somewhat questioning why US Centric units of measurement weren't being used, and saying I was appreciative that someone provide the translation before I had to...

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