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Comment Re:$1500 may sound like a lot? (Score 1) 55

$1500 IS a lot for a watch. Especially one which will be bitrotten or obsolete within 2 years. It'll just be some worthless piece of crap gathering dust at the bottom of a drawer after that.

First go read TFA, then:
1. $1,500 is a competitive price for a Swiss-made luxury watch.
2. They offer to replace it for free by a regular mechanical watch that looks exactly the same as Connect.

Comment They do it because of VR (Score 1) 184

VR popularity grows substantially.
VR market is going to explode with tons of new products in Q1 2016 (an assumption based on actual product announcements) .
VR movies (360 x 180) take at least x6 more than regular ones (less than 120 x 90 ).

Some VR products and solutions will have to use 265, without major improvements of the infrastructures.
Hence 265 becomes an enabler, and the license price vs. storage volume & network price begins to sound like a reasonable trade-off.

Hence the draconian licensing terms.
Just because they can.

Comment Re:Who makes these decisions? (Score 1) 628

The users. They can vote with their wallets, and refuse to use Microsoft software if they don't like it.

Not quite so, at least not for me. I'm using Windows because my clients are using it and I can't risk sending a document/spreadsheet/presentation that will not look the same in their Office as it looks in my LibreOffice. Hence I suck it up and use Windows. My partner uses Mac with MS Office on it, and I have to correct every document on Windows before she sends out. Especially because some of them are in Hebrew.

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