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Comment Re:Surprised (Score 1) 456

I grew up as a kid in the 60's and 70's and 80's....

I saw the rise of the internet from nothing till now.

And honeslty, I"d seriously consider trading some of the tech we have today, to go back to have more closeness and civility we had back then.

I actually am starting to thinks that some of the all the time connected social media proliferation, has had somewhat of a detrimental effect on our society.

We're certainly MUCH more polarized as a nation now than then....I'd trade a few smart phones for that again.

I'm certainly glad I'm not growing up a kid today....

Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 1) 456

If Hillary got elected, it would have been business as usual and things would have continued on as they have under Obama.

You say that as almost if you think that was a good thing.....?!!?

Obama..worst president to date, just barely undercutting the previous Bush.

Again, I'm not a huge Trump supporter by a long shot. I don't think he's all that knowledgeable, but I do think he knows how to gather people around him that do.

I was actually this time around...and I hate to admit it...a single issue voter.

The Supreme Court.....and next nominees to it. That was what scared the piss out of me about Hillary even more than all the other stuff I didn't like about her and the potential for continuing Obama.

I think "O" led the US fully down the wrong road, and tried to fundamentally change what it meant to be the US and to be a US citizen. He was a globalist and often I wondered if he thought of the US first when it came to things, or if he was how will this affect the world all the time.

I'm not hiring my leaders and my government to think about how we can better the world to the detriment of the US, but I want them there to fight to compete the best we can with the rest of the world.

Certainly the rest of the world is thinking about themselves first too....and we need to do the same, or lose.

Comment Re:Surprised (Score 1) 456

Why people like to compare past households with present day households to suggest the economy was better in the 50's, 60's is incomprehensible. They're apples and oranges. The economy was not better, the standard of living was lower. At no time in the history of the United States has there been a time when the average citizen has been as materially wealthy as they are now. We don't build 1000sq. ft. mid-century modest homes, we build 2000+ sq. ft. McMansions. We don't drive those unreliable, antiquated tanks on wheels, nor is there just one per family. Today the average passenger car would be seen as fit for the 1/10th of the 1% back then. Today the average person owns vastly more cloths and of that those of materials that would have been exclusive to the elite. Imagine sitting down in the evening to a 15" manual-tune grayscale VHF tube TV the size of a significant chest of drawers today. People back then couldn't even comprehend the existence of the personal electronics the average person owns today let alone possessing them themselves. The quality and kinds of food readily available and affordable today would be seen as scandalously extravagant. The service industry of which everyone presently avails themselves was bit a tiny mote of what it is today. These comparisons can be made for nearly all facets of life with great similarity of result.

To suggest that people would be better off with the economy of the 50's and 60's is preposterous. If we lived now as we did then, then Walmart would absolutely be the employer of bourgeoisie.

Hmm...but they DID seem to be much less obese, had more intact families (children raised with both parents, this is especially true in the minority communities back then), more of a true middle class....and in general, the country seemed less stressed and happier in general.

Of course some exceptions...Vietnam war, etc...But in general, the US seemed a happier and MUCH LESS divided nation than we are today.

Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 1) 456

You're not paying attention to the right-wing echo chamber. Make America great again refers to the 1850's.

If common sense was so prevalent, Trump wouldn't have gotten elected.

I'm hoping you *really* don't believe all that.

I don't think the majority of folks that voted for Trump, and it is a lot of them...really believe that, and I've not heard anyone seriously advocating for such extreme measures, including the Trumpster himself....

I am no big fan of his, but so far, I've seen him mellow on some of the more harsh rhetoric in the campaign. And so far, many of the things he is indicating he wants to do seem quite sane and good for the US going forward.

No one knows the future, but seriously, just because he won over Hillary isn't the end of the world.

Not that much is going to change in the US...the president doesn't have quite that much power. In fact on the news the other day, I heard that congressmen talking with Trump were wanting to work to actually shift the Executive branch overreach and power grab of the last few administrations back to a more constitutionally advocated balance of powers and restore more of the checks and balances our Feds are supposed to operate within.

Comment Re:Surprised (Score 1) 456

The conference produced data showing that there are approximately 100,000 jobs available in Minnesota that can't be filled because of lack of skills or lack of interest.

That sentence is missing one clause: "At the salaries/wages/benefits being offered for those positions."

A "skills gap" makes no logical sense - if there is sufficient demand for products that you could hire that many people, then there is sufficient demand that you could train people on the job and still afford it. The other possibility is that it's not a skills gap, but a certification/licensing gap, which means you need to work with your certification boards to start allowing more people through the certification process by opening more schools and/or funding more people to get those certifications. Or in some cases, reducing certification requirements. I'm not even talking about medical or emergency services or anything: beauticians for instance - have you ever seen how many hours they have to put in to be allowed to cut hair and apply makeup (granted, sharp objects and potentially nasty chemicals, but sill...)?

Either way, ultimately there is no "gap" - it's a mismatch in labor supply and demand at some price level.

Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 1) 456

Child labor laws prevents kids as young as five-year-old from working 12 hour shifts seven days a week.

Err...ok, c'mon, use a little common sense, no one is talking about the child labor laws for kids under 15yrs going away....

All those trust fund babies need to get off their lazy asses and work in the coal mines.

Ok...hey, some people have it lucky. We're only talking about people needing to work that NEED the money. If you need money, you need to work for it, not get a hand out from the government. Again, let's use a little common, real world, real life sense here, eh?

I mean, if some working class guy wins $20M from the powerball, no one expects him to have to work again. Again, some people get dealt a lucky hand in life, no need to begrudge them. That's just life.

Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 1) 456

The only way to make America great again is to get EVERYONE WORKING again, including children, retirees and slackers. Trump will add 92 million jobs!

Err...what's wrong with kids/students working?

I have been working a job of some sort since I was 16yrs old. I worked through High School and most all of college. At 16yrs i started off washing dishes in a restaurant, moved from there over the years to bus boy, waiter, bartender....also did some stints in retail selling clothing and shoes, all the way up till I got my first "real job".

And what's wrong with "slackers" working? No one that is able bodied should be given a free ride, hell yes get out there and work.

Comment Re:A few hundred, or a few million? (Score 4, Insightful) 100

More to the question....

Aside from things like child porn, and mutilated bodies...is there any speech or pictures that are so egregious that they will warp the minds and irreparably damage all the cupcakes and snowflakes out there?

Sheesh people..grow some skin.

Offensive speech and expression, and things controversial are exactly what needs to be allowed and protected...even by companies like this...if people actually depends on these sites for news and info (I still can't imagine this, but apparently so)...then you need to allow a full fun spigot flow of stuff to go through, just so people don't get complacent and thing the world is a warm and fuzzy place.

I think if more controversial stuff was disseminated you'd not see people freaking out so badly when something offensive-nature some how accidentally gets published or expressed.

Seeing a naked hoo-hoo, or hearing a deragatory term (honky, chink, nig-g-er, spic, etc) (NOTE: When did slashdot put in a lameness filter on words here like these??? Did I just seriously have to put symbols into a word, that's new!! The other ones are ok, but this one isn't?) , or an image of some religious figure....is NOT the end of the world and it won't destroy the world.

On the contrary, let it be said and expressed, and soon, it won't be perceived as such a big deal.

Its kinda like how kids in the US are kept so far away from a simple thing like alcohol thoughout child hood....its a "forbidden fruit"..and when they leave the house, they binge on it, etc.

Same thing with offensive expression....if you make it the forbidden fruit, well....people go apeshit over things that really shouldn't occupy ones attention for more than a passing glance.

Comment Plex vs Kodi for Audio(interface, FLAC, playlists) (Score 1) 81

Maybe you and others can help me. I'm debating which of the two, Kodi or Plex to use.

I'm setting my living room home theater again. I'm cutting the cord.

I'm using Amazon FireTV boxes near each tv for streaming (netflix, amazon and PS VUE for 'cable channel streaming'). I have Tivo OTA Roamio in living room and Tivo minis in other rooms to DVR and stream local HD channels.

In my living room, I'm setting up my good stereo again...THIS is where I'm looking mostly for Plex or Kodi.

I am wanting to put all my good, high end rips of music in FLAC on a computer in my house somewhere...and be able to access that through my Amazon FireTV that hooks HDMI into my new Marantz AV preamp/decoder, which I'll then enjoy to my speakers for when I just want quality music time. I figure this would be one of the easiest ways to have lossless music set up and play. I'm hoping Plex or Kodi would work for this?

Which one would have the best front end, for just playing music (I know they both do other media)...can you make play lists on them both? Playing and choosing songs next to play in real time, etc?

Is one better than the other at this? Is this functionality built in to ether..or are there plugins required..if so,w hat's the best plug ins?

I know both can do video and other media and of course I'll use that too, but right now, ever since I get my good stereo up running again with the new AV unit, dual SET Tube amps and Klipschorns...I like to just jam to good music too and am trying to figure the best set up to do this with my equipment I've put together so far. Again, ONLY playing FLAC for lossless music.

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