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Comment Re:There is something to that... (Score 1, Insightful) 493

idiots that cant figure out the slightest thing, and they pay the premium for it too!

Because of this, PCs continue to race to the bottom and are a source of trouble even for expert users and will never get better because those users suck every dime from system vendor margins. Mac's make Apple some money because, as long as they "just work", they can charge a premium and be part of the food chain.

Comment Re:odd--- (Score 5, Interesting) 234

the cult-like Apple doesn't like competing cults?

More like engineers are move devoted to their technology than to whomever happens to employ them at any given time. Particularly large, overbearing corporations that saddle them with a lot of rules and marketing idiots.

This is more a story about how technical people work than it is about Apple.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 891

his message is great but his constituents suck


His message is lost amidst the racism and hooting and hollering of the "republican base". It's no secret Wall St. wants Hillary, and it's no secret they don't like his protectionism viewpoint. It has literally been too easy for them to undermine his position... which he ably enables to the point that I still think he's actively trying to get Hillary elected.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 891

But, I fear that something this radical is a non-starter for a lot of reasons

It's a non-starter in the united states. We can't even figure out health care. At best UBI is going to be a seen as a way for libertarian idealists to wash their hands of a big government problem, and for liberals to get the free hand-out they think will solve poor people problems. Other countries will have to try this first, and maybe in 200 years, if it works, we'll jump on. For now though it doesn't even seem worth talking about (which doesn't seem to stop slashdot from talking about it).

Comment Re:This is Apple's sour grapes (Score 1) 116

R is for those that want to ESCAPE from reality, and human contact may not be important for that

Remember that he's a marketing droid, note what drives apple: bandwagon sales & largely urban hipsters. Creating a tool that lets people disconnect and avoid one another, while highly, highly desirable for many (including people designing Tim's products, no doubt) is not really helping them make sales.

Comment Re:This is why I'm no longer in tech. (Score 1) 200

to evade the fact that their work is pointless junk

I would say in this case, embraced the fact. Honestly if I said no to all pointless junk excreted by marketing, I'd be out of a job (for multiple reasons, perhaps). The trick is to say no often enough to stop a new pet rock, but not so often it looks like laziness. Unfortunately when you work for a company that hires particularly dumb marketing bots, the bar falls rather low...

Comment Re:That is not Netflix's plan (Score 2) 181

There are months, maybe years worth of TV shows and what not on there too that Netflix didn't make but probably don't cost a fortune in license fees. Plus Netflix has more, good, original content than say HBO. It's not doing too bad.

Movies I can get via mail if I want them, but increasingly I don't.

Comment Re:Been there. Not fun. (Score 5, Interesting) 813

At this point it's better to actively sabotage the effort while you look for other employment and then quit. I've fought this battle in a different field, it didn't do anyone any favors to go along with it, including the corporate masters who thought they were saving money. The best policy is subtle sabotage: make enemies, say vague things, give wrong directions when someone talks to you without a paper trail then deny or dissemble. The government has sold you out, unions won't work here, so at this point misbehaving and taking their money for as long as it lasts is the best policy.

Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 4, Insightful) 326

Every generation thinks their kids are huge slackers, and nearly every successful person attributes his success to admirable qualities he has only in average quantities, when in fact it's usually a combination of luck and *consistent* work over a long period of time.

Except in my case. I derive my success from a sculpted physique and massive charm and cunning with the opposite sex.

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