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Comment Non-recurring engineering costs (Score 1) 82

There is no way a modern ARM SoC will cost less than an 8-bit NES SoC to make.

Unlike an accurate NOAC, an ARM SoC is available commercially off the shelf. Are you including non-recurring engineering costs in your estimate or excluding them?

But all we can do is speculate. No authoritative reply is possible because everyone who knows about its internals is under NDA, and Slashdot will close this comment section before NES Classic Edition is available to the public. (Slashdot has a policy of closing all comment sections 14 days after they open.)

The licensor has a choice: make $1/$2 per game or make nothing at all. How is that difficult to understand?

A licensor might rationally choose zero in order not to devalue its copyright and/or trademark. If a licensor chooses $1 or $2 now, it can't choose $3 or $5 down the line when subsequent would-be licensees complain about not being given a comparable deal.

And no matter which way you hold it, it's still not a NES controller.

Neither is the controller included with NES Classic Edition. It's a Wii Classic Controller shaped like an NES controller.

Comment Re:What's the complaint? (Score 2) 65

"Are you OK with him setting his torrent traffic priority to 1? Even if it interferes with your VOIP and gaming? "

There is no reason everyone on the connection can't be given an equal share bucket regardless of the type of traffic. When there is no contention, by all means use all the slots but when the three of us are all pushing packets at the same time we should get an equal number of slots. If I want to priortize one of my traffic types over another within my slots that is my call but in no case should I get more contested slots than my neighbor just because I, you, or the ISP thinks one type of traffic is more important and worthy of service than another. It's important to you to have stutter free voip but no more so than my download finishing faster is to me.

Comment Re:What's the complaint? (Score 3, Insightful) 65

"Do you even think it's reasonable to prioritize your torrent packets the same as your neighbors VOIP traffic?"

Absolutely. I think it's reasonable to prioritize MY voip traffic over my torrent traffic but I don't think it's reasonable to prioritize any of my neighbors traffic over any of my own. Some sort of equal token bucket system is most reasonable.

Comment Re:What's the complaint? (Score 0) 65

"Net Neutrality has nothing to do with it. No one's treating the packets differently based on address."

That would make sense if net neutrality were limited in some way to treating packets differently based on address. Net neutrality applies to all throttling of all kinds for all reasons. It is none of my ISP's business what kind of packets I'm sending to who and not their perogative to decide which bits of my traffic are more important than other bits or even to inspect my traffic so they could do such a thing.

Comment Re:Publishers unwilling to grant a license (Score 1) 82

Because it would be much more expensive to use hardware that is capable of emulating a NES through software than it would be to use a NES on a chip or FPGA.

Nintendo can probably buy a common ARM SoC including the HDMI driver for cheaper than it'd take to engineer and manufacture an accurate NOAC with all the relevant mappers included. Existing NOACs tend to have problems, such as inverted duty cycles, audio distortion, and no digital output.

They have a choice. Make $1/$2 per copy or make $0 per copy. It's not hard to see which of those makes more sense.

Consider the NES games Bart vs. the World and Lethal Weapon. If the upstream licensor of the movie or TV series on which a game was based wants $3 per copy, then for every $1/$2 copy the game publisher sells, it has to pay $3 to the movie or TV studio, resulting in a loss of $2/$1 per copy. In this case, earning $0 by not licensing at all would at least stop loss.

Notice how the controller bundled with the NES classic isn't the controller bundled with the Wii?

The controller bundled with the Wii was the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. All NES Virtual Console games work with the Wii Remote held sideways.

Comment Re:Silly complaints (Score 1) 85

If you sold exclusive rights, you already paid a lot of opportunity cost. When Spotify ignores you, you asked them to.

The problem is that if you sell exclusive rights to some of your works but make the rest available to Spotify, Spotify will demote even the ones you told it to make available.

Comment This app is incompatible with all of your devices (Score 1) 85

An app on Google Play Store will be excluded from search results unless it's available both A. in your country and B. on your device. When I view the document at that URL while logged into a Google account to which a Galaxy Tab A 8.0" (2016) and a Nexus 7 (2012) are registered, I see the following:

This app is incompatible with all of your devices.

[Incompatible] No carrier Samsung SM-T350
[Incompatible] No carrier Asus Nexus 7

I expected the document to include a list of suggested devices to purchase on which to run this app, but it did not.

Comment Re:Who gives a shit (Score 1) 200

I've linked you to her articles a fucking dozen times already

You haven't linked me though. I can only assume serviscope_minor's request was for the benefit of others reading this discussion, such as myself.

I tried "Erin Pizzey" on Wikipedia, and though it does mention "harassment, death threats, bomb threats and defamation campaigns", it says nothing about a drive-by shooting in particular. (But then Wikipedia aims to include only claims that can be backed up by what it considers independent reliable sources.) Nor do the snippets in the first ten results for Google erin pizzey drive-by shooting appear relevant. What am I missing?

Comment Re: social experiments (Score 1) 322

Really? Because I find that most talking about the three "R's" are actually seeking to minimize public education and thus their financial contribution to it and are usually especially anti-science. Even where this is not the case they want to minimize other forms of math like music and art which nurture the type of creative thinking required for engineering, science, and higher math. Most of their arguments tend to be attempts to disguise their negative anti-team player self serving philosophy into arguments proposing practical schooling. They usually fall pretty flat when someone argues for purely practical schooling that would require more funding than is present now rather than less. Oddly, these people don't argue for cutting physical education and sports which have absolutely no educational benefit.

Comment Re: Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 695

"Indeed. But tell me, exactly how many humans are out there today, competing against other animals with only their bare hands? Making force amplifying tools is such an inherent part of what we do, that your completly unarmed human doesn't exist - at leaast as far as I know."

This seems an odd thing to say in response to "Without technology man would be more of a scavenger than a predator but this is all fantasy because where other creatures evolved other strengths man evolved tool usage and some level of organization." Or is it just that you are fond of beating down strawmen? Misconstruing my statements by ignoring context or their entirity might be an effective way to dupe a third party into thinking you've won an argument but nobody else is listening at this point and there is no value to be gained with rheotoric here.

"You don't produce intelligent beings by using teh reproduction strategy of locusts or coral."

You could actually argue that is exactly how you produce intelligent beings. You could just as easily view us as neuron nests rather than as singular intelligent beings. Sure you need all the components to work together but the same is true of a bee hive or ant colony. We used to think our neurons were more static and the brain was a fixed structure but in reality brain cells die, new ones are born, and just as we pass information from generation to generation they behave in a way that does the same on a smaller scale.

"That's because your assessment is just wrong. You take the ultimate end of living things, and make the process that degernerate them and return their building blocks to nature the alpha predators."

Which part of my brown recluse example is consistent with your argument? There is also validity in my contention that true death occurs when the information the composes the being becomes irretrievable even though my argument for insects and microbes does not depend on it, only the argument for a small subclass of them. Since the idea that clinical death is a moving arbitrary line we continue to push blows your mind I'm willing to set that aside altogether. A tiger lies hidden in the jungle, pounces when you walk by, and starts eating chunks of you or feeds those chunks to its young, it breaks those chunks down into component nutrients and uses them to build new cells. The "returning to nature" bit is really just the waste product in all the cases we've mentioned. A brown recluse does much the same thing. Granted, we mostly survive brown recluse bites but in this case death is beside the point, we are brown recluse food and not the other way around. Therefore they are the alpha predator. They are just one example.

"an actual predator must be reclassified as something else, because predators do not gain their nutrients that way"

A predator is really just a being that uses the body of another being as it's food source. HIV does this very effectively and is one of the top 10 causes of death. It would seem that we aren't particularly alpha relative to HIV as a predator either. Remind me again, what is the utility of the current definition of predator other than to draw a useless distinction between some lifeforms that consume the bodies of other lifeforms and others? The problem with isolating micro and macro scales is that the model is not uniform. The macro scale classifications were drawn before we knew much about the micro scale and understood that macro things are actually nothing more than the interactions of much simpler components. As we learn more and more about the pieces that actually make a lifeform tick the macro definitions become more and more abitrary rather than based on relevant pieces of information.

Super predator vs apex predator, it's most a distinction that is only useful for young boys arguing whose favorite beast is cooler. These things only serve to throw up mental obstacles to useful classification that draws equivalence to all lifeforms and looks at the various things they consume for nutrients as simple data points useful for building a balanced system or finding the imbalance in one. It leads us to draw false conclusions like that some lifeforms are more benign than others when all lifeforms consume coldly and greedily so they might live.

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