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Comment Re:Studies also show more productivity under 40 ho (Score 1) 119

Personally, I'd be fine with that however I don't see how you could do 10 minutes at places that require you to leave your desk for lunch for sanitary reasons.

Before I retired, I preferred working as a contractor (as long as the wage was comparable after paying my own benefits).

If I worked 5 hours, I got paid for 5 hours. If I needed to work 15 hours, I got paid for 15 hours.

And mainly, when I walked out the door they knew I wasn't being paid and it changed their attitude.

Comment Re:Studies also show more productivity under 40 ho (Score 1) 119


Companies asked for more hours at work and a larger slice of your personal time, so you use your smart phone at work to pay your bills, keep up with your personal life, and deal with emergencies.

Companies want to have it both ways. They can try, but we shouldn't let them.

Comment Re:The EU needs money desperately (Score 1) 362

The Irish government is breaking EU guidance. I'm not sure what legal powers and/or consequences the EU has about that but one of the principles of such guidance is to prevent member states from racing to the bottom with their tax laws and thus giving away bargaining power.

Comment Re:I hate Apple, but no (Score 1) 362

Actually it does work that way. A person's LLC shields him from liability unless it can be proven he/she knowingly guided the books to illegally skirt taxes. So if his accountant were to say, testify in court that the point was brought up but ignored -- possibly show emails -- then he'd be on the hook.

Otherwise, the LLC assets can be seized and the accountant can be charged, but he can't be.

Comment Re:Studies also show more productivity under 40 ho (Score 3, Interesting) 119

You know... people did all those things before cell phones right?

Your business has a land line in every office if it requires no smart phones.

Combined with RFID tags, you don't even have to log into the phones.

I have friends who work for the government and they have no access to any kind of cell phones during the day and they do not appear to have stable locations while at work (swapping between lab, office, and a lab/plane).

My point was, companies ask for 65 hours a week of your time and then require you check email and be available for on-call 24/7 via your smart phone.

If they are going to cut your smart phone then they need to return you to normal working hours and stop calling you at 11pm.

Comment Studies also show more productivity under 40 hours (Score 5, Insightful) 119

I wouldn't mind if we combine

a) Taking a way smart phones during working hours.
b) Working hours are limited to 35 hours a week (40 hour week with an hour for lunch & breaks each day).
c) Any employee not allowed to use a smart phone during work can't be required to use a smart phone for work outside of working hours.

Comment Re: Hardly news.. (Score 1) 88


The internet is creating links between people who otherwise wouldn't get those links in their own "local" tribe. The problem here is that technology we use to connect with others that we like (our tribes), is also used by people who connect up with people they like (their tribes). And while the internet has connected the world up, it is also caused us to disconnect from those around us.

The net positives (Progress) outweighs the negatives (previously isolated "nuts" are now forming their own tribes). You are one of those that simply wants those people to be isolated from the benefits of a globally connected world.

It allows ISIS to recruit and Doctors to collaborate. There is no solution that prevents bad things from happening, just a choice between which bad things are more acceptable. Again, this is part of why I am a Libertarian, you cannot prevent all bad things from happening, and liberty is best for everyone.

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