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Comment Fortran - on punched cards (Score 1) 616

And get off my lawn!

And yes, I still cut code ... though not, I admit , in Fortran. Thankfully. (Tried C, Basic, Pascal, Java, C#, COBOL, RPG, BCPL, Algol, Simula, PHP, Forth, assemblers, Javascript, and many, many others. They all look the same after a while - oh boy, the number of times I've used a + in PHP where it needs to be a dot).

Yup, Fortran on an IBM 11/30 - 1970 (think bell bottom jeans and possibly The Beatles). It had a multi pass compiler (said to be 14, but maybe someone was exaggerating) and 4096 words (not bytes) of memory - core memory. Actual core, with little rings and everything. And an IBM Selectric output printer. I made the sucker play chess really, really badly - hey, I was 16.

Comment Re:I can't post the title without flaming (Score 1) 281

I'm ashamed to be on the same planet, actually. What the heck is going on with you folks? Whatever happened to "Truth, Justice, and the American Way". (I admit I have no idea what the American Way is, maybe it's "the other thing")
So let me see if I have this right ...
The new incoming administration is trying to reduce the accuracy of evidence checking.

The only reason I can think of is to hurry up and send the kind of people that end up in court to jail. Actual guilt is no longer relevant. Just "round up the usual suspects" and away we go. (Yes, that was a quote from Casablanca [1942] - now that's the sort of thing USA does to be proud of, not this orange nutter).

Hmm, I can think of a few people I'd like to see in jail, possibly including several members of the aforementioned administration. Do we need actual proof?

As the years pass, I become every more glad I picked Australia, instead of America when I changed countries. (Not that we don't have our problems, but still). And come to that, I'm glad I didn't stay in the not so very United these days Kingdom. (I mean, Brexit, really? What the is wrong with you folks too?)

Comment With What? (Score 1) 94

AR with what? Phones? Maybe. Their desktops? Please. The GPUs in their desktops are garbage. Even the ones in the Mac Pros. I was a Mac user for ten years (sold my 2012 Mac Pro last month) and I I have always been disappointed by their choice of graphics chips.

Comment Re:Atl-math (Score 1) 229

Just for reference the important caveat is no logic that can encode basic Peano arithmetic can be consistent and complete. There are plenty of axiomatic systems that are complete and consistent, even complicated mathematical ones (the first order theory of complete ordered fields, a.k.a. the real numbers is complete and consistent). Also a stronger logic can prove the consistency of a subset contained within it. Thus the first order theory of Peano arithmetic can be proved to be consistent via second order logic. Finally you may also want to look up Tarski's indefinitability of truth -- a theorem which gives the results you have here as a corollary, but is simpler: in sufficiently power logical systems you can't even define a truth predicate.

Comment Re:Positive feedback? (Score 1) 314

Let's review this list of reasons:
* divorce is inversely correlated with wealth - actually I doubt this is even true
* probably working only one job - really, why is this? Not true where I live
* Healthier diet - indeed, cheap food is not so good
* Parents value an education more - actually, the ones that seem to value it most are recent immigrants
* Neighborhood with higher property values means better funded schools - stupid way to fund schools, they should be funded according to need (check Finland, etc)

So only two points of 5 seems likely to be true, and the most important one, the funding, is the product of a really bad system.

I think the educations system needs a bit of a review. I'm sure Trump will fix that ... cough.

Comment Re: Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 2, Insightful) 495

You are simply mis-reading what is stated in that document. The US citizen parent had to be resident in the US for ten years (prior to the birth). How can I be so certain? I am in a similar category, but was born outside the US to a US mother and a father who had not been ten years resident in the US. I had, since birth, US citizenship until I renounced a few years ago.

Comment Get off my lawn (Score 3, Interesting) 495

Yes, indeed. When I left university, in 1976 with a UK degree in Computer Science (that's what it was called then), I was the first of a breed.
Employment was assured. I worked at Plessey for a few months, on the radar system for SE England (cool), then fled to the continent where I was paid quite astonishing amounts of money. First building a nuclear reactor monitor (even cooler), then a packet switching system for Holland (yup, that's the predecessor to our beloved Internet).
I made so much money [new sports car = 1 months disposable income] that after a few short years - ie when I was 25 - I took my money, bought an ocean going yacht and set off for a pretty decent adventure.
A couple of years later, I decided to stop (in USA), and ended up in Australia, still with enough money to pay for 1/3 of a house. (Houses were about 2-3 years salary at the time, really should have bought several).

So yup, I was definitely richer than today's poor kids, who get to leave university with huge debts, struggle to get an internship (otherwise known as slavery), then maybe, just maybe get a sensible job after a year of unpaid labour.
Then they might try to buy a house, now at 1 million dollars, 10 years salary (if you don't eat). Good luck with that. And have kids - can they afford to breed?

So they might have the internet, mobile phones, and great flat screen TVs, but they sure as heck aren't richer. I was way, way luckier with my timing.

Comment Dear Apple (Score 2) 130

Dear Apple,

How about making products your customers actually want? Like a MacBook Pro that's actually a pro-level computer. Or, a "Cheesegrater" Mac Pro with Thunderbolt and USB 3/3.1?

See, here's the deal: no one wanted the trash-can Mac Pro. We wanted the existing model with the I/O capabilities you put in your home-user machines. But, it's too late. You've lost us. We're tired of paying premium prices for last-years already outdated technology.

And you guys are really missing the bus with your lack of VR-compatible hardware. Sure, VR might be a flash in the pan, but isn't the fact that you make NOTHING with the CPU/GPU power to support it worrying?

RatBastard, a former Mac customer.

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