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Comment Re:Cheating at Tournaments (Score 2) 105

No, the worst part about this is that there are professional tournaments with prizes ranging in the thousands and millions for a computer game.

Someone is stuck in the 20th century. Move along with the times. A hundred years ago people were saying the exact same thing about people playing just a 'game' aka football. There isn't much difference betweeen regular sports, chess, and computer games.

Comment Re:And furthermore (Score 1) 145

I never understood how people could easily fall for the obvious misinformation that Trump was Putin's favourite and Clinton somehow hated him. You didn't actually listen to him and believed him, did you? Clinton is the one who has a very cosy relationship with Putin and is only publicly puting up a front.

Comment Imagination (Score 1) 260

I am somewhat disturbed by the lack of imagination my fellow /. readers have shown. It's not that difficult to think that within our lifetime, say in the next 50 years, we will have something that resembles paper but is in fact digital. It will be able to display any image or text transmitted to it either by sliding it through something or even wirelessly. It will not be a screen, thus require light to view it and it won't consume energy on a constant basis. One could edit it with the use of special pens.

Comment Brexit (Score 1) 24

So explain to me on this newsday how Brexit was necessairy due to evil EU and oh so democratic British parlament? All I keep hearing is the EU being genuinely concerned about it's citizen well being and privacy, perhaps sometimes making small mistakes but always with the best of intentions. In the meanwhile the UK is using 1984 as a guidebook.

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