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Comment Re:Not Unexpected (Score 1) 62

Why should downloaders be an exception? For that matter, why should uploaders be singled out in particular?

Because the uploader is the supplier, they are the one infringing the copyright. You might be creating the copy because I'm asking you to, but that doesn't change the fact that it's you making the copy, and that is the part of the transaction that is copyright infringement.

Comment Re:Short-sighted shareholders won out again.... (Score 1) 185

>'Others', as in SHORT SIGHTED 'ACTIVIST' SHAREHOLDERS who want that quarterly price target hit, were the ones who pushed back.

Not buying this. The majority of Google is closely held, and if the people who held it kept their originally articulated vision for the company (starting with "Don't be evil") then people like Carl Icahn could go pound sand. That said, the push back is likely because "Oh, crap, this is much harder and more expensive than we thought it would be" coupled with the fact that Google has the attention span of a Golden Retriever with ADHD. Viewed in that light, the objections are likely reasonable.

Comment Re:RANT! (Score 1) 185

There are two problems:

First is that the vast majority of our spending is on social programs and the military. The Democrats (generally) want to cut military spending and increase social spending. The Republicans (generally) want to cut social spending and increase military spending. Neither of them wants to actually spend on infrastructure unless there is a direct intersection with their primary objectives. Most of our national infrastructure that wasn't built by private parties is a result of those intersections (i.e. PWA in the 1930s trying to spend our way out of the Great Depression, or WW2/Cold War era military spending). They'll talk a good game at election time, or during a State of the Union speech, but when the time comes to allocate funds, it rarely seems to happen unless one of the intersections above is in play, or something just exploded and the politicians are afraid of looking like it's their fault. I don't expect this to change meaningfully in my lifetime.

Second is that we can't do anything as a society anymore because we're a culture of blaming (so we're incredibly risk averse). The lawyers and insurance people run the show on all major projects, and things cost much more, and take much longer to build (and the longer build times make things cost even more). The Empire State Building took 13 1/2 months to build. 1WTC took about eight years, which is two years longer than the first transcontinental railroad (which went through two mountain ranges with nothing more than dynamite and hand tools). I DO expect this one to change meaningfully in my lifetime, though I expect it to get worse instead of better.

Comment Re:Laying cable (Score 2) 185

Oops I mean $560/house.

You're still (probably quite a bit) low. Your $20/hr is definitely short of the fully loaded cost of those guys (these are usually not day laborers picked up outside Home Depot, but skilled professionals in their own right, and even the flaggers are probably members of CWA) and your time calc is also probably just to "pass" the house. It costs more time to put the peds/dog houses in at each house, then to string or bury the cable to the house itself. All in all, your labor cost "per house" is probably pushing 10x the above number.

Comment Re:Old ways work (Score 2) 186

They should definitely keep using the old stuff until they figure out how to build something that is actually a useful replacement. I've never managed an aircraft carrier flight deck, but I imagine it would be pretty useful (and probably have some good knock on effects) if you could see more than just the deck RIGHT NOW. What if you could see it ten minutes ago, yesterday, trend out what moves where and when, have pre-loaded configurations (including least cost pathfinding) to respot equipment...

Yeah, I don't have any trouble believing that whatever LockMart delivered was a piece of shit, but "nuts and bolts on a board" is not the end all be all.

Comment Re:It's a way of pointing a finger (Score 3, Insightful) 81

Based on what I've seen in other cases, it seems to me like those fees are broken out so that a finger can be pointed at someone else and used for leverage. In other words, "Don't like that cost? It's all the FCC's fault", or something like that.

FWIW, the finger needs pointing. There was an issue with Viacom vs Dish a couple of years ago where Dish stopped carrying CBS. Huge screams in the media and from customers, finger pointing by both sides, but in the end it comes down to this:

In the past, the FCC mandated that cable and satellite companies carry broadcast stations in the local markets (not too big a problem on the cable side, but a big PITA on the satellite side). The deal was mandated carriage vs no license fees, and it was (in general) a fair one. Fast forward and the networks decided that since they were now entrenched, it was time to get paid by the evil cable/satellite companies "free riding" on their content.

The fact that it's a hidden fee is bullshit (the total should match the advertised rate + tax) but the fee definitely needs to be broken out separately, because charging to rebroadcast an advertising supported network in the very area they're giving the signal away for free is also complete bullshit.

Comment Re:One word: competition (Score 1) 903

I just looked. It's $0.30/bottle at Wallmart. That's much better, but still a bit pricy compared to the actual cost.

If you want a link, Sam's Club. Local supermarkets are in the $0.10-0.15 range, but I can't link to those.

So what's the excuse for $0.50 cent shirts going for $50 and $5.00 shoes going for $100?

Gouging. :)

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 903

Thats 3 K after 2 car payments for cheap sedans
Thats 1 K after buying food , non food Groceries and clothes at Costco

Not that I'm jumping into the middle of your argument, but if you're spending $2000 a month on groceries and clothes, that's your problem right there.

Comment Re:One word: competition (Score 1) 903

Water costs a buck a bottle in a convenience store, where it's nice and chilled and waiting to be consumed right now. Water costs less than $0.10 a bottle when you buy it by the case at the supermarket. It's even cheaper when you buy it in 2.5 gallon jugs.

It's convenience pricing, and nothing more.

Comment Re:Drake Equation == 1 (Score 2) 258

there are many ways to skin a cat.

While that may be true in the literal sense (one could use a knife, or a vegetable peeler, or a melon baller, etc) in the general sense, I'm reasonably certain there is only one (removal of the epidermis from the underlying muscle, bone, etc).

<insert "The More You Know" star here>

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