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Comment Re:Security requires personal attention. (Score 1) 216

you're not trying to teach a behavior, you're trying to change a behavior. I've go GPG implemented. It's completely unused because nobody I know cares.

It's actually worse than that. You're not trying to change your behavior. You're trying to change everyone else's behavior. Your GPG implementation relies on everyone sending emails to you to cooperate.

Comment Nukes and Quants (Score 1) 537

In Carl Sagan's Cosmos, he lamented that for decades 50% of the world's scientists were devoted to the nuclear arms race. Today the best mathematical minds are financially enticed to become quants. There isn't as much leftover to solve the world's problems.

There is already 3D priniting of cheap disease detection kits. This will be a big game changer in developing countries.

Comment Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 0, Troll) 536

I vehemently disagree about the praise for the 3.5mm headphone jack. The same problems it had in the '80s are still with us today. It wears out ridiculously fast. I've had to find the "sweet spot" on an untold number of 3.5mm jacks. You either have to twist the plug to the perfect angle or apply pressure on the correct side, or else you get no sound or severely diminished sound. Plugs that can do both audio and a microphone seem to suffer this fate even faster.

Comment G-Man with Geek Crush Justifies Salary (Score 3, Interesting) 282

I think this FBI informant had a geek crush on Ray Bradbury. He wanted to stalk him at all costs. He invented this elaborate "Communist-angle" ruse to justify to his superiors the inordinate amount of time he used obsessing over Bradbury's every move, admiring him from afar. I imagine it's easier to maintain this fib than do actual work of any value.

This would make a good comedy sketch, actually! Like a variant of The Tailor of Panama.

Submission + - Hell and Heaven (

jasminemehta writes: Hell (Sheol) and Heaven at all times have been an uncertain secrecy for the human race. Ever since decades human civilization are in explore of Hell and Heaven. Even though numerous religious conviction educate about the extinction of Hell and Heaven but inquisitive human mind is incapable to absorb the reality of their existence

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