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Comment Re: Liability (Score 1) 446

There are basically autonomous tractors now and John Deere makes some that use differential GPS for navigation. As far as the rest of the tractor goes you are correct in that the cabs are starting to resemble aircraft cockpits with all sorts of monitoring and controls. It isn't like we are talking about the old John Deere Model D any more when it comes to tractors. You also left out the modern computer control of the engine and transmission that is found in every modern passenger vehicle that greatly improves the efficiency of a tractor as well.

Comment Re: Liability (Score 0) 446

Anyone that tells you that Somalia is an example of Libertarianism is selling you a lie, and you're an idiot if you buy it.

I would say that instead the person saying that is a very devoted listener of Thom Hartman or is politically aligned with him. Other key giveaways is the use of the term "bankster", mentions of the "Bush crime family", or spending far too much time on concept of "money is not speech".

Well I guess I have stirred that pot well, lets what comes up now.

Comment Re:Don't they X-Ray these things? (Score 1) 244

Fogging film isn't a concern unless you have 800 speed or higher film and most of the people who used 800 speed film now use the shitty camera on their cellphone. Most of those who still use film now do it for the art of film photography and will typically be using slow high quality films usually 200 speed and slower to maximize image quality. For example I exclusively shoot 100 speed color and 50 speed B&W film and even then I make the TSA hand examine my film instead of sending it through the x-ray (they have to do this if you request). Furthermore the people who would likely care about film s-ray exposure likely know about how to avoid it and the few people still using a point and shoot film camera would likely just think they took yet another roll of shitty pictures.

Comment Re:Will increase risks of theft and cargo hold fir (Score 1) 244

If anything, this ban will make flying less safe.

So just like almost every other measure they have put in place since 9/11 then. There are exceptions like having the random air marshal on some flights and having hardened locked cockpit doors but things like going from 6 check points down to 2 checkpoints at the MSP airport (also other airports but they aren't my local one) only makes larger crowds of targets.

Comment Re:Ressurect different HDD Image? (Score 1) 509

If going that route why not put some things that would give you better plausible deniability like a volume filled with bank statements, credit card statements, tax documents, copies of important other documents like insurance policies, title/deed documents, mortgage documents, birth certificates, etc. as these would be things that one would reasonably like to protect. Hell I have VeraCrypt volumes for that stuff and it makes backing things up easy as I can just copy them to a USB flash drive and keep a copy in my safe at home, on the music drive in car, and in my desk drawer at work as the chances of all 3 getting destroyed at the same time is slim to none and if something does happens where all 3 backups are destroyed well I'm probably a shadow burned into the ground anyway so I won't care and no one in a 30 mile radius would care either as they would all be dead too.

Comment Re:This is bullcrap (Score 1) 509

Sure both safes and encryption only delay access one of it's good for a few hours and the other if it's good a few millennia at least.

If it is good encryption it will take more than a few millennia. While not everything can be a as heat death of the universe proof as one time pads, pushing the estimated energy requirements up to the mass energy of a star usually works pretty well and it wouldn't be all that difficult to push them up over the mass energy of the visible universe either. This would be applicable for an ideal quantum computer which fortunately is not something we are even close to building now.

Comment Re: Rubber-hose cryptanalysis (Score 1) 509

Personally I switched to VeraCrypt once these issues were disclosed even though it appears they weren't as serious as initially thought. the fact that VeraCrypt has been patched against issues found in the TC audit and against the Google disclosed issues makes it seem like a better choice at this point. I stuck with TC 7.1a for quite a while until I found a reason to switch since with security it is good to stick with a known quantity until something else has a good track record or a serious flaw is discovered in the original. For me it was the 2 google issues, for someone else it may have been the minor issues from the audit or the combination of the google issues and the audit but that is something that needs to be decided on individually until there is a very clear reason to switch.

Comment Re: Contempt of the court... (Score 1) 509

There are procedures for handling drives when conducting forensic examinations. Any examiner worth their salt would do the following:
1. document their receiving of the drive, tag it, and photograph it
2. bring it to their secure test bench and remove the physical drive from its enclosure
3. connect the physical drive to a write blocker
4. begin imaging the drive to 2 separate drives just to make sure you have a valid copy (dd is an acceptable tool and is preferred)
5. compute a hash of the data on the original drive
6. compute a hash of the images that were created
7. disconnect the original drive
8. put the original drive back into its enclosure
9. lock the original drive up in the evidence locker with the computed hash of the drive
10. document what was done
11. Begin work on trying to decrypt one of the images using known hardware. If you screw it up you clone from the other copy you made
12. document what was done.

Also to further prevent questions about the handling of the drive steps 2-9 would likely be recorded so that it can be shown that there wasn't tampering. At this point your deadmans' switch means nothing as they will be working with forensic copies of the data. A process like this needs to be repeatable and expect the defense to attempt to question everything you did if you find something so you better use widely available tools and common accepted practices for this or be able to explain in detail what you did, how it works and why you did it. Also expect the defense to also pull an image of the drive using their forensic experts and they will also compute hashes so you better hope the drive isn't damaged by your activities. There is all sorts of procedures for handling equipment to ensure that it hasn't been tampered with or damaged that you will also need to follow. Yes I know a fair amount about this as I took a computer forensics class (a real semester long course for real college credit and not some bullshit seminar) a while back at one of the local universities that was populated mostly with current or future cops. It was a fascinating course.

Comment Re:Contempt of the court... (Score 1) 509

For example, if the police comes to your home with a search warrant, you have to assist them by opening the door.

I don't believe that is the case. I believe that they can just bust down the door if they want. Also I believe that I am not allowed to interfere with their search while they are executing a warrant. Similar situation for keys or combination to a safe, they can ask, I could tell them to piss off, they then rummage through my shit looking for it or go get a drill. Then again IANAL so what do I know but am fascinated by the law.

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