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Submission + - Mistaken Control Causes ANA Flight to Tokyo to Fly (nwsource.com) 1

gmrobbins writes: "The Daily Yomiuri reports "An incident earlier this month in which an All Nippon Airways aircraft briefly flew virtually upside down after a copilot mistakenly operated a key steering mechanism has sent shock waves across the aviation industry." After the captain used the restroom, "The copilot apparently mistook the knob for the cockpit door lock switch as he tried to let the captain back in. The mistake is believed to have caused the airplane to tilt leftward and descend rapidly. According to ANA, its aircraft usually tilt no more than 30 degrees when they roll, with the craft's nose pointing up no more than 20 degrees and pointing down no more than 10 degrees. In the Sept. 6 incident, however, the aircraft rolled left and briefly reached a tilt of 131.7 degrees. Its nose pointed down 35 degrees at one point, the safety board also said.""

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