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Comment Re:Who would have guessed? (Score 1) 212

Accenture consistently drives high performance and has a history of satisfaction on projects for the worlds top organizations

No they have a history of bringing in piles of bodies that are only slightly more effective than a rotting corpse in the corner although the corpse may actually smell better.

What sets Accenture apart from the competition are its management.

Translation: We will blow more smoke up your ass than a stationary 2 stroke diesel Fairbanks engine with bad rings at load.

However Accenture Senior Management staff have shown consistently high levels of skill and communication.

See above a blowing smoke up your ass. Skills wise they suck harder than a black hole with daddy issues

Comment Re:Those 15% of independents... (Score 2) 399

It almost seems as if neither of the two parties actually want to win this election.

I had a thought the other day along this and it wouldn't surprise me if there were some truth to that. It seems like there are a lot of systemic problems in the US that are just starting to bubble up and who ever is in charge when it finally goes is going to take the blame for it. There are a lot of racial tensions, lots of unemployed people, lots of debt, and probably other things I am unaware of but if there isn't a massive turnaround the next few election cycles are gonna suck for either party. At least the republicans will be able to say that Trump wasn't a real republican if he wins and it hits the fan

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

Probably pretty nice as this is the time of the year when it isn't rainy and shitty every day as it isn't "winter" yet. Seriously I went 6 weeks without seeing the sun when I was in that state and the only reason I did see it is I decided one day to go an drive out into the high desert until I found it. Although maybe he lives in the garbage state

Comment Re:the best way to lie to the public is to use % (Score 1) 990

Well if one looks at my household where my wife drives at most 50 miles a day an electric vehicle is ideal for her. For me on the other hand I will drive at least 65 miles and on the weekends it is frequently over 300 miles a day while towing. We decided a while ago that for her the next car will be an electric as she is the ideal usecase for one. I would welcome an electric car for my use but for me they aren't there yet. Maybe in 10 years and hopefully my current car will last that long so that I can make that choice.

Comment Re:Get off the grid? No. Play with the grid. (Score 1) 264

The worst you can give me is poisoned information. Information where I cannot determine which is genuine and which is fake. This is by some margin the worst kind of situation you can put anyone in statistics (or profiling) in.

Sort of like what I managed to do to facebook at one point. It thought I was looking for a Gay Jamaican Jewish lover as for a couple of months that is all I saw ads for.

Comment Re:Debt collectors don't like robo calls either... (Score 1) 159

With mine I got the best results going through the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau as far as getting a response out of the company. Granted my state attorney general's office was very helpful to me as well. The only thing I got from the state department of commerce was a notification that they had opened an investigation into the debt collector but they are also the body in my state the regulates debt collectors so that should make life difficult for the debt collector.

I would have thought that you could have really put the screws to the debt collector as I believe that once they are notified in writing, especially with a cease and desist from an attorney, that if they do contact you the debt becomes legally uncollectable and you can basically tell the to piss off and sue for harassment at that point.

Personally I hate these companies as they are all dumb as fucking rocks as I frequently get called by debt collectors trying to collect credit card debt from the previous owner of my house who hasn't lived there for almost 14 years. Most are polite enough when I tell them they have lived there in 13 years but one would think that by checking the public records they would see they don't fucking live there. Those tend to be the reputable ones and they don't hide their identity on the phone. The somewhat questionable ones that insist I am lying to them I tell them that if they ever contact me again I will sue them for harassment as is my right as I am not the person they are looking for, and then there was the really shit ball one that I went full on scorched earth on.

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