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Comment Re:And... NO CONTRAST (Score 2) 331

It's not just the Internet. Just the other day I was trying to read some cooking instructions. They were printed in something like 4 point type in white on gold, on a plastic bag. My 14 year old daughter could read them, but I could not. (Disclaimer - I am 60 and have triple focus implanted lenses in my eyes, but still have trouble reading in poor light).

And this perpetual dark grey on light grey tiny font stuff - if you want me to use your site, I'd better be able to read it!

So get off that green stuff (I think it's a lawn).

Comment Re:and when it misreads? (Score 1) 425

Maybe the USA should tax guns, better yet, a license fee, like for dogs. How about $100 dollars per year for each gun-related death that year?
No, what the heck, let's make it $1. That would be, let me see, about $800 per year.

Thee are about 300 million guns in the USA, so about 800 * 300 million, that's 2.4 billion dollars per year. That would help the budget.

I'm sure the NRA would approve, after all, it only seems fair. Guns should pay for the damage they do, like cigarettes pay for cancer treatments, or cars for road repairs.

Comment Re:Why lock the car? (Score 1) 215

If you are going to quote great people from my (ex)home country, please get it right ...

"There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about." Oscar Wilde

Maybe this is what our non-friend Trump, serial liar, murderer of language, is going for. He is certainly getting talked about. It saddens me that the great country of USA, 350 million people or so, can only come up with Trump and Hillary. I mean really, is that the best you can do?

You have astonishing folk - Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders even, Bill Gates (maybe), Steve Jobs,Susan B. Anthony, Washington, Nader, Fermi - the list is long and impressive (ok, I admit most of those are dead, history is a bit like that).

America, you need to do better!

Comment Re:An odd choice (Score 1) 14

In that case I would be asking what what Apple wants to do with distributed graph analytics because that was probably Turi's most interesting/unique product and expertise. They have a great library for handling extremely large graphs distributed over many nodes, and a lot of expertise in exactly how to do that really well.

Comment An odd choice (Score 4, Interesting) 14

I have to admit to being a little unclear as to Apple's plans here. I'm somewhat familiar with Turi's product offerings (at least, I was back when they were called Dato). It's more of pure data analytics tool than anything, and personally I found the underlying python libraries which are open source far more compelling than the point and click predictive analytics and charting GUIs which seemed to be their main product. And even on that front I would put more stock in scikit-learn, pandas, dask and the many open source deep learning libraries (mostly built on theano and tensor flow) if I really wanted to do machine learning and distributed machine learning.

Now don't get me wrong, Turi has some nice products, but they tend to be standalone suites designed to let front-line analysts have a nice GUI interface to basic machine learning tools, not "push the envelope AI". I really can't see what Apple would do with it beyond build up a business analytics suite to compete with Tableau and Azure ML. Anyone have any better ideas?

Comment Re:What's the driver for upgrading? (Score 1) 472

I do rendering on my 2012 12-Core Mac Pro. It would cost me almost three times what I paid for that to get a new 12-Core Mac Pro to replace it. Which, thanks to my software moving to CUDA, would make a new Mac Pro useless to me. Add to this the fact that no modern Mac supports CUDA due to Apple going with AMD GPUs, and that pool of software is growing ever smaller. I'm almost to the point of abandoning Macs altogether and getting a Windows multi-GPU workstation instead. For a hell of a lot less than a new Mac Pro.

Unless every vendor out there suddenly decides to support the trainwreck that is OpenCL, I've long ago purchased my last Mac.

Comment Perfect for Jury Nullification (Score 1) 258

Most of the people in Austin are in favor of Uber and Lyft operating there, right? So I would think that it would be extremely difficult to convict anyone of these "crimes" in a jury trial. Even if the trial were held in a municipal court in Texas, that requires 6 people to all give a "guilty" verdict; if less than half agree with the law then that's less than 1/64 chance of conviction. (And if held in a district court, less than 1/4096 chance of conviction!)

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