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Comment The ultimate pollinator robot (Score 5, Insightful) 130

Let's come up with the ultimate pollinator robot:
  1. It can pollinate flowers
  2. It is automated
  3. It sources its own power
  4. It can reproduce, but without disturbing the environment
  5. It won't be owned by a corporation who uses them to exploit society

Wait -- that sounds exactly like bees. How about we promote the bees, rather than replace them with robots?

Comment Re:Most of the food (Score 1) 1430

On topic: Wealth should not decide elections. I am responding to the suggestion that the relatively small number of urban counties shouldn't count as much as the many rural counties, even though they have many people and drive the economy. Our system is roughly based on population, as it should be.

Off topic: Wealth can be used to acquire or produce food, just like anything else. As a nation, we could abolish our agricultural subsidies and be better off economically.

Comment Make everything pay per view (Score 1) 200

Set it up so that each hour watched costs $1.00. To avoid being charged ridiculously high fees, make it so that you have to confirm you're watching each time the program switches over, or make it confirm every hour that you're still watching. This gets rid of the issue of worrying about what channels you do or don't subscribe to... because you won't need a subscription!

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