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Comment Re:Poor Arguements (Score 1) 288

I have an iPhone at work, but could have opted for the android. The android choices were pretty poor. If my driving decision is the headset, I'd just carry an android for both. The real difference is the SIM. Heck, I have a 2-SIM phone for the day I get tired of hauling around 2 phones and carry one with both SIMs in it. Solves the 2-phone problem pretty simply.

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 1) 288

And the jack hole is about 1 mm larger on all sides, so 3.5mm takes 5.5mm minimum. So any of the super-thin phones drop the headphone jack because it's to thick to include and hit the marketing goals.

at least with USB-C you can physically plug in something. I hate bluetooth because it's yet another item to keep charged. And without a cord, it's much easier to forget them and leave them somewhere. The looks of it are that the owner of the phone will need to keep a [lightning|USB-C] adapter appropriate for their phone around, and you can keep using your 3.5mm headphones forever. Though anyone who uses headphones on a computer and isn't an audiophile uses USB headphones because they are easier and generally higher quality than the obsolete 3.5 analog headphones.

Comment Re:What a mess (Score 1) 436

Hillary has praised many dictators, including Putin, and supports Iran.

Reagan supported Iran with cold hard cash and he's seen as the equivalent of a Saint.
Going back even more there's "good old Uncle Joe Stalin".
People in politics just keep on saying this stuff. Look at how there is hardly a bad word for China for example.

I suggest you look at what very much appears to be blatant bribes from Pfizer associated with dropping the penalty against them or a pile of other things instead of such distractions which apply almost totally across the board.
Who seriously was proposing getting involved in the Ukraine? Anyone?

Comment Re:This confirms my previous speculation (Score 1) 436

yeah, but these days the plurality of people are independents and not actually democrats or republicans. A fact that both parties like to ignore.

The 2 party system is a joke

So much so that a speech by Obama's wife only needs the word "dignity" to be removed to work perfectly when used by Trump's wife :)

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