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Comment performing scheduled system maintenance (Score 1) 292

I have rented a Ford a few times and a more than once, I saw the "performing scheduled system maintenance" start all of the sudden and then it stayed on that screen until I reached my destination, parked the car and turned of the ignition. When I came back to the car, it worked again. I don't know which version it was( it was in the latest Mustang GT), but it seemed to me like it was more like a way to hide the fact that it crashed than it was "performing scheduled system maintenance". It sure was one hell of a time to perform maintenance while I was depending on the audio for navigation.

Other than that, I found the system to be mostly useless. Also the fact that you can't do certain things while the car is in motion is fucking stupid. My passenger could not pair the bluetooth on the iPod until I parked the car. If you have to be so fucking clever about it at least let people use the fucking thing where there's someone in the passenger seat.

Comment Re:More than just hard disks on the ropes... (Score 1) 161

I agee, had it not been for my interest in video editing, I would not have a desktop PC. I might not even bother to have a NAS anymore. I would just have a small laptop that only would be used when doing taxes or taking panic calls from work when the there's problems the people on duty can't figure out.

Comment Re:So what's the news? (Score 1) 843

I would guess that Hillary would have done the same too and avoided to pay taxes, if it wasn't because she choose a career path in politics so she was smart enough to figure out that could be a problem in the future.
I am not writing this to defend Trump because I really don't like him but the only positive thing I can find for Hillary, that she knows politics. I don't find any of them to be great presidential material.

Comment of course (Score 1) 279

I have IoT devices. Are they on any botnets? I don't know, I don't spend any time checking.
You can't however initiate a connection to them from the outside(no port forwarding) and uPnP have been disabled.
Still if the manufacturer have failed somehow, and they have been infected from the factory or when they phone home, they could be running nasty stuff.

Comment Netflix streams had a good run (Score 1) 187

But I don't subscribe anymore because after their successful IP blocking this spring. All I can get access to now are my local version of Netflix. It sucked when they opened it and it still sucks. But I all fairness, it was going down hill for the American version too before I quit.
Well, it had a good run.
Right now I find plenty of stuff I like to see on Youtube.

Comment I use it all the time (Score 2) 495

But I must admit that I am being more and more annoyed with the Apple hardware choices. So much that I have been considering stop using Final Cut Pro and finding an alternative that can run on Windows. I guess it will be Adobe premiere pro even tough I hate their subscribtion based licenses.

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