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Comment Re:Something's fishy (Score 2) 118

Have you forgotten the IMF ballout, the Winter of Discontent and later Maggie going begging for a rebate because Britain was the "sick man of Europe"? We were shagged before we joined the EEC, and I hope leaving it's successor doesn't take us back to those dark days.

Talking of this recent event bringing back manufacturing jobs is bullshit that some politicians -- especially on the left -- like to peddle, but in fact if manufacturing comes back it will more likely be automated. Anyway, this depreciation doesnt allow us to compete with China's labour costs, or any of its competitors now that it is getting too expensive. When the pound dropped after the 2008 financial crises, the relative side of our trade gap didn't shrink... it's not price that's preventing people buying our products.

If half the international banking industry leaves then we'll end up with a gap in governement finances that will cause them to make cuts more painful than anything George Osbourne did in the last six years, I can guarantee that a boom in exports won't cover this difference. And as the economy contracts the size of the interest payments on the goverment's debts will become the fifth biggest expense... finance industry wins again.

Comment Re:Told ya (Score 1) 188

There are killer apps. and look at the pebble forums ayou can find all kinds of really cool ideas that people are freely publishing.

Google and Apple prefer to hinder development and force people to pay $99 a year and go through a "you suck and your apps sucks" approval process for the watch ecosystem

Comment Article is 95% herp Derp (Score 4, Insightful) 188

Nobody is UPGRADING their smartwatches because why the hell should I pay $350 to get a watch that has zero features above what I already have? When I had a Pebble Time it did everything I wanted then and the other pebble offerings were useless iterations that either offered a useless feature (lighter and shorter battery).

the Apple Watch 2.0 only really offers waterproofing. no real advances that people would dump another $350+ to replace their 1 year old Apple Watch 1.0

The android watches, well nobody has been buying them, they have always been the last place runners, but their new iterations are all useless. Zero advantages on the new versions.

The ONLY smartwatch maker not with their head up their ass is Pebble. 10 day battery life in the Pebble Time Steel. Apple could have doubled the battery life, Samsung could have doubled battery life.... nope, they are all stuck in the "ZOMG THINNER!" stupidity.

Comment Re:blacklists (Score 1) 329

I'll answer that question, how would regulations make it worse.

A new law is passed designating how security must be handled on IoT stuff. Everything is fine for a short time. Then the evil hackers figure out a new exploit and the bad shit happens again. The good guy coders come up with a patch, but it doesn't conform with the law, so they can't roll out the patch until the law is changed. That could take months, if not years.

Comment Re:Hold down power button and ... (Score 1) 421

No excuse is even better.

Your phone is off. They ask you to open it with your finger. You can't. End of story. Don't provide excuses, or even speak to the matter at hand. It can't help, and will certainly hurt you to say anything regarding the matter.

"Am I being detained?" and/or "I want an attorney."

These are really the only statements you need to utter, ever, to a police officer under these circumstances. Keep in mind that statements you make to a police officer are only used for one reason: to prove you are guilty or to build a case against you and then prove you are guilty. You are not talking to a judge or a jury of your peers when speaking to an officer of the law that is interrogating you. This is important because only a judge or jury will prove your innocence, not a LEO. Any information you can provide is better within your control and not the control of an officer.

It is better to consider a human being in a uniform as a mechanism rather than a human being. They are trained to embody very specific roles, to act in a routine and specialized way to collect "evidence" and turn that "evidence" into convictions. Any information you provide them can and will be used to prove your guilt. That is the whole sum of their job in these circumstances.

IANAL. Any advice written above is for entertainment purposes only. Trying to obstruct an investigation by a legal authority will result in your incarceration, being falsely accused as a rapist and/or pedophile, and your eventual shooting death at the hands of unknown assailants.

Comment Re:11 minute of action per game (Score 1) 231

I saw a baseball game in Tokyo recently and was surprised to find they seemed to keep up the pace a lot more. Even with all the crazy synchronized cheers, the pitchers kept pitching. The overall quality of the play didn't seem to be as high, though. Fair amount of unintentional walks and the foul balls were pretty wild.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 67

If they were really taking things seriously, it would've recalled or patched these products a long time ago when the security problems were first identified.

They released a firmware update more than a year ago to fix the default credentials problem. Any devices manufactured after September 2015 require the user to set a password, instead of coming pre-configured with a default. The firmware update also addresses this, but good luck getting consumers to install a firmware update.

Comment non centralized DNS (Score 5, Insightful) 329

I was 100% unaffrected by the DDOS attack on DNS because I run a cacheing DNS server that I set to break the rules of DNS. I cache DNS until I get an update.

a DNS request is passed through to the main servers, if I get no response in 100ms I fall back to cached information. cached information does not expire for 30 days

so unless some obscure site that changes it's IP constantly decides to hop IP's during the DDOS attack I have zero issues.

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