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Comment Re:Hefty Fees... (Score 1) 164

You beat me to it! Taxation is one work-around. I wonder, though ... McCulloch v. Maryland (the power to tax is the power to destroy) may not specifically apply, but I wonder if a similar approach in a state-municipal battle might not yield similar results. Taxation to level the playing field is one thing, taxation to circumvent state law might be something else.

Comment Finally! (Score 1) 115

Finally; now, at last, Volkswagen will be thrown in jail like it deserves. In an orange, VW shaped jumpsuit, I assume. Oh, and the fines; that will surely punish those ... um, mutual funds, maybe? Finally, justice, just like we all hoped. Now let's all take a deep breath (or, [cough], maybe not just yet).

Comment It's (not) brain surgery ... (Score 1) 354

Y'know what really pisses me off? The requirement that I gotta pass a bunch of tests like the 'man' says in order to pursue my career as a $%$@$ brain surgeon. And don't start me on the insurance costs... #$$@# the man! What am I supposed to do about my livelihood, which has been lost owing to these restrictive laws and regulations?? You're taking away my way of making a living!!
Just to clarify: fuck Uber.

Comment Re:May I suggest ... (Score 1) 70

That's more-or-less my use case too; I don't use much data out of wi-fi areas, so my bill (two phones, each with a GB of data) runs about $55. It's a lot less than I was paying for att (90+ bucks for two phones plus 6 GB take-or-pay that I never used all of but once). Perhaps everyone else is doing better? The magic for me is that I only pay for the cellular data I use. No complex roll-over schemes; If I don't use that 1 GB, they give me the money back on the next bill (penny a MB). If I use more, it's still at that 10 bucks per GB rate. The support, which I've used a couple of times now, is first-rate ... after the big two (U.S.: Verizon and AT&T), it's somewhere between refreshing and just weird.

Submission + - Scientists Turn Docile Mice Into Ruthless Hunters

BenBoy writes: A couple of years ago, a story surfaced about smarter mice: Scientists Create Super-intelligent Mice, Discover They're Also Very Laid Back. Well, implicit challenge accepted! 2017 brings us a report from Cell, via The Scientist:

Neural circuits in the amygdala are responsible for predatory behavior in mice, according to a study published January 12 in Cell. Using optogenetics, a technique that uses light to turn neural circuits on and off, a group of researchers led by neuroscientist Ivan de Araujo of Yale University was able to turn docile mice into ruthless hunters.

Nuclear death-mice are, we assume, right around the corner ...

Comment Re:The American version... (Score 1) 441

Actually, in Oregon, using unemployment to start a business is not only legal, it's encouraged. For those too lazy to click :-)

If you participate in the SEA program you won't have work search requirements while claiming benefits. You can receive business start-up counseling and advice from Oregonâ(TM)s Small Business Development Center Network (SBDC) free of charge. *Classes and books are at cost to the participant, no training funds are available at this time. If you make money from your private enterprise, you keep the proceeds and still get your full weekly benefit payment. People come to the program in all states of readiness to do business, so we donâ(TM)t require applicants to wait for a class to start etc. When you are accepted in to the program is when you start.

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