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Comment Re:Risk? (Score 1) 367

I think you may have missed the point. These aren't advantages that can be lost later. There's no social 'churn' in such a situation; the advantages snowball, as the cutting edge belongs to the sleepless. It's sorta like how, in the US, we've created permanent inequality with our tax structure and Citizens United. Or like a somewhat more organic singularity, run by the love-child of Hillary and Donald. Fortunately, spaghetti-code that DNA is, my guess is it'll be a lot more brittle than most people suppose.

Comment More than that ... (Score 1) 82

This could change everything, if it simply filled in its own content instead of unmuting. Agreement with my bizarre political opinions would be universal, that cab {buy Crest} driver would be yelling compliments concerning my driving (and parentage), and the homeless people yelling at their imaginary friends would {buy Crest now!} be shouting the current news and {buy Crest immediately!} weather. Hard to see the harm in that ...

Comment standing up to take a look (Score 1) 96

Little thing, but what an amazing name for a telescope. According to the site, it's 'more KAT' (the original name for the array), as well as, of course, the unbearably cute mammal that lives in the area. But that, along with the "standing up to look around" mission of the array itself makes me absolutely convinced that I live in a novel of some sort (most likely Dickens, who liked to name his characters with oddly appropriate names (I'm lookin' at you, Ms. Malaprop)).

Comment Not entirely wrong ... (Score 2) 1145

Big fan of the UBI, and yet I think this guy's not entirely wrong. People talk about phase-in's like "we start with $5,000 for everybody, then ramp up year over year by x dollars. This guy is saying something more, I think, like start with a livable amount for the very poor, and work your way up the income ladder. Think it'll peter out before it gets to the rich? You don't know any rich folks, do you? Wealth trickles up, anyhow ...

Submission + - Will the second Prime Day live up to expectations? (

tripleevenfall writes: Tuesday, July 12 brings the second annual Amazon Prime Day. Last year Amazon promised deals better than Black Friday, but was blasted on social media for underwhelming savings on items that sold out in seconds.Amazon is promising better savings this year on more than 100,000 items throughout the day, nearly twice as many as last year.

Submission + - Throwing our IoT investment in the trash thanks to NetGear (

Miche67 writes: Alan Zeichik tells a cautionary tale about what happens when Internet of Things device makers stop supporting devices and the cloud services that go with them. For him, it's NetGear's termination of its services for VueZone wireless video cameras that's led him to throw those devices in the trash.

His three-year investment into two VueZone camera systems and their services is lost.

All that VueZone equipment is headed for the dustbin of IoT history. There is nothing wrong with the access points or cameras. There is nothing wrong with the cloud-based service VueZone relies upon—except that it is no longer cost-effective for NetGear to offer the service.

Submission + - Google Updates CA Trust Mechanisms in Android Nougat ( 1

msm1267 writes: Google last week announced changes in the way it will handle trusted Certificate Authorities in Nougat, the latest version of the Android operating system. The changes are expected to cut into the likelihood of a successful man-in-the-middle attack, or a device falling victim to an attacker-supplied custom certificate. This also takes a bit of pressure off mobile app developers who may inadvertently introduce trouble by turning off TLS certificate verification, for example.

Chad Brubaker of the Android Security Team said Google has always allowed developers to customize which CAs are trusted by apps, but mistakes happen and Google believes that complex Java TLS APIs are to blame, thus the update to simplify how developers can customize trust.

Google has also implemented another change in which apps at API Level 24 will no longer honor user- and admin-supplied CAs unless the developer opts-in. “This safe-by-default setting reduces application attack surface and encourages consistent handling of network- and file-based application data,” Brubaker wrote. The final noteworthy change allows developers to specify how apps trust CAs, for example, trusting only connections to certain domains as needed.

Submission + - Theranos's Elizabeth Holmes witheld bad news from employees (

An anonymous reader writes: "At a presentation to Theranos Inc. employees last month, Elizabeth Holmes displayed a slide saying the company had developed 304 tests using small volumes of blood, according to an attendee. Left unsaid: Most of those experiments hadn’t progressed beyond laboratory research, according to the attendee." In another instance of how Holmes has tried to reframe bad news, Holmes told the WSJ that its withdrawal of nanotainer blood tests from commercial use was entirely voluntary, however FDA records obtained by the WSJ indicate the withdrawal was ordered by the FDA. This pattern of selective disclosure and misinformation has caused employees' trust in the company to fade.

FYI, the article is behind WSJ's paywall. The article can be read by doing a google search of the title and then clicking search result.

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