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Comment Re:The way of the Dodo (Score 2) 226

Regal in my area is adapting quite well aiming for the older crowd. They've changed their seating out for reclinable seats. You can order your ticket online and reserve your seat, so no fighting in line to get the best seats, just order online a week in advance and you're guaranteed your spot. The Seats are huge. https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.... https://s3-media1.fl.yelpcdn.c...

A bit more expensive than I would like, but for the few times I go see the movies I'm okay paying ~$9.50 on a matinee ticket and ~$15 on 3D ticket when I know I'll be comfortable.

Comment Re:Battery Storage Facility? (Score 2) 201

These devices aren't going to be used like a phone battery. They will be setup for optimal life rather than longest possible runtime. Industry will be doing all the little "tricks" to keep them in longest lifetime condition. Not charging to 100%, not discharging to 0%, storing in a temperate controlled area, etc.

Comment Re:Would have bought it but for th 15 inch long wi (Score 1) 78

22lbs if you put it in $100's.

1 Metric Tons in Singles.

100 Tons in Nickles.

I'd like to try Scrooge McDuck'ing the 18,539.28 Quarts of Nickles, which would be in a swimming pool approximately 3.5 meters across and 2 meter deep.

(Yes, I just used imperial and metric to screw with you)

Comment Re:the horror, the horror (Score 1) 380

This isn't a question of PC. This is a question of facts. It used to be called AIDS because people didn't realize there was HIV prior to AIDS. We didn't one day decide "Oh no we can't say AIDS because it's not nice". We make the distinction because the distinction exists. You may be okay calling HIV AIDS, but you're wrong and there is no other answer to that. It's not political correctness. It's just being correct.

Comment Re:Anime, older shows? Imthebossneedtheinfo (Score 1) 111

Sorry but you're either naive or sound like a shill for Hulu. You realize that Hulu is Comcast, Time Warner, Disney, Fox, and NBC all rolled up into one? Of course they want to keep commercials in. They have no incentive to keep them out because there's folks willing to pay for a service that includes commercials...just like cable. Bottom line...how is Hulu any different than cable?

I might, or I might just be happy with the product and willing to pay for it. If you go back far enough in my comment history I'm sure you'll think I'm a shill for TiVo as well because it allows me to timeshift and 30 second skip through commercials.

Bottom line...hulu is different from cable in many ways.
1: You can watch what you want when you want instead of on the networks schedule.
2: It's cheaper by a factor of 10 ($12 instead of $120).
3: Has *WAY* fewer commercials with the No-Commercials plan
4: Doesn't have sports

I find I need to mix Hulu Plus No Commercials and Netflix to get the majority of what I want to watch. I'm very likely going to add in Youtube Red for another $5/month.

I've wanted commercial free television for a long time. Now that companies are charging an affordable rate for an adequate service, I'm willing to pay for it. I get that others don't want to, or think that paying for the cheapest plan should get them all the benefits. That's not how the world works. I vote for services with my wallet, and in doing so I'm saving at least $65/month on television.

Does that make me a shill? Definition is: an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others. I'm not an accomplice or affiliated with Netflix, Hulu, Tivo or Youtube, just a happy customer of all. (Although my TiVo is currently powered down to not having cable).

Comment Re:Anime, older shows? Imthebossneedtheinfo (Score 1) 111

Unfortunately I have no inside knowledge, anything I say on that would be pure speculation. But, since this is slashdot, I'll speculate! Pulling things from my ass: they are popular shows and they charge a premium for commercials that the small split from the $4 doesn't cover, or possibly they were sold to the networks with a percentage of gross ad sales clause. I could see where they have "If viewed commercial-free pay X, if viewed with commercials, we get 1% of gross ad sales. They toss ads on and pay out of the gross of that instead of a flat fee."

Comment Re:Is Hulu still a thing? (Score 1) 111

I find that when you add the Hulu Plus no commercial plan and Netflix together it is a suitable replacement for cable TV in my home. I went from >$100/month for TV to ~$25 for TV and didn't lose anything but live sports. Since I only watch NFL and I used to TiVo it during the week, the $99/year for NFL replaces from NFL gamepass turns it into ~$35/month.

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