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Comment Re:Part of the problem will self-correct... (Score 1) 180

Well usually an insurance company would require a SOC-1 or SOC-2 report to issue a policy but they are still under the belief that those magic pieces of paper are proof that you are secure but are really a joke. I mean you can negotiate with the company generating the report (large accounting firms usually do it) and they tend to not really know how to secure a system but are really good at seeing that you have the right checkboxes checked. You have AV on your systems check (not up to date), you have a firewall device check (not configured), you don't have lime wire running check, etc. The basic check boxes they follow are probably the ones layed out by PCI DSS which is a fucking joke of a standard.

Comment Re:Thank-you (to "sjames") (Score 1) 180

My experience has taught me to just say no to the new wiz-bang "security appliance" as a rule of thumb. They very often don't provide a ton of security and likely are attempting to do something that another tool already does better. I have seen a ton of system monitoring tools and most of them wish they were Nagios. I will say that the commercial version of Nagios is nice but then they went and extended the good parts of Nagios Core. I have also seen way too many network monitoring devices that really wish they were Snort. In all of these cases if you want something special the device is a black box and it costs big bucks to extend it to something they haven't' seen before, and it is stupid stuff like their device only looks at SSL/TLS traffic on port 443 so it requires creating custom code to scan SSL/TLS on a different port.

Comment Re:Except... (Score 1) 180

I think you have hit the nail on the head. Everyone wants a magic device or application that will stop all threats. Working as a security person I frequently interact with companies selling magic boxes and unfortunately it is most often at customer sites trying to integrate the steaming pile with the customer's existing system. My personal favorite interaction with a company selling a magic device was one that was selling a NIDS type device and my first question to them was "What does your product offer me over Snort". Their response was that their device did deep packet inspection and snort doesn't. At that point I told the guy to get out and not come back as they are either incompetent bordering on negligence or are liars and either way I don't deal with liars or people who are that incompetent.

When I work with customers to secure their systems I go after the things that actually provide value and don't cost a ton of money. Like limiting the amount of crap installed on a server, turning on and setting rules on the host based fire wall, putting a firewall applicace at the edge of your network and configuring it, staying up to date on patches, Configuring your system in a secure manner, etc. all of which probably fall into your "other low-tech solutions" bucket in addition to the other things you mention. I have been on site a number of times when customer systems have been audited for security, it is mandated and if an audit item fails there are real fines that are large and are assessed for each day of violation, so my goal is to provide a system for customers that is actually secure (well it has a good margin of security) and in all cases goes well beyond what is required for the audit.

Comment Re:What about Slashdot? (Score 1) 381

It indicates that if true extra effort was used to obfuscate things on the server, likely before Clinton would have handed things over to her lawyers to sift through for things that needed to be turned over. To quote Hillary, "At this point what difference does it make". And to answer that question probably not a lot as even if there is a smoking gun found that proves that Hillary was selling nuclear weapons to Osama bin Laden no one would likely prosecute as she seem to have accumulated too much power. At this point it seems like it is just making political hay. Those who hate her will say this proves that she is a criminal and still hate her. Those who love her will see this as just another right wing attack and still lover her. Of the three people who don't have an opinion of her one will make up their mind and the other 2 will likely walk into a post as they are so oblivious to things.

Comment Re:Popcorn. (Score 1) 381

And to add to that the amount of people around her who were involved with various activities that she was a part of who have ended up in jail. When I heard her say "The company you keep says a lot about you" I immediately though about how that would apply to her over the years. Whitewater, cattle futures, Lincoln Bedroom, Travel Gate, Robert Byrd, Rose Law Firm, etc.

If the republicans wanted to run an ad that would seem like a good one, open with that quote from Clinton, then list off all of the people who ended up in trouble with the law or have a bad background and mention their relationship to Clinton. Then in closing replay the Clinton quote. Then again this year I am, jokingly, hoping for Russian intervention or Giant Meteor in the first debate as the best outcome.

Comment Re:Johnson and anti-incumbent (Score 3, Informative) 381

But by voting third party, means that Trump will be favored, therefore you are actually helping him thus contradicting your purpose.

Not in Minnesota. If enough people voted for Johnson over Hillary so that this state went for Trump it would mean that the Libertarians would no longer be a minor party. Since everyone likes to say that the Libertarians take away from the Republicans more than the Democrats this would truly be a huge swing. If instead we assume that enough people vote for Stein in Minnesota that it turns the state to Trump it would again likely mean that they are not a minor party and would be granted automatic ballot access as well as matching funds in the next election cycle.

If I lived in a swing state I would likely have a very hard decision this year but as I don't I can say fuck off to the giant turds in the major parties and instead vote with a clean conscious for president. For those in swing states you will get to pick which authoritarian statist ass hole will be our leader, but at least you get to choose which rights get trampled on.

Comment Re:Johnson and anti-incumbent (Score 2) 381

Well to be fair in my state a vote for Trump with be entirely wasted, just as in Texas a vote for Clinton would be wasted. So since I live in Minnesota and don't like Clinton or Trump what loss is it if I vote Johnson or Stein. Similarly if I lived in Texas and didn't like either of them what difference would it make voting for Johnson or Stein, I don't know if Stein is on the ballot there or not but it isn't important.

Comment Re:You Really Want To Go Down This Road MS?? (Score 1) 467

In the past when I had built machines it was usually the middle of the pack boxes that were more expensive to build your own. I don't know how the bottom end of the market has changed as I haven't built one of those machines in 14 years but when I last did it was close to $100 cheaper to build your own. Although that Zotac box I got is really what I would consider a bottom of the line box as it is has a Celeron processor, onboard graphics, a max ram capacity of 8GB, and one SATA connction, so does seem to fit the definition of a low end machine. However it has benefits in that it doesn't consume much power, is fanless, and has dual GigE ports which makes it an ideal candidate for a firewall box even if the CPU and max RAM is excessive for that it does allow pfSense to do a bunch of additional things and not slow down.

With my current main machine it was substantially cheaper to build what I needed especially since a lot of things needed to be at the top but I didn't need a high end GPU which if I got a pre-built system would have also been included. Add in that getting a pre-built machine that would accept 32GB RAM at the time would add substantially to the price, and yes for what I frequently do with that machine 32GB is needed.

Comment Re:You Really Want To Go Down This Road MS?? (Score 1) 467

It will cost you significantly more to find a Linux PC with your desired specs, compared to buying a Windows PC and installing Linux on it.

Not really unless you are running some really strange hardware. For example my most recent main machine I just went and picked out the hardware I wanted based off of the specs and dual boot into windows or linux. The oddest thing in it was the combination PATA/SATA card that I bought because it was cheaper than getting a new DVD-RW drive and now that I have a bunch of hard drives in that box the extra SATA 3.0 ports are nice. The other slightly odd thing is that I have a 4 port serial card. I had more issues getting windows on that machine than getting linux on it and the Linux distro I am running is Slackware (13.37 at the time). That said the issue getting windows on it was I had to load the driver for the PATA/SATA card from USB during the install process. It was rather bizarre given that the windows install process had started from the drive that was connected to that card.

Even the most recent computer I bought doesn't care what OS I put on it. It was a Zotac Cl323 bare bones machine that I put a 120GB SSD and 8GB RAM into to make a beefy little pfSense firewall as it is a dual nic box. With the current version of pfSense the wireless in the thing doesn't work but it sounds like that will be fixed as the wireless works in the most current version of FreeBSD and pfSense is a version behind. Even there I don't care that the WiFi doesn't work because I won't use it on that machine and just disconnected the weird little card (it isn't a standard connection) as it saves a little on power consumption.

Comment Re:Dangerous language... (Score 3, Interesting) 181

After all, American ideologues are still amateurs compared to the Soviet ones.

Of all the day to not have mod points.
That said the American education system is also rather good at making learning suck. Things like science, history, math, are all taught in the most boring way possible. I have frequently seen this with the kids in my son's scout den. Thankfully myself and the other den leader try to make learning a lot more fun and actually do things. For example in class the kids learned about the 3 different types of rocks and how they were made. In scouts we went and spent a couple of weeks on geology and found a bunch of rocks, examined them to see which of the 3 types they were, broke them open to see some of the structure, looked at them under magnifying glasses, put some in a rock polisher, etc. The thing the kids got the biggest kick out of was making our own rocks from ones we found. We melted them in my forge and poured it into some crucibles to cool at different rates. The next week we broke those new rocks open to see what effect the rate of cooling had on them with the grain size. We have done similar things for other topics in science, math and history so that they get to have lots of hands learning that also goes into more depth.

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