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Comment Re:Freedom of speech requires a person... (Score 1) 134

Most of all it requires public space.

I can declare that in my house I don't want to hear duck jokes. Why? Because it's my house. My house, my rules, don't like them, get the FUCK out! Government cannot demand from me that I allow you to tell duck jokes in my house. Government's right to demand that anyone can say what they want ends right at where my private property starts.

They must not keep you from telling duck jokes in your home, or on the street, and neither do I have the right to keep you from doing so, no matter how much I dislike duck jokes. You may do so freely in the privacy of your home and even on public ground.

But not on mine! And neither am I in any way obligated to allow some Donald Duck or that Hillary Chick to tell me their jokes.

Also freedom of speech does not entail obligation to listen. You are free to speak. But I am free to ignore you.

Comment Re:Vote with your vote (Score 1) 134

This. Simply tell them, since it's shooting or hanging this time around anyway, so it doesn't really matter whether a crook or a clown rules you, you originally wanted to make your decision based on the flip of a coin, but now it's going to be which party is going to piss you off via pestering phone calls less.

And the length of the call also goes into this consideration.

Now that you know this, is there anything left you want to tell me?

Comment No rental of smartphone games (Score 1) 157

Doom, with its limited interactivity works fine.

Which Doom are you talking about? The first Doom isn't in Google Play Store. I searched, and all I got were Doom 3 ($9.95) and several apps whose titles included "Doom" but were unrelated to Idthesda's franchise.

Besides, how would I go about trying a paid game in order to understand how its input method works? Back in the old days of cartridge- and CD-based consoles, I could rent the cartridge from a local video store, and I could scan my local friends' collections on their shelves. Nowadays, with paid downloads, I'd have to ask each of my local friends whether he or she owns each game on this list, and I don't foresee much success in that especially in an era where one's gamer friends are more likely to live in a different city.

Comment Re:The intent of Copyright (Score 1) 210

Perpetual licenses seems a very bad idea in the first place. I see no reason why they shouldn't have to be renegotiated yearly, by law

If it becomes standard practice for a motion picture's producer to own its copyright, then studios could make it a standard practice to require producers to defer royalties for a year and further require producers to forfeit royalties earned during the previous year if the producer declines to renew the license. Otherwise, if a producer can take the royalties and run, studios would be unwilling to give producers hundreds of millions of dollars to make motion pictures.

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