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Submission + - Haiku Code Drive 2008 Launches, Raises $5K+ (

Baba Ram Dass writes: "Haiku, an open source project dedicated to the development of a new operating system inspired by the BeOS, has launched the first Haiku Code Drive, a Summer of Code like initiative designed to sponsor students to write code for Haiku. The program is funded by the community, who also gets to choose which candidates get to be sponsored through a public poll. The Haiku Code Drive program, initially thought out to give one more opportunity to the students that applied for Haiku in the Google Summer of Code 2008 but were turned down, has a total of five candidate students/projects. Haiku is accepting donations here until May 29th, and is holding the Haiku Code Drive Poll from May 22nd through the 29th. The results of the fundraiser and the poll are scheduled to be announced on the Haiku website on May 30th."

Submission + - Haiku Officially Self-Hosting (

Baba Ram Dass writes: After 7 years of developing, Haiku has achieved the milestone of self-hosting. Developer Bruno G. Albuquerque (BGA) wrote into the Haiku mailing list:

Today I committed r24720 and, with that, I was able to compile Haiku inside itself without the need for any hacks or reboots or anything like that (using VMWare with 1 Gb of memory available to the VM). I also run the generated image in VMWare and it booted (I didn't test it much tough).

Although this is April's 1st (and some of you will probably think it is a joke), this means that we are able to self-host now and pending something else that we may find during testing, this means we are self-hosting as of today.
With Haiku's alpha 1 stated goal being self-hosting, this brings an alpha release ever so close to fruition.


Submission + - Haiku Getting UserlandFS, NetFS

Baba Ram Dass writes: "Developer Ingo Weinhold recently checked UserlandFS into the Haiku repository, which is "a stable and flexible environment for file system add-on development" for Haiku. Also checked in were several file system modules, including ReiserFS 3.6 (read-only) and NetFS, Haiku's networking file system. Screenshot of NetFS running in BeOS R5 can be found here."

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