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Comment Block all DVs (Score 1) 150

The process might in fact be to block all domain-validated (DV) certificates and allow organization-validated (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) certificates. This would parallel the policy implemented by the Comodo Dragon browser, which displays a warning for DV certificates:

The security (or SSL) certificate for this website indicates that the organization operating it may not have undergone trusted third-party validation that it is a legitimate business. Although the information passed between you and this website will be encrypted, you have no assurance of who you are actually exchanging information with, and many websites connected to cyber-crimes use this type of security certificate. Prior to exchanging sensitive information including login/password, personal identity information, or financial details such as credit card numbers with any website that generates this warning, you should find some alternative method of validating this business or consider abandoning the transaction.

Comment Re:PERSECUTION (Score 0) 45

I ask you something: Imagine me coming into your church and telling everyone about the advantages of buttfucking and how your imaginary buddy is an imagination, using the bible to show you that most of it is bullshit. Will I be allowed to speak? Or will I be shown the door?

Nobody cares whether you're Christian. Basically, for all I care, believe in Zeus or Ra or both of them at the same time. Just one thing: Don't get on my fucking nerves and keep your delusion to yourself.

Comment Re:We need communism now! (Score 1) 128

The communist model didn't work for the same reason this one is failing: People want money. Not a job. The job is the necessary evil for money.

The communist model failed because people noticed that they could get money without working.

This one is failing because people are noticing that even if they were working they cannot get enough money.

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