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Comment Re:Still uses gas (Score 1) 206

There were some significant political issues here. Most relevant was that the move from coal to gas meant that the coal miners power over the government was significantly reduced. I'm old enough to just about remember the 3-day week as well as the regular power cuts. I'm not saying I approve or otherwise of the actions of the government of the day, but one of the motives to move to gas was to break the miners. In this respect, it has succeeded. If there was a miners strike today, no one would notice or care.

Comment Re:19th and 20th century powerhouse (Score 1) 206

I suspect that if we knew in the mid-19th century what we know today, Britain would not have got away with the expansion that you've described. It doesn't change the facts we have today. Are you suggesting that all countries that haven't had the chance to pollute the environment should be able to get in line and have a go?

I do agree that there should be some sort of aid though and would have hoped this sort of thing would have come out of the Paris climate agreement.

Britain does have a history of providing aid but one of the problems faced when donating to African countries has been the the donated funds have often been diverted by dictators towards palaces and armies.

Comment Re:Just because you can doesn't mean you should (Score 1) 98

That is an inelegant way of doing it to be honest. Application s/w should be running on different hosts. The database server (or cluster) should be running the database and nothing else. However, to get the benefits of running database code in the right place, being able to run Python inside the database would be the right way to achieve this. Oracle has included a JVM inside the database for many years. It gets the database related code into the right place but you still need to keep the rest of the application (web server, app server, non DB related application code) at arms length (another server). Ultimately being able to use Python is no different to being able to run PL/SQL, JAVA, TransactSQL inside the database.

Comment Re:Basic (Score 2) 630

You bring up a very good point there. There is a second or two between hitting the on switch and being able to start coding. This was an issue that the raspberry pi was supposed to address. To a degree this is true but does not get you to that immediate prompt.

For me, the first language was also BASIC but on a ZX-81 very quickly followed by a VIC-20. It's worth noting that with both computers, the manuals that came with them were almost totally geared toward programing immediately as well. Advanced stuff, like dealing with floppy disks, came much later if at all. The computer was a BASIC computer straight away.

I also remember the joy after having following the instructions in the manual for a while when I started to realize that I understood what I was doing and what the computer was doing as well.

Whilst I've done plenty of programming since and in many languages, given that my current role is a DBA, I think that learning BASIC was very useful given that most of my programming today is scripting rather than using compiled languages.

Comment Re:DRM is how Kodi dies. (Score 1) 156

DVD is also associated with DRM and has been very successful.

In practical terms, Kodi has been supportive to a degree of piracy in one way or another given that many users would have had ripped local media. The issue here is as much about PR and perception as anything else. Kodi is allowing the totally tech illiterate consumers to have very easy access to pirated or otherwise protected media and that is where the problem lies. This was bound to become an issue when Kodi moved from being used by people who were at least slightly tech savy (installing s/w, connecting storage or NAS, dealing with connectivity issues) onto consumer devices that are very simple to get going and using s/w that's virtually identical to the one they're running on their phone or tablet.

Comment Re:Plex wont... (Score 1) 156

I would like to know where Plex is better than Kodi? I've only used Plex a little (TV supports it, not Kodi), but I disliked the fact that I needed to register my client with Plex before I could use it. Also, performance using my NAS does not seem to be as good as Kodi.

Another area that I like with Kodi is that it supports good integration with my PVR (myththv) in this case. Does Plex support something similar? I'm also able to play my multi-region DVDs and Blu-Rays from within Kodi. The only thing missing is the Blu-Ray menus but I'm not particularly bothered about that.

I'm always interested in something better. I certainly can't imagine going back to using something like xine any more.

Comment Re:Depends on your definition of "life" (Score 2) 250

It's likely as well that civilisations rise and fall all on their own. There wasn't any natural disaster that caused the end of the Roman Empire. Yes, parts of it survived but that was not enough to prevent the dark ages. I actually think that, if we survive, we're likely to become increasingly insular and introverted, both as a species and in our communities as well. In fact I see this starting off already. The only empire actually moving forward right now is the Chinese and they're doing so by bulldozing both their people and the planet. Every other empire has peaked and is falling right now. China is reliant on being able to capitalise on investment of one kind or another to keep it going and that's starting to wane. Not wanting to sound too pessimistic, we're probably already on the downhill slide. If we're lucky, people like Elon Musk might be able to achieve something in terms of colonising space and continuing our expansion but I'm not convinced it will happen. If we're not growing, we're shrinking and that's been happening for quite some time. A Financial system that seems to exist solely to serve itself is a good example of this. Banks that gamble with huge sums of 'money' that somehow generates wealth out of no where is another. Expansion isn't really happening at all and the only way to achieve this now is to work out how to exploit space, starting with the major planets. This is a message from science fiction but I do think it's remarkably sound where we are today.

Comment Re:It says it on the thing! (Score 1) 434

I've read enough now.

You're supposed to use the drier AFTER you've washed your hands. In other words, you've just washed with soap and water and therefore have no germs on your hand to be blown around the room. Maybe I'm wrong and some people use the driers between using the loo and washing there hands but I certainly don't.

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