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Comment Re:This is why you can't use a good keyboard any m (Score 1) 193

They do go halfway to being as noisy as a mechanical typewriter so I get the prima donna's point even though I like the things. I have one in a server room and one at home, but wouldn't inflict it on my co-workers at close range.
I blame both the office layout and suspect the person who complained is too young to have heard a typewriter.

Comment Re:WHAT ABOUT MEMORY USAGE!!! (Score 1) 132

Once someone opens a PDF in chrome on linux that memory usage increases a LOT and doesn't reduce when the tab is closed. The same goes with some other plugins. I've had a few people on 8GB go into swap until they close chrome but each time they may have had that instance of chrome running for a couple of months.

Comment Re: Let me know when ... (Score 1) 279

It was a different problem due to a shared reactor design that meant they all had the same fault that had to be corrected ASAP to avoid a major failure in the future. It's just an "all eggs in one basket" problem.
The heat problem you mention only really matters in a small number of sites worldwide. Holding dams before river discharge solve it. Distributing the outlets over a wide area solves it. Adding in another cooling tower solves it.

Comment Re:Renewables will never work (Score 1) 279

DBill spreads that nonsense all the time

As do scientific journals - I'm not making this stuff up just enlightening people who have worked in places outside of the electricity industry.

He hates when people use the well established industry measure of Capacity Factor

I hate it when people who do not know what it means use it as an excuse to attack something - how about looking it up before doing so? You may have to learn about the difference between peak load and base load to understand implications. By definition something turned on to only cover peaks has a low Capacity Factor just because of the way you use it. Base load units have a high Capacity Factor because they are always on - that simple. Misusing the term to push "one true energy" over others is the mark of fools or scoundrels.

yet in most place the grid is required to accept all wind generation and run back other sources

Utter bullshit. Please quote the law that enforces that where you are. You cant? It doesn't happen where you are but in "most places" elsewhere? Then list a couple of those "most places" and evidence of a rule being enforced instead of just playing the game of mythical things happening in the mythical Kingdom of Prester John.

These idiots suggesting that coal fired units are powered on and off several times a day to give way to wind have fooled you. Use your own head instead of drinking in their shit and then spraying it back all over this site.

Comment Re:Renewables will never work (Score 1) 279

Price caps have to be higher than the highest cost generation in the pool.

But not hundreds of times higher.

You don't appear to understand how power pools work

Indeed I do, but I have noticed some that do not work very well at all where the well documented Enron bullshit has been ignored and still happens from time to time. When there is "self-regulation" and/or governments get a major cut of profits most of those checks and balances you think of as being essential to a market just do not exist - it may as well be a monopoly or a tight-knit cartel.
Yes I know how it is "supposed" to work - I had that shoved down my throat in hours of boring meetings in the late 1990s, but how much actually matches that ideal?
The debacle in South Australia where some gas fired generators pretended to not be able to get gas until the price was bumped up to a ridiculous level is a recent example of such a system being gamed. Without sensible caps it's a fucking casino and does not resemble the ideal you have spent so much time working on.

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