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Submission + - Princess Leia is gone :( (

Assmasher writes: Carrie Fisher has passed away, aged 60, died yesterday. She was tough as nails on screen as Leia, but a complex, funny, and somewhat fragile person off it. Thanks for the greatness. Oh — and f*** 2016.

Submission + - U.S. Rollout of the flagship HTC One delayed until end of April ( 1

Assmasher writes: The widely praised and anticipated arrival of HTC's flagship Android smartphone, the HTC One, has apparently been delayed until the end of April.

From the manufacturer: "We are currently manufacturing the new HTC One and arranging delivery dates with our US carrier and retail partners. When we originally announced the new THC One, we communicated a March availability date but we unfortunately will not meet this date in the US. We now expect to roll out the new HTC One in North America before the end of April."

How this bodes for HTC's troubled and declining smartphone marketshare remains to be seen, but rest assured that Samsung will do everything in its considerable power to get the Galaxy S4 on shelves in time to make the HTC One's debut as damp a squib as possible.

Submission + - R/C F16 Jet with realtime pilot view (

Assmasher writes: Toys are infinitely cooler these days than they were when we were kids. While we had to subside on crappy Lego houses and weak Nerf guns, youngsters now get to craft accurate models of the Millennium Falcon and play with a foam arsenal that would make the CIA blush with envy.

The same goes for remote-controlled vehicles. We've already seen exactly how much fun can be had with a point-of-view camera, an RC Jeep and a little time. Now another crafty RC aficionado has applied the same camera tech to a remote-controlled F16 fighter jet.
There aren't words to describe how awesome this is.

Submission + - Directed Energy Weapon Downs Ballistic Missile

Assmasher writes: Boeing's Airborne Laser successfully destroyed a sub launched ballistic missile on Thursday, February 11th, 2010. "This was the first directed energy lethal intercept demonstration against a liquid-fuel boosting ballistic missile target from an airborne platform" reported the Missile Defense Agency Reuters. It should be noted that destroying a liquid fueled ballistic missile is generally considered easier than killing a solid fueled equivalent due to the relative fragility of the fueling and other systems.
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Ethics of hidden installations?

Assmasher writes: The latest Java update from SUN showed up on my desktop this morning and in the process of installing it I did what I usually do and selected the 'advanced install' checkbox on the Java Setup UI. I do this for the same reason that most of you do — to ensure that I'm only installing what I expect to install (although this can be a false sense of security.) In the past Google has often 'hidden' the installation of their toolbar in other applications' update/install packages, and recently Apple did the same with iTunes and Safari. I find these types of things distasteful because they're 'sneaky.' Unless you choose to view the installation options or choose some 'advanced' option you are possibly unaware or only marginally aware of what's being put on your machine. Lo and behold, the SUN update I just installed tried to install OpenOffice under the guise of updating my Java runtime! Now, I don't have anything against OpenOffice, in fact, I have two machines I use it on, but I don't want it on this one. Out of curiosity, how do people feel about this type of thing?

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