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Comment Re:Happening to people incoming to the US? (Score 1) 344

Well, no one is forcing me to travel to the US so it is not really a problem to deal with. There's plenty of other interesting places I can spend my vacation money.
There are quite a few people who already are opting out of visiting the US already because of all the crap implemented already.

Comment Re:The age of subscription services (Score 5, Insightful) 534

Some of my local newspapers starting blocking people who uses adblock, which I use because of the ads(duh) and the 3rd party tracking.
So I asked them: "If I subscribe and pay for access to your full site, will I then be able to see the site ad free as well as free from trackers?".
The answer was: "no".

Ok then, bye..

Comment Re:Only for special people (Score 1) 35

LinkedIn are bloody annoying. I uninstalled their app after they started showing that I had unread items, which where just paid commercials and not somone wanting to talk to me, of course it is a trick they had learned from facebook and twitter.

Sort of same thing happened to Twitter which I rarely used. They started to ping me with an alert everyday that someone had tweeted something when I hadn't been using their app for 24 hours. So Twitter got uninstalled, didn't care for it anyway.

And again it happened on facebook before I deleted my account. When I hadn't been on facebook for a few days, they pinged me with an update that someone had said something. When I checked it out, it did not even have anything to do with me, it wasn't directed at me or tagged etc.
So I uninstalled their app. Then they started sending me emails instead about "someone did something"(really, that was about the wording of it).
When I disabled emails, their clever tatics ment that I would not get notifications if someone was contacting me.
So the only way I could use their platform as a message system was to constantly use time on it.
I deleted my Facebook account, it has been a slight annoyance because family members assumed that I had been updated on different family related news, but mostly it has been great to do without all the mindless jibber jabber. :D

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