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Comment Just an overview (Score 1) 51

If there's anything I've learned about journalism in the last 41 years, it's that everyone puts their own slant on it.

o Publishers - slant, selection bias
o Advertisers - selection bias on source and slant by rewarding max eyeballs
o Editors - slant, selection bias for stories
o Reporters - slant, selection bias for sources
o Information sources - slant, winners get to write history
o Reader's choice of media - slant, selection bias's not like it's showing any signs of getting better, either.

Comment Re:Journalism (Score 1) 51

Real Journalism is dead. Those things you speak of died in the age of headline news and twitter posts of simplistic nature where viral is the new meme.

Must report something before anyone else, who cares if it is accurate or not. Publish or perish. This is the world we live in.

The fact that Hillary and crew were decidedly evil, caught via "hacked" information, that led to her loss isn't news, the "RUSSIANS" are the news. It doesn't matter how evil the bitch is, "RUSSIA" hacked the elections!!!!! People found out how evil she was, and voted for the "lessor" of two evils, and that doesn't matter "RUSSIANS" hacked the elections.

Russia hacking the DNC and Hillary campaigns (no real proof or evidence ever presented, only Dark Shadow Government agencies saying so) is the news!

This is how "fake news" is generated. Alternative facts parroted until they are more important than the actual real news .... Hillary and DNC actually conspired with the News Media to toss Bernie under a bus and rig an election. BUT RUSSIA HACKED THE ELECTIONS!!!

Comment It WOULD be wise, but it's not. (Score 2) 420

It is very wise to anticipate the need and establish and test it before it must become a mainstream standard.

But they're not doing that. This is a means-tested, graduated scale welfare mechanism.

This is not UBI, it doesn't even vaguely resemble UBI, and as a test of UBI, it's worthless, because its results are completely unrelated. To any degree the results are used to make any decisions at all about actual UBI, the decisions will be nonsensical. Garbage in, garbage out.

Comment yeah, no (Score 1) 420

If it's my taxes being used to conduct this experiment, it damned well IS my business.

Not in a republic, it's not. If it's anyone's business, it's that of your representative. You know, the one you had/have a fractional millionth of an effect in selecting, and essentially none in influencing — that power has been purchased by the corporations.

Comment Sex Robots (Score 1) 420

I don't know how much an anatomically functional interactive sexbot will cost, but it will likely be way cheaper than alimony and child support, and it won't get headaches. If it has a "mute" button and can make sandwiches, that is even better.

True story:

My SO, Deb, and I were laying about in bed one lazy afternoon; she seemed to be dozing lightly.

Me: "Hey, baby?"
Her: "Mmmm?"

Me: "When {unspoken:sex} robots come out, can we get a French maid?"
She: "Sure."
...a few seconds pass...

She: "We'll call him 'Pierre.'"

I made a photo-toon of this

Comment Re:Fluid type manipulation with unions (Score 1) 387

Unions aren't the least bit obscure: they do very specific things, and just as you tell them to. It's a matter of skill. Not obscurity.

For instance, in my 6809 emulation, with a register that is sometimes independent 8-bit and sometimes single 16-bit (the 8-bit A and B registers become the 16-bit D register, depending on the instruction in play), a union is just the thing. It does exactly what is needed, when needed, and not otherwise.

Comment Re:Unemployment (Score 1) 420

Your claim requires a factory job that could comfortably support a middle-class single-income household is the same as a low-wage service sector job that can not do so even with a dual-income household.

1st one required people show up, and work the job, even when they shouldn't have, verses the latter which can't be filled today, because the average idiot can't figure change out in the drawer or pour a latte without fucking it up somehow.

Because the latte maker isn't going to take one of the millions of unfilled blue-collar jobs that require something more than metro-sexual with hair gel problems. You want to fix the problem? Stop promoting "college" as the "only" way to better incomes. Start with promoting trade schools that teach people to do jobs that are actually needed, rather than the "Snowflake Crybaby" degree from university.

Comment Re:start by lowering full time hours / makeing OT (Score 1) 420

Why should jay have to work 60-80+ hours a week doing the work of 3 people for the pay of 1?

Why should you be taking hours Jay needs away, to give to people who won't work nearly as hard as Jay? Who says your view is best for Jay or even the three other people supposedly gaining a job? Have you never worked in a job where someone was paid to fill a position no longer needed (see Oregon Gas Pumpers)? If it wasn't for a state law, there would be no gas pump jockeys AND people would pay less for gas.

Make work jobs don't provide anything valuable to society, The solution isn't more government regulation and market manipulation, it is less. Otherwise, we're slowly moving to "centralized economic management" which was tried and failed in Soviet Union (and others).

Yeah, the feel good ideas of the socialist left have all be tried, and failed. Why do we keep trying? We're insane!

Comment Re: Ontario, largest subnational debtor on the pla (Score 1, Troll) 420

Poverty doesn't cause crime. Lack of morals causes crime. There are all sorts of poor people who don't steal, and all kinds of rich people who do.

That being said, the greatest contributor to poverty is removing peoples ability to produce goods and services because of artificial rules and regulations. The number one cause of these issues, is government creating artificial barriers to entry in the name of "safety" and "security".

You want to start a business? Can't because you lack the funding to buy the $150 business license. Want to sell home made foods stuffs (lemonade stands) ? Can't Because you didn't get the proper permits and health and safety inspections, and that business license and the taxes and fees ......

BUT if you happen to have a job, you're taxed and regulated to the point of wanting to quit, because the government has all sorts of programs to help you out, often with "no questions asked".

This is why socialism is always doomed to failure. Eventually, you run out of other people's money. I know, this time it will work, because you've worked out all the bugs. Yawn

Comment Re:Can't a magic 8 ball replace most CEOs? (Score 1) 258

In my experience with ceo's and senior executives- the "numbers" have a funny habit of changing to match projections. I saw them waste at least 6.5 billion dollars over 5 years in failed project after failed project. All based on unrealistic assumptions. And in every case, the failures were redefined as successes except for the failed SAP rollout.

A large corporation can cover some terrible errors and CEO's (and executives) are paid for changing things- not for running them well as they are. So you can have a good business practice and it will be removed and replaced with something else which is much, much worse.

If the change works- yea! Big bonus for the CEO and/or executives. If it fails- yea! Big golden parachute. If it's in the muddy middle- there will be a lot of pressure to say the change worked. Because deadlines, definitions- sometimes reality- is subject to intense pressure and manipulation to say the change worked.

Actual reality doesn't set in until they leave or the company goes tits up.

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