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Comment Re:IMPORTANT EXCEPTION (Score 1) 1055

There is such a thing as common decency.
If they try to moderate their platform so people behave in a decent and civil way towards each other, there should be no exemptions. I don't owe black people, or people with any other skin color for that matter, anything. I would like people to talk nicely to each other, but when people are assholes I am not going to sit down and take it.
Twitter, as it is, has decided that tell me that I should be exterminated because of where I come from, and that is perfectly acceptable. So why the fuck would I want to use that place that has no respect for me?

Comment Re:oh goody! (Score 3, Informative) 478

I have the same issue. Even though I have been very happy with the Apple enviroment of OS X and their hardware. They are moving further and further away from something I want to spend my money on. Their recent MacBook Pro "upgrade" have made them useless for me and all too expensive.

My late 2013 iMac still packs a punch with the Intel I7. I can have FCPX pro rendering in the background while websurfing and other stuff still runs smooth. It feels like a workstation, it has a cmd line I can use. it used to have a proper disk utility program etc etc.

Of course that is because I am running external RAIDs on the USB3 ports for the rendering, etc.
I need to accessorize a MacBook Pro with numerous dongles, and after a while, external storage because I cannot upgrade it. So it is becoming useless too fast and too expensive for my wallet.
Like I switched from Windows in 2007 to OS X, I might need to do the reverse when the next upgrade comes around and see if I work with Windows again.

It is really sad how they have dumbed every thing down.

Comment Too small (Score 1) 259

The intervals might be fast enough. But you need a lot of terabytes of storage to do editing with FCP
X. Those Apple ProRes files takes up 5x the space of the video you import. Then it saves all the renders it has made so if you adjusted fx color, you have how it looked before the change and after. And for every thing you change to a clip a version is saved if I had time to render it in the background.

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