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Comment Re:Please state the nature of your emergency. (Score 1) 112

After reading the article again i see:

> build cohesion, alignment and trust for my team of embedded software developers in this new three-dimensional distributed matrix organization

I say create a common enemy for those people, and then use that to steer them away from certain things. Fear and anger can accomplish great things together. So any kind of management would do, i guess. As for the three-dimensional distributed matrix organization, i have no idea. Perhaps look into the Borg.

Comment Please state the nature of your emergency. (Score 2) 112

"Please state the nature of your emergency." (EMH mark 2, Startrek Voyager)

Hello AC, welcome to slashoverflow.

The question as formulated now is vague. There is a proposed solution (managing) but no problem stated that needs solving.
And what you have tried to resolve this problem.

Comment Question for n0w4k (Score 1) 172

First of all n0w4k, congratulations to you and your team on your work at Groningen.
Every day, there's a lot of tech news, but this is what i consider truly nextgen science. It stands out.

Second, i clicked the link. I expected to find something insightful to read, but apparently its paywalled.
This paywall is something i do not understand. So my first question now is, who descided this to be paywalled, and why? Where does the PDF money go?

Comment Clickbait title? "a Trade-Secrets Bill Microsoft" (Score 2) 48

This /. title looks like a bad clickbait.. straight from some free translation service.
"Why Legal Experts Are Up In Arms Over a Trade-Secrets Bill Microsoft Loves "

I'm not native english but "a trade-secrets" does not compile. Do they mean that Microsoft Loves "Trade-Secrets Bill" ?

Comment My anecdote (Score 1) 173

True story. Offline theoretic self-education can certainly work. Especially with kids. Limits create creativity.

My anecdote:
In fact, as a kid without a compiler or internet, that was how i learned programming QuickBASIC. By just studying an old reader that i found. I tried all my programming in "edit.com" but i couldn't run it. :) But i saved my programs, and later when someone told me about "qbasic.com" i was up and running ofcourse.
Making more experimental programs for fun.

Comment This simplifies porting from Delphi (Score 1) 134

Let me just paste a code comment i wrote two months ago;

  * Written for use in Delphi 2010.
  * Seems to work (with minor tweaks) in Lazarus v1.4.4 with FPC 2.6.4, Windows.
  * Could work with fewer tweaks with FPC3.

Now i'm wondering if i can get this pet project to compile and run on Linux ..just for sports.

Comment Give her confidence + Ask for teamwork (Score 1) 698

Give her confidence.
Instead of telling her who she should be -or how she should think- mention the qualities that you see in her, and inspire her to build on those. Do not tell her what to build though, one can not foresee outcomes.
Give her confidence. Record your support and believe in her.


Ask for teamwork.
Another thing that comes to mind - is that in case your wife and/or daughter have arguments you won't be there to calm the situation or negotiate. I'm sure they'll experience a lot of stress when you're not around, but they could use your comfort. Intentions matter. Instill both parties with the motivation and will to corporate, no matter how tough the times may be.

Comment Consider industrial monitors (Score 1) 330

Consider industrial panels, for digital signage perhaps. They're not cheaper (in contrary) but these are rigid and simply work .. and lack the excess smart features.
Most are meant to integrate in a wall, either framed/sunken or just really flat and bolted on.

*shivers* It appears even this page has "SMART" all over it.. http://www.samsung.com/us/busi...

Comment Re:What i did: run VPS with CentOS + DirectAdmin (Score 1) 136

To add on this..
You could get a VPS without DirectAdmin/CPanel/Webminsomething, but the GUI to easily create and backup users adds tremendous value for developers.

I can develop on any machine at hand.. just need SSH or FTP/SCP. Sourcecode files either are on the VPS, or in an GIT repository.

Comment What i did: run VPS with CentOS + DirectAdmin (Score 1) 136

I often develop for VPSes running CentOS and DirectAdmin.

So i got a VPS like that for ~€14 /month. I upgrade pretty much the LAMP stack using DireactAdmin custombuild, and have VPS snapshots to easily roll back to in case i broke something. I need to maintain the VPS though, but my hoster informs me about (and how to fix) the latest critical bugs. Its simple and enlightening.

Developing this way is quite versatile too; i make a user per solution. I can backup that user and import it on other servers (production) or just archive this username.tar.gz file. This backup bundles relevant files, databases, accounts such as email or ftp, even DNS records if i want to.

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