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Comment Re:They own the networks and content (Score 1) 89


I am literally getting cable and hbo for $10 a month and I'm the lowest tier internet at 25mb/s now.

I used to pay $140 a month.. and they kept moving the price up. At $190/month I said to heck with that. now I pay $68 a month.

Another factor... my wireless is now down to $65 for 16gb with an 8gb hot spot. Plus ubiquitous free wifi at merchants in my area.

If that goes up to $65 for 32gb and 16gb hot spot, I will consider completely cutting cable.

But I really don't like paying over about 5 hours minimum wage for monthly cable.

Comment Re: Liability (Score 1, Troll) 424

Libertarians believe that companies that oppress users will fail in the marketplace.

Can you show me a libertarian who believes that corporations should be able to show up with guns to enforce "intellectual property" like governments do?

Hint: libertarians believe in none of: corporations, intellectual property, or initiation of force. Nice strawman though.

Comment Re:Why is this news? (Score 1) 153

Isn't this obvious?

You knew about the interaction between the front and rear hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex? Heck, why did the researchers bother doing the fMRI study rather than posting an Ask Slashdot?

I presume here you're not simply reacting to the clickbait headline - that would be unkind.

Comment Re:Maps technology is lost... (Score 2) 153

apparently looking pretty is far more important than having accurate data.

yeah, most people believe that. People figure if they put very little effort into ease-of-use (aka aesthetics) they probably put very little effort into accuracy. It's not true, but humans are the desired userbase and humans use such heuristics.

Everybody has been telling OSM that for a decade but they refuse to accept that reality, so the userbase remains small. It's a shame to cede the territory to Google.

Comment Re:Not so hard (Score 1) 171

What if there is no negligence? What if the manufacturers of two self crashing cars both exercised due care in their development? Even so, a crash is inevitable sooner or later.

Accidents can be due to the same things that could cause a human to have an accident. Sensors are degraded. (dirty windshield wiper, etc) Road conditions are degraded and couldn't stop before the stop sign. What about a simple mechanical failure that is nobody's fault? (Even in a human driven car, my brakes didn't work!)

Comment Re:AI is just software (Score 1) 171

Even the best professional certifications and best practices will not prevent accidents. They are inevitable. The question remains. Who is liable? Especially in the more interesting case of a collision of two self crashing cars. What if the developers of both cars were sufficiently careful and not negligent?

The case of a car and pedestrian is less interesting because it is obvious that the liability would probably be assigned to the car manufacturer. But what if the auto maker exercised due care in the development of its statistical classifier that mis-classified that pedestrian? No negligence. Sort of like a person "oh, I didn't see that baby buggy soonfully enough".

Self driving cars are eventually inevitable. And they will be safer than humans -- because they drive like your grandmother. No hustle. No sense of urgency to get you to your destination.

Comment Re:Easy, the programmer of course. (Score 1) 171

The programmer may simply build the software 'machine'. Who may be responsible is actually the group who trains the AI machine with data. It's all a bunch of statistical classifiers. An accident is when a statistical classifier mis-classifies a pedestrian and runs it over. In this case, the liability is probably going to be with the manufacturer. Not with any individuals or developers employed by the manufacturer.

A more interesting case is a collision between two moving self driving vehicles. In this case, one or both vehicles are probably going to have far more data available than any human collision ever had. Cameras, lidar, radar and other sensors. It would probably have to go to court. The fault may be found to be one or both of the manufacturers.

What if neither manufacturer of a two car collision is negligent? This is not like an amusement park ride where the maintenance folks didn't replace a tie bar in a roller coaster because management PHBs said that it cannot be replaced if it has not failed. Maybe both car makers exercised due care in the development of their self crashing cars. Maybe it is nothing more than a terrible tragedy with nobody to blame. Is that a possible outcome? What if a sinkhole ate your car while you were driving down the road? What if lightning struck you?

I have to throw in the obligatory: what if the government removes burdensome safety regulations on poor struggling self driving car manufacturers?

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