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Submission + - Orson Scott Card on being a pro-Bush Democrat

Belisarivs writes: Just in time for the mid-terms, Orson Scott Card argues that the Democrats can't see the forest through the trees. Starting off by saying " . . . as a Democrat, for whom the Republican domination of government threatens many values that I hold to be important", he goes on to say, ". . . there are no values that matter to me that will not be gravely endangered if we lose this war. And since the Democratic Party seems hellbent on losing it — and in the most damaging possible way — I have no choice but to advocate that my party be kept from getting its hands on the reins of national power, until it proves itself once again to be capable of recognizing our core national interests instead of its own temporary partisan advantages." But this is more than just an anti-endorsement, as Card goes on in this lengthy piece to provide a very different view of world events to what is being spun out of both the right and left wings.

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