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Submission + - Intel looks to offshore technology that it hasn't built yet (reuters.com)

Austerity Empowers writes: Intel has chosen to weigh in on drone regulation. In a written response to the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade, Joshua Walden, Intel Senior Stuffed Shirt and General Weasel says, "A federal government approach that is overly prescriptive regarding the deployment of new hardware and software will deter the private sector’s ability to invent and compete in the marketplace." Considering how much Intel has already off-shored for absolutely any reason at all, it would appear they are considering not off-shoring this? Perhaps someone should get that in writing, in precise terms, before even considering their testimony.

Submission + - ARM Server Start-up Calxeda Closes Up Shop (pcmag.com)

Austerity Empowers writes: "Calxeda, the pioneering maker of low-power microservers using hundreds of ARM central processor cores and System-on-a-Chip (SoC) products for hardware appliances, has laid off most of its employees and is shutting down operations beyond servicing its existing customers and investments." A sad day for many of us.

Submission + - Wheel of Time: A Memory of Light Released, but no eBook until April (tor.com)

Austerity Empowers writes: The final entry in the fantasy series that has been released in 14 volumes over the past 20 years has been released . However in a typical money grubbing strategy that consumers have grown accustomed to from publishers, the eBook option will not release until April . We've seen this with movies, delaying streaming releases to try to drive up sales (and failing, with publishers mostly giving up), but now we also see it with books. Loyal fans are irate, giving 1 star reviews for a book they can't even have read .

Submission + - Apple caves to Think Of The Children

Austerity Empowers writes: Apparently in an attempt to maintain a good corporate image, apple has yanked the "Baby Shaker" iPhone app from the app store. While I think there is little doubt that shaking a baby is not a socially acceptable behavior, it appears that good taste is one of many parameters required to sell a product on the iPhone. It would seem little has changed in the smart-phone world, except rather than being dominated by apps acceptable to carriers, we are to be dominated by apps acceptable to Apple.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Civil War - Part Deux, Texas Strikes Back

Austerity Empowers writes: Former presidential candidate and Slashdot dark-horse favorite Ron Paul discusses the merits and patriotism associated with secession, after failing to stop bailout politics. While many of us on any side of the political spectrum might hear the message and agree in part, is this possibly the reason why he remains on the outside looking in at the political machine that is the US Government? Not all of our secessions have exactly been crowning achievements.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Zombies Invade Austin, Natives Still Weird (urlesque.com)

Austerity Empowers writes: Public safety was given a significant boost yesterday, as a clandestine resistance organization changed electronic roadway signs to warn Austinites of a zombie invasion . The local government ministry of information and hired thugs quickly acted to suppress the information, correcting the signs to innocuous traffic reports. I, for one, welcome our new Zombie overlords.

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