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Comment Re:Kill off GoogleAds infecting/slowing/tracking (Score 2, Insightful) 88

No it is just our very own APK. As a long time /.er you should be well familiar that if you point out any failings with his hosts file engine or happen to criticize him in any way expect an even more incoherent rant and personal attacks. Each one gets more vulgar and towards the end he is usually threatening to cause grievous bodily harm. He will also fly off the handle at just about anyone so you don't really need to slight him or draw his ire. Don't try arguing with him and in most cases don't respond because he seems to watch his posts like a hawk and will provide some circular arguments as the thread progresses. Then, as the legend in his own mind he is, he will declare that he showed you and the world the genius that is his own personal madness. He will respond to my post and will also claim that I have a fake online identity yet he hides behind good old Anonymous Coward but at least signs his garbage rants but even then who knows if they are from the same person as it seems it wouldn't be that hard to impersonate him.

It is fun winding him up and I do it from time to time although I usually arrive too late in the thread for it to get any real notice. He is really no better than the golden girls guy, the apps guy, or the GNAA guy.

Comment Re:After a couple of decades of doing income... (Score 1) 399

Do go giving away the secret of dollar cost averaging and diversification using low cost things like index funds. Everyone knows those are a fools tools and you now need to be exotic derivatives and the like. The better option according to how most people plan is to hope to win the lottery, inherit a pile of money from some long lost relative, or win a big lawsuit as those are purely American ways of financing your retirement (I wish I could find the article from years ago about this that says this is how far too many Americans thing they will retire).

Comment Re:After a couple of decades of doing income... (Score 2) 399

Sounds like I am not the only one who learned the basics of personal finance at an early age. When my wife and I bought our house 3 years before the crash of 07 all of our friends thought we were nuts because we didn't buy the biggest house we could be approved for. Instead we got a modest that we could still afford if one of use lost our job and put 20% down. Go forward a few years and everything goes to shit. A bunch of our friends lost their house because they were out of a job temporarily or one of them had to take lower paying job. During that time my wife was out of a job for 3 months but unlike so many of our friends we didn't have a problem. Go forward to 2 years ago and when the opportunity presented itself we were able to pay cash for a recreational property and not have to worry. While we still have a mortgage on the house it will be paid off in 9 years as we went down to a 15 year mortgage as the monthly payment when we refied was only $18 more since rates had dropped so much. We are now saving over 30% of our post tax income and the only debt we have is for the house and what ever was freshly rung up on the credit card in the previous month (it gets paid in full every month).

When it comes to investing we have that nice diversified mix with various index funds that we keep pumping money into as well as work provided 401k and 403b plans at work. Mechanically we re-balance them a couple times a year and are they are up about 4x from the precrash values because there was a lot of buying at the bottom for a long time. If I was going to retire in 5 or 10 years I would be worried but for now I am hoping for another 2 good crashes and recoveries before I look into moving into safer investments.

Comment Re:Apples to Oranges (Score 1) 150

still has in excess of 400 million active users.

I can back that up. I probably have created 2 dozen accounts there each year for close to 2 decades when ever some stupid site wants me to register so I can see or buy some stupid thing. Repeat the next time I want to see or buy something.

Comment Re:Yeah but (Score 1) 903

Same here, only looking at state +federal income taxes only. The problem is that the Ds call me the rich and raise my taxes while lowering taxes on those they call poor. All the while missing the actual rich, you know those who don't get the vast majority of their income reported on a W2. The Rs on the other hand will go ahead and cut taxes on the rich, the ones who actually don't get the majority of their income reported on a W2, while ignoring the poor but in an attempt to balance out those tax cuts they decrease the deductions that the wealthy can claim. Problem there is that the non W2 wealthy don't claim those deductions but it hits people like me. So I get oh guess what you don't get to claim your mortgage insurance deduction, you don't get to claim the child tax credit, all because your household make $120k-180k per year. I sure don't feel rich only middle class with some savings, living in my 40+ year old 1900sq. ft. house on .5 acres, driving a 15 year old car with just under 200,000 miles on it, with 2 young kids in school, and saving for retirement since I figure I'm not going to be getting anything from social security.

Comment Re:I don't mind paying taxes (Score 1) 903

I don't mind paying taxes to support good schools but we spend more money on education without getting good value in return.

What you mean to tell me that every kid starting in 4th grad getting an iPad to use in class isn't a good value for education. Or each class room having a smart board isn't a good value. Or the huge amount of administration at modern schools isn't a good value. /s

I have similar views in that I don't mind paying taxes but there is a lot of waste that seems to happen at the higher levels of government. My city seems to do a pretty good job of keeping to the essentials although they have had a few things I wish that they didn't fund because they were superfluous (the water park come to mind) yet they mostly stick to things like fire, police, water, roads. Even then I do understand that things like parks and community centers are a good thing and from the usage the water park gets in the summer I would assume it has likely paid for its self or will shortly.

Going up from there we have the school district and their love of the next technological gadget and ever growing administration. They do a good job of educating the students (one of the top 5 in the state) but it is very expensive and should probably cost less. When it comes to technology it seems that the smart boards are really just a digital overhead for how they are being used and the ever kid uses an iPad is every kid during computer time plays some dippy computer game of marginal educational value (Number Munchers had way more education value than these games) on their iPad.

Going up from there we have the county I'm not sure what the county does other than run a handful of parks, run the county sheriff's office, local courts, library system, and maintain the county roads yet they take a surprisingly large amount of my property taxes (about 20%) for what seems like very little actual work. One of their big wastes of money recently was a pedestrian bridge over one of the county roads for a bike trail that manage to cost over 2 million dollars for something that would have been better done as a stoplight with sensors and a walk button that worked.

One step again up is the regional met council which has outlived its charter purpose from what I can tell (to coordinate transit and sewer services across the metro area counties) but for some reason can tax me yet is all political appointees by the current and former governor. I have no idea what they actually do or what services they are delivering to me.

Now we move up to the state government which is a giant huge mess with its fingers in a bunch of things some of which basically everyone could agree are legitimate state functions others are more contentious. At this level there seems to be all sorts of silly business going on like building a bunch of sports stadiums that the vast majority of all residents of the state will never use.

Finally we reach the federal government which is a complete cluster fuck, we all have heard about the $200 hammer, $3000 toilet seat, $1500 nut for a bolt stories. At each level they do more but it becomes more opaque and the amount of waste seems to be going up.

Comment Re:Simple math... (Score 1) 339

To be fair there are some games that can be beaten but it requires a lot of time and effort to master and then you also can't go with your gut. For example "by the book" blackjack at a casino with good rules gives you about a 99.5% payback. Most people don't play by the book so the payback is actually closer to 80% because they think they know better or have a gut instinct. Instead if you go and do a bunch of machine learning and take into account card counting you can get about a 100.5% payback but once the computer is done figuring out how to play you then have to memorize what to do given the count, master counting cards, and then be able to do that with all of the distractions. It isn't easy and the pay isn't great but one can beat the casino although if you do it big time the casino will kick you out and tell you to never come back which is their right.

Played right the traditional table games offer a better payback than the old one armed bandits with blackjack and baccarat being the best, single 0 roulette (good luck finding one now), and craps not being too bad either. Again this is all assumes that you are making the proper bets and not going with your gut or playing your lucky numbers. Add in that these are social games and they can be a very cheap form of entertainment and a good time.

Comment Re:Simple math... (Score 2) 339

and drop a pre-defined amount of cash, it might actually be a rational decision.

This is where a lot of people fall down though. Back in college there was a group of us who would go regularly to the local casino and we did beat the house (we did the same thing as the MIT students were a few years previous at a much smaller scale). Inevitability someone one would want to go along because they thought they could win big. My first response was how much money are you willing to lose. They would always respond back with none and I would tell them that they shouldn't go to the casino then. If they still decided to go I would always hope they would lose not because I wanted to be a dick but because far too often if they would win a reasonable amount, for a college student, they would go crazy and think that is how things are.

Comment Re:Reduced to impersonating me? Yes (Score 1) 248


FAKES APK can't provide links to actual good quotes so he makes up

Fakes APK --BLOWHARD--. Tell me moar about your FAKE hosts. Love you long time!!!!!

*Everyone knows APK unstable and bareley literate so fuck yours self with a compond miter saw


P.S.=> Proves yous actually compent and yours faks hosts provides security instead of plecebo fuck shit stain hillary lover. Stop hiding behind fakes users or you fraid to might have man up

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