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Comment Re:FUCK EUROPE (Score 1, Troll) 202

Right, I'm sure the africans are so worse off now than in 1900 where they had been living in huts hunting EACH OTHER with spears and after over a 100.000 years still had not invented things like "the wheel". Europe singlehandedly brought modern civilization as we know it to the entire world. Of course, along the way it brought a lot of war and death, but so has every single other region of the globe. Furthermore, through civilization and maturity, Europe now brings peace while every other continent (except perhaps Oceania?) has war and oppression. We still have a long way to go, but can you cite a single better place to live in the world today when it comes to standard of living, education, health, freedom, tolerance or anything else that matters?

Comment Land of the free (Score 0) 216

And then there's the FAA being the only thing stopping drone delivery as well. Another proof libertarianism is inherintly a force of good. Gary Johnson 2016. Red tape inhibits innovation "for your own safety" and yet in the meanwhile we allow cars to kill how many people a day?

Comment Re:Feel the bern! (Score 1) 212

The key word here is seems. Deception is the primary skill for a politician. None succeed without it. You just happen to be a member of the crowd to which Bernie is playing. And, obviously, he is doing a good job of it.

Don't ever make the mistake of trusting him. Every action he takes that is not subject to public scrutiny will be a betrayal, as is true of every politician (that succeeds).

I do actually agree with you here and especially after '08 I can't ever trust a politician ever again. Yet when presented the option, I'd still rather vote for the guy saying the right things (but perhaps not doing them afterwards) rather than the guy who outright says the wrong thing from the get go. Now while I don't believe in the lesser of two evils strategy so I would normally advocate to vote independent but Bernie Sanders WAS an independent until right before the election.

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