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Comment Re: Phones and computers vs computers? (Score 3, Interesting) 97

Wait, I would say MSFT had a decent mobile OS (relatively) from 2001-2007. I remember at the first iPhone (iOS 1), WM2005 had far more functionality (etc. GPS, apps, handwriting support). WM was better than PalmOS because I moved from the Palm m505 over to the HP iPaq 1910 and then to the GPS iPaq smartphone (don't remember the model number). iPhone didn't get gps support until the iPhone 3G.

So MSFT only screwed up the last 10 years of mobile development. It's the tortoise and hare problem. MSFT exceeded features and crushed the existing competitions (Palm, Netscape, Lotus, WordPerfect) and then sat around getting pass by new competitions (iOS, Android, Chrome).

Comment Don't buy smart tv if you can (Score 1) 295

I have a similar TV from LG. The official LG App Store is pretty terrible and there are apps on there promising free movies. So I wouldn't be surprise if the infection actually came from there. Plus, the built in browser is fully functional. They may even have the version of the TV where LG never sent out the update to disable Flash in the browser. So it could even have come from there.

I don't think the relatives would try sideloading an app on someone else's TV. But can't rule it out.

Comment Re:MagSafe have save me tons of money (Score 1) 316

Single guy? Just last week my wife who likes to work in bed decided to plug in her Macbook on my side of the bed, turned off the lights to take a nap and left the Macbook charging on the bed. Of course, I didn't want to wake her up and tried to navigate my way to my side of the bed and tripped on the charging cable. Some years ago, my niece (3 at the time) decided that it would be fun to go yanking wires at while visiting. My Dell flew off the kitchen island and cracked the screen.

Comment I hate my smart TVs (Score 2) 59

I have two of them (Samsung 2014 model and LG 2012 model), they're slow and every time there's an update it seems to take away features. I've given up and gotten a computer for each TV and an Apple TV for one of them. Just give me a high quality, high-reliability regular screen with half decent sounds. I'll add the smarts.

Comment It's car resistant though (Score 1) 111

My niece dropped her phone (iPhone 6S) in a parking at the beach last week. When she came back to look for it, someone had ran over it. The protective glass cover was shattered while the screen was fine and in a certain angle you can kind of see a faint line on the rear camera. Otherwise, the phone was fine except for some sand that's now embedded in the case.

Comment it was ok until the last update (Score 1) 88

I have the Anniversary running on 3 computers since the first week of general availability. After the last update, one of the computer's task bar would be unclickable if I left the computer running more than 3 hours. Haven't had time to track down the problem but I'm going to guess it's because of GeForce Experience. GE has been so problematic for me. If I started after running a game it would fail to start.

Comment Re:But will they ever be profitable? (Score 2) 156

And uber doesn't have the overhead of buying cars/radios/meters or having depots..... so again, how are they managing to lose that much money?

Truckload of cocaine and on-site hookers for employees. It's the new perks for working in Silicon Valley. You have to top the on-site masseuse and chef in order to recruit the best people.

Comment OK for me so far (Score 2) 94

I've updated 3 machines of varying capability to the new version, seems OK. No show stopping bug.

But my friend's older laptop (upgraded from Win7) slowed down so much we had to do a full reset which fixed the problem. We couldn't track down the problem besides maybe an in place upgrade from Win7 caused the issued. BTW, Windows 10 reset works pretty well. Process is similar to macOS full reset just takes about 90 minutes versus 50 minutes.

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