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Comment Re:Beyond stupid (Score 1) 139

Seriously, did you even RTFA

Did you even read my post? It was not about the article.
The headline is beyond stupid.
If you wish to reply to something other than what I wrote then feel free, but don't be critical of me for it.

You make judgements about all articles based on clickbait headlines?

No, I wrote a judgement about the headline based upon the headline and very clearly wrote that I was doing so.

Comment Re:Beyond stupid (Score 1) 139

In what way is that making the self driving car liable?
The headline is beyond stupid.
The machine itself should IMHO not liable whether the manufacturer, programmer, passenger or mapmaker is or not. If someone fucks up the lookup table that people call an A.I. then that person or their employer should be liable instead of some stupid fiction about a car being able to make choices and found to be responsible.

When we have a clue what intelligence actually is and can replicate it in a machine it's time for that to change, but we are nowhere near that.

Comment Beyond stupid (Score 1) 139

Beyond stupid - the people in charge of children and livestock are found culpable so why let people in charge of something with less brains than either off?

When we've got an A.I. like the fictional ones of HAL or Colossus it's time to revise the rules, but finding a lookup table culpable? Beyond stupid.

Comment Re:the laws may take 3-5 years to get rid of drive (Score 1) 116

Yes but it's not just the protectionist laws that Uber are breaking. That's just a part of the swathes of laws they are breaking to cut corners. In Australia for example they have not paid tax since setting up and a raid by the tax office resulted in no employee information since that is apparently all in Holland.
It's as if the Scientologists decided to run taxis.

Comment Re:Then 38,928 Incorporated Cities in US are "Smal (Score 1) 96

If NO ONE else were interested in servicing your entire town sure. Even then, this clause would apply if and only if they ONLY serviced your town and nothing else. Unless your town is 100 miles away from anything else, I don't see that being a real problem in Denmark.

Reno is not a bad example of a town literally in the middle of nowhere.

You would probably think of it as living on the Moon and net neutrality would probably be low on your list of complaints.

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