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Comment Re:100% of Microsoft Vulnerabilities (Score 1) 153

How is Hotmail exploiting a vulnerability in your non-Windows PC?

It isn't. The vulnerability to which I refer is in Microsoft software that runs on a device other than my PC.

Hotmail goes through Microsoft's server. If the Microsoft software running on Microsoft's server has a vulnerability, the data stored on said server on behalf of its users is affected, even data stored on behalf of users who do not run an Windows operating system. Therefore, shunning Windows will not protect users from all vulnerabilities in Microsoft software.

Hotmail, really?

Unlike Google with respect to Gmail, Microsoft promises not to use the text of emails stored on a Hotmail user's behalf as part of Microsoft's interest profile on a user.

Comment No Visual Studio RT (Score 1) 153

Microsoft is trying hard to solve this problem by migrating to an app model which is used by Android and iOS but it just cannot work with Windows for far too many reasons

Probably the same reason it doesn't work with iOS. You can't develop apps on an iPad Pro with keyboard and Apple Pencil because Xcode works only on a Mac. Likewise, you can't develop apps on a Surface 1 or 2 because Microsoft never released Visual Studio RT. (You can on Surface Pro and Surface 3 because those run full Windows.)

Comment Re:Not viable on Windows 10 (Score 1) 153

I have my dad set to a general user account [...] On those occasions something needs installed or updated, I log into the administrator account, take care of it, then log off. Not a single issue so far.

Can you do that remotely on the home version, or do you need to be physically present? Because if it's Saturday evening, and your city doesn't run buses on Saturday evenings or Sundays (as Fort Wayne, Indiana, doesn't), it might be a long wait before you can be present at dad's computer.

Comment Re:Admin? (Score 2) 153

Both Windows and GNU/Linux separate "running as root" from "running as a member of the wheel group". Even if you're a member of the wheel group (which may be called Administrators under Windows or sudo under GNU/Linux), you still need to elevate in order to do any tasks that require superuser privileges. But perhaps creating two accounts, one in wheel and the other not, and doing work other than software installation as the user not in wheel would make it harder to social-engineer users into elevating.

Comment Re:What should convince a user to enable JS? (Score 1) 88

How would, say, a web-based image editing application "degrade gracefully and remain usable when scripting is disabled"? The only way I can see to make it remotely usable without script is to make the image that the user is editing into a server-side image map, with a full page reload for each click, and requiring the user to click multiple times along a curve to draw it instead of being able to drag. How is that "gracefully"?

Likewise for a web-based front end to a chat room. The user would have to keep clicking "check for new messages", after which the server would have to retransmit even those messages that had already been transmitted to the user's browser.

Comment What should convince a user to enable JS? (Score 1) 88

Running with javascript default-enabled is like letting any stranger in the world use your house for any purpose they want.

If most people change the default to no JS, what steps should a developer of a web application take to convince prospective users that the web application is legitimate? Or should all applications instead be native and therefore specific to a single operating system?

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