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Comment Pebble wasn't a smart watch company... (Score 1, Troll) 183

Funny thing about Pebble is that they weren't a "smart watch" company. They were a data mining Silicon Valley company. Pebble was looking for more data scientists than they were giving a damn about making a hardware product. I met a few of them.

The hardware product was just barely a thing to allow them to collect the data they wanted (where their real attempt at money was in data collection and sales). "Big Data" is going belly up it seems.

Comment No Fitbit then (Score 1, Troll) 183

Legalities aside, if this is how Fitbit treats existing customers now during an acquisition, I have no faith they'll do any better on their other products whenever they can get out of it.

I've seen some Garmin products at the store - probably I'll get one of those instead. At least they have a reputation for long-term support of their products.

Comment Must not be measuring me. (Score 1) 161

My use of Netflix is down to about 20% of what it was 4 years ago. Multiple days will pass between using the service.

For now, the TV shows are okay but once BBC sets up is own private service I may start dropping netflix for 6 months a year.

And the only other service I get is Amazon Prime but I rarely use it for shows because their interface leads me to pay per view shows half the time and that pisses me off. So I use them for the cheap shipping.

Actually, most of the "lost" netflix hours go to original Youtube now.

Comment Re:infrastructure (Score 1) 208

The US does have ridiculous regulations, but it's not their magnitude but their direction which is bad. Don't equate all government regulations as equal when clearly they can vary massively depending on the government which introduced them. The fact there are many European countries with telecoms regulated incredibly strongly, and yet with well-priced ISPs. Clearly your point needs some work.

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