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Comment Re:they'll never sell... (Score 1) 200

To paraphrase Thomas J Watson "I think there is a world market for about twenty Saturn rockets." And that's not just counting the Saturn Vs.

Unimaginative.....If only they'd have kept building them, through economies of scale, we'd have a Saturn rocket in every household appliance by now.

Comment Re:Samsung Washer musical melody (Score 1) 164

First, need to get some pedantry out of the way

It is Die Forelle written by Chopin.

Schubert actually

The title roughly translated to English would be: The Fish.

The Trout to be a little more exact.

Sorry about that, anyway I don't get these lyrics:

I'm done, come get your clean clothes
The cycle is complete
The wash and rinse have finished
The spin was fast and strong
I'm ready now to be emptied
Don't make me wait too long
I'll be here patiently awaiting
I'll soon repeat this song

...I mean, does your washing machine actually sing to you? Or do you get the lyrics in the manual and are you supposed to gather the family around for a nice sing-a-long around the washing machine...

Comment Re:Not a nice way to die (Score 1) 429

I see you assume anyone not living in a city as being ignorant or stupid. Not true.

The only one making assumptions here is you. Stupid generalisations are just that; stupid.

There's skills learned in the woods and fields that lend themselves very well to combat. Like knowing how to shoot and *hit* your target. It's not just point and pull like in the movies. We won WWII because of these farm-boys.

Right, that and old Caleb rustling up some radar and an atomic bomb or two in the back yard.

Comment Re:Not a nice way to die (Score 1, Flamebait) 429

just lob a few largish asteroids at our major cities and wait for a year or two

That's the one sure thing to guarantee our survival. Get rid of all the armchair generals that insist that we combat the enemy according to the Geneva convention and take prisoners etc.

+5 I think he's actually serious....hilarious. All hail the pitchfork wielding hordes defending freedom everywhere!

....the people that are doing the heavy lifting in the fields and the mines will get the job done. As usual.

It's probably because they're unburdened by all that knowledge of, you know, actual history.

Submission + - MySQL 0-Day Could Lead To Total System Compromise (

An anonymous reader writes: Researcher Dawid Golunski has discovered multiple severe vulnerabilities affecting the popular open source database MySQL and its forks. One of these – CVE-2016-6662 – can be exploited by attackers to inject malicious settings into MySQL configuration files or create new ones, allowing them to execute arbitrary code with root privileges when the MySQL service is restarted. This could lead to total compromise of the server running the vulnerable MySQL version.

Comment Re:Leaving the EU was a huge mistake. (Score 1) 315

My mistake. I was in France in the late 1990s and this was a big concern,

Such an easy mistake to make, oh well.

Still the point remains. An all-powerful centralized state is not good.

Yes, I remember being in Russia in the late 1917s and this was a big concern

The point of the caps was to mock those who desire centralized control. An homage, if you will to Stalin, Mao and other perfect states.

And you really nailed it too!

Comment Re:Leaving the EU was a huge mistake. (Score 5, Insightful) 315

We (the all-wise, all-knowing bureaucrats) also know that consumption of raw milk products is dangerous therefore you (french, italian, spanish, communities that have been making raw milk cheeses are now declared to be WRONG and OLD FASHIONED. And any production of such products will now be ILLEGAL.................

Of course the fact that no such prohibition exists probably won't stop you from repeating it, will it?

There are some rules with regards raw milk cheese mainly that it has to be produced in a clean environment and it has to be labeled as being produced with raw milk. All of which seems pretty sensible to me.

But don't let me get in the way of a nice rant, try using more caps.

Comment Re:No benefit to Chrome OS (Score 5, Interesting) 37

Most of your opinions are highly inferior to my counterparts. Many of my best opinions aren't even available to your puny brain. You have a lot of opinions but pretty much all of them are pretty bad. Most are ill-thought out, don't work, lack logic or are otherwise awful, Quantity does not mean quality.

Submission + - Chrome OS Hidden Feature Reveals Upcoming Support for Android Apps (

campuscodi writes: A hidden feature in the Chrome OS settings panel reveals upcoming support for Android apps. A user spotted the integration between Google's two main projects when he noticed a quick flash of text in his Chromebook's settings panel.

Taking a closer look, he discovered that Chrome OS was loading his settings page and then hiding one option. That option was filed under a new section called "Android Apps" and read "Enable Android Apps to run on your Chromebook." Further clues in the Chromium project source code confirmed that Google is testing a way to integrate the Google Play Store in Chrome OS.

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