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Comment If you're not paying for the product ... (Score 1) 121

If you're not paying for the product, *you're* the product, so goes the common wisdom. However ...

AT&T Is Spying on Americans For Profit, New Documents Reveal

... there's nothing to say that you can't pay *and* be the product. Your choice of viewing is just more grist for AT&T's info-mill

As an aside, is it just barely possible that the TimeWarnerAT&T corporate name might be TWATT(tm)? Pleeeez?

Comment Re:Need more unions and workers rights! (Score 1) 404

Actually, almost no one waits to have a child or children when they can afford to, if you factor in misfortune. I certainly couldn't have coasted through the rest of my kid's upbringing if I'd become unemployable shortly after his birth, and/or had a sick enough kid to require a million or two in medical care. Are you yourself so breathtakingly well off that you could have done that? If so, kudos (and small wonder at your remarkable lack of empathy), but I predict a pretty precipitous population drop if everyone were do be held to your (perfect, morally upright) standards.

Comment Re:surprising lack of coverage (Score 1) 357

The fact you finished your statement with "GTF of my lawn" is really kind of ironic.

Ha! That was completely unintentional ... like much of my best work :-) The film did not show here taking part, btw. And it did show (metaphorical) Pinkertons setting dogs loose on the protesters. Ms. Goodman does have a point of view, so this is very different from, say, a Fair and Balanced(tm) journalist covering the same issues (were they to do so).

Comment Re:surprising lack of coverage (Score 1) 357

I wouldn't ordinarily reply (a/c and all), but your use of the exclamation point and your super-mad skillz at google moved me. Try this: site:cnn.com "amy goodman", and show me all that stuff you've found posted in, say, the last week (since this story took its current shape). So: Nonsense! back atcha

Comment surprising lack of coverage (Score 5, Interesting) 357

The large-media coverage on this has been near nonexistent. NYTimes is carrying one AP wire story about it, but no editorial comment. CNN has literally *nothing*. This has been news for weeks (thought the charges were changed from trespassing (after it seemed hard to make that stick) to rioting). Rolling Stone had been reporting on it, but really? Why do I have to get important political news from a music mag (or from, say, a tech website)? Why do I hear so much more about Trumps hand size and sexual escapades than I do about obstruction of freedom of the press? I mean, yeah, I know why, really (a generation fed on intellectual pap); just whining, I guess. Now GTF off my lawn, 'k?

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