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Comment Re:Diesel (Score 1) 1141

Mercedes Benz is on the cusp of (if not already) selling their BlueTEC diesels in California. They are sold elsewhere in the US, however. R350 BlueTEC, GL350 BlueTEC and ML350 BlueTEC, all available in the US.

Comment Welcome to the land of fail... (Score 3, Insightful) 155

I wish them luck in this venture... they're going to need it with a market that already has widely accepted semi-user-friendly devices (Amazon Kindle, Sony eReader, etc).

Also, haven't they learned their lesson already in other markets? Publisher (content-owner) friendly rarely ever is accepted by the marketplace as it wasn't designed with the end user (the people PAYING for this "service").

Submission + - CRU head steps down, Michael Mann investigated ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: "Phil Jones, head of the British climate-research center at the heart of the swirling controversy over hacked emails, has stepped down temporarily, pending an internal review. On the other side of the pond, Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann, who was included in some of the 1,000 emails, is also subject of an internal “inquiry” by the university that will determine whether a full investigation is warranted."

Submission + - The Return of the Holiday Boardgame Guide (

hapycamper writes: Perhaps the oldest running online holiday guide to boardgames, found over at Gaming With Children, returns to pitch a couple dozen titles for the new holiday season. Old favorites like Heroscape and Age of Steam are mixed in with the relatively new like the Tetris-like FITS, card game Dominon, or cooperative game Pandemic. A fair number of kids recommendations are included such as Animal Upon Animal and Go Away Monster!.

Submission + - Apple Treating Its Flash Chip Partners Unfairly ( 3

adeelarshad82 writes: According to an article in Korea Times, there are growing complaints in the semiconductor industry that Apple, the "smart" phone maker extraordinaire and major chip buyer, is manipulating NAND flash memory prices through its "questionable" purchasing strategies. Apple is contributing to the suppression in flash memory prices by ordering more chips from semiconductor makers than the amount it actually buys from them and waits until chip prices to fall to the level the company has internally targeted. Unfortunately for the flash industry, experts believe that Apple may be treating the flash market unfairly, but not illegally.
The Internet

Submission + - Disney Accuses 5th Grader of Hacking Game (

brianguy writes: Disney Online has falsely accused an 11 year old fifth grader of hacking Pirates of the Caribbean Online. His account remains banned after his dad pointed out to Disney its error. The dad is asking for an apology from Disney but is so far only receiving canned replies.

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