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Comment Way ahead of you (Score 1) 7

I gave up cable TV years ago when I got divorced and moved out. Hadn't watched it in a year or two, anyway. Now I have my cell phone and a cable internet, I don't need a landline OR the TV. Netflix, clips on YouTube, and occasionally network series on hulu are all I ever partake of, and I don't want for more.

Comment Silence is complicity (Score 1) 9

And it would be intolerable not to condemn the hateful insensitivity of anonymous troll responses to that heartfelt post. On the one hand, what do you expect on the internet... but on the other, how dare we be so inhumane with each other under the protection of anonymity. Honor is dead, or dying.

I'm sorry for your pain and the pain of your wife.

Comment Re:I move that (Score 1) 37

I guess you forget my tenure at Smith, then. One of the purest, most pristine pinnacles of academic ivory one could hope to see, cloistered away from all cruel realities of the world in its own halcyon bubble of politically correct perfection.

But isn't it better to have seen the inside and fallen so far from it? So very, very far.

Comment Just one ending (Score 1) 17

And immense opportunities to begin again.

Was one of the hardest decisions to make, the aftermath means that my life is VERY hard -- but I wouldn't go back and change anything.

I haven't been privy to details -- but seems like you've certainly given things a lot of time, and there's probably been a lot of work going on that we haven't heard of. At some point, you need to make a decision. Best of luck to you!

Comment It's not the "summers off" (Score 1) 34

It's the "schedule that exactly matches my kids' vacations so I don't have to pay extra for childcare." And an almost-livable wage that is slightly more secure than a lot of things going out there right now.

Fortunately, I do better than 95% of the population at anything I attempt, so it doesn't really matter *what* my motivation is. They're just lucky to have me.

Comment Power (Score 1) 5

Regardless of role-playing that you might do in individual scenarios, you like to be the dominant figure in a relationship. There are lots of guys out there who are secretly relieved to have a woman who takes charge and makes the decisions. But you're one who wants to do the picking and choosing himself.

Just a guess.
User Journal

Journal Journal: [misc] Ever feel like you're missing something important? 7

Once in a while I get a feeling that I am missing something big, that maybe I went in the wrong direction or perhaps have chosen a bad path.

I get up in the morning, drive to work, slave away all day in a lab filled with computers, drive home, eat and go to bed. Day after day. Night after night.

Church and family times are on Sunday. Saturday afternoon is recovery time for getting up early to drive to work.

There's bound to be more to [daily] life than this.

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