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Comment Re:It's not innovative (Score 2) 164

No it's not generic. Yes it should be. But the FDA approval rolls up the drug and the dispenser and the generic versions of the Epipen have not been approved. There are other makers that do provide epinephren auto injectors but they have their own systemic approvals. So while it should be a generic, the very fact that no generics can get approved means it's not generic. Mylan of course knows this. I'd be unsurprised if they were behind creating unneccessary specs just to fail the generics.

Comment Re:There's a bigger issue here (Score 1) 242

The whole point is not eliminating "whole sections of society". That's exactly what this is about. If we refuse to vaccinate, we endanger those that cannot be vaccinated. Because the same group also cannot participate in a potential cure, for exactly the same reasons.

If these people could only endanger themselves, I'd say more power to them. Don't get vaccinated, but at least then have the decency to die peacefully when you get infected. If that was the whole story, I would not mind it. Not one bit. I'm all for idiots and assholes removing themselves from the gene pool. We, as society, can only benefit from it.

So technically, I would actually be for the removal of a section of society... albeit by their own doing, not mine.

The problem is that they don't just endanger themselves, but others too. It's a bit like drunk driving. If they could only kill themselves, all I would do is make sure they have enough to ensure a speedy delivery. Unfortunately they rarely die alone.

Comment Re:Is this proof (Score 2) 32

Then you look at the bottom of the list, and see how little they'll pay for exploits of pretty much ANY web-content management system (Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress)... and, if you're unfortunate enough to be responsible for any of these, you go weep softly in a corner somewhere.

Comment Re:Hey! (Score 1) 70

Sure. I use one of these, with this firmware, making it a cute little self-contained Linux box with both a HTML GUI and a command-line interface that is as complete as you want to make it. (I've got a build environment on mine, just because I can.)

802.11ac, dual-core 800MHz ARM, 256MB of RAM and 128MB of flash (all of which are complete overkill for this application), along with multiple USB ports for plugging in random goodies.

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