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Submission + - Google has demonstrated a successful practical attack against SHA-1 (

Artem Tashkinov writes: Ten years after of SHA-1 was first introduced, Google has announced the first practical technique for generating an SHA-1 collision. It required two years of research between the CWI Institute in Amsterdam and Google. As a proof of the attack, Google has released two PDF files that have identical SHA-1 hashes but different content. The amount of computations required to carry out the attack is staggering: nine quintillion (9,223,372,036,854,775,808) SHA1 computations in total which took 6,500 years of CPU computation to complete the attack first phase and 110 years of GPU computation to complete the second phase.

Google says that people should migrate to newer hashing algorithms like SHA-256 and SHA-3, however it's worth noting that there are currently no ways of finding a collision for both MD5 and SHA-1 hashes simultaneously which means that we still can use old proven hardware accelerated hash functions to be on the safe side.

Comment Re:Cures cancer? Gives sight to the blind? Regrows (Score 1) 343

I guess you missed the "for example." Rather than talk about the differences between 72, 80, and the various flavors along the way and their shortcomings - I pointed out something small but important that counters the silly article's "SmallTalk is the magic bullet!" voice.

I still think SmallTalk is cool, and in 85 it was SERIOUSLY cool (image based persistence? Awesome...) Like all other languages - it has issues.

Comment Cures cancer? Gives sight to the blind? Regrows (Score 1) 343


Easy with the hype :).

SmallTalk is cool - and for its time it was incredible really - but it has warts that have held it back forever (including the stupidify of the major players in the market.)

For example - algebraic precedence. When 5 + 5 * 5 = 50 - you're going to have problems with adoption.

In any case - it's a nice shiny hammer. You should have it next to all your other hammers in the toolbox.

Submission + - Princess Leia is gone :( (

Assmasher writes: Carrie Fisher has passed away, aged 60, died yesterday. She was tough as nails on screen as Leia, but a complex, funny, and somewhat fragile person off it. Thanks for the greatness. Oh — and f*** 2016.

Submission + - Intel Kaby Lake Potentially A Great Chip For Overclocker, Seen Breaking 7GHz (

MojoKid writes: If you've had any doubts of Intel's upcoming Kaby Lake processor's capabilities with respect to overclocking, don't fret. It's looking like even the most dedicated overclockers are going to have a blast with this series. Someone recently got a hold of an Intel Core i7-7700K chip and decided to take it for an overclocking spin. Interestingly, the motherboard used is not one of the upcoming series designed for Kaby Lake, but the chip was instead overclocked on a Z170 motherboard from ASRock (Z170M OC Formula). That bodes well for those planning to snag a Kaby Lake CPU that would rather not have to upgrade their motherboard as well. With liquid nitrogen cooling the processor, this particular chip peaked at just over 7GHz, which helped deliver a SuperPi 32M time of 4m 20s, and a wPrime 1024M time of 1m 33s. It's encouraging to see the chip breaking this clock speed, even with extreme methods, since it's a potential relative indicator of how much headroom will be available for overclocking with more standard cooling solutions as well.

Comment Re:well..... let's put it into perspective (Score 2) 52

I didn't even know what this is, but after some rudimentary googling you can find the actual FACTS. Remember, I wanted Kasich or Rubio.

Travelgate turned out to be nothing more than firing people for the right reasons but apparently carelessly.

Long story short, Clinton comes into office in the early 90's and they find out that the WH travel office is missing millions of dollars in accounting records. The WH tells the FBI to investigate, the FBI finds that the guy running the travel office has been taking bribes from travel companies as well as himself bribing media/press personnel to direct their business to these companies. A federal grand jury indicts the guy. The guy offers to plead guilty for reduced sentence. The FBI says no. Years later the guy beats the rap in court. In what becomes an alleged ethics issue, people friendly to the Clintons become involved in these STAFF jobs. Clinton is later cleared of this by Kenneth Star himself.

I'm not sure why people feel the need to make shit up about the Clintons.

The actual truth is enough to find them distasteful.

Comment Re:"a pretty crazy idea" - ? Talk to Trump voters (Score 1) 52

Dude, you live in a bubble. There are millions of Trump supporters out here. How do you think he won the nomination?

I'm not sure what your statement has to do with anything I wrote. I didn't suggest that there aren't millions of Trump voters in any way at all. Very 'bubbly' of you to read one thing and your bubble turned it into something else entirely...

The Tea Party faction of the Republican party has been growing in numbers and power since Rick's famous rant in 2009. The 2010 midterm primaries were a warning shot. There were a few more wins in 2012, but we didn't yet have the strength to get a good candidate for the presidency. The 2014 bloodbath showed that we were on track to take over in 2016, and we did. We didn't win everywhere, but we finally got a candidate who was willing to fight for us, and fight he did. And he won.

Lol, I guess you're forgetting (quite conveniently) that the Tea party did not support Trump during the primaries (they didn't think he was a real conservative - which he's not.)

BTW, there are two types of 'tea party' members. Those who were involved early and had actual integrity and grit, and those who came later when it was subverted by the Koch Brothers into what it is today (a loud mouthed group of populists who think they're libertarian but only when it works for them...)

You are mourning the end of the uniparty. The Republican party no longer has the same goals as the Democrat party. Your side didn't win. It didn't help that your team started doing the touchdown dance on the 30 yard line, but the real reason is that we got off the sidelines and started pushing back.

Again, you appear to be creating another straw-man argument. I didn't mourn the GOP's direction (even though candidates I could support didn't win the primaries - that's democracy.) Somehow you've also managed to screw up the obvious fact that I wanted a GOP candidate to vote for (try reading again.) I'm not a democrat, but I am an American and I care what happens to my country - not just myself.

Comment "a pretty crazy idea" - ? Talk to Trump voters (Score 4, Insightful) 52

While I'm sure there are many who voted for him without regard for the fake news stories (which generally seemed laughably dumb) - when I talked with people in my own neighborhood that vote for Trump - none of them voted for Trump, they all voted against her in his name - and the reasons were a mixture of the best falsehoods (the ones with kernels of truth in them.) Things that had been repeatedly debunked.

In a sense you can't really blame Trump for being what he is. It's not like it was a surprise. Certain aspects of the GOP have been creating this problem for years. Think about this - there were NINE separate investigations.

One of them was the actual required investigation - which laid the blame on the State Department, Department of Defense, and somewhat on the CIA. This is exactly what you would expect. Clinton herself was cleared of any personal culpability, but as the head of the State Department she was ultimately responsible (and by extension the President.)

Then there were EIGHT more. All of them, one after the other, came to basically the same conclusions as the original - no evidence of 'wrong doing' by Clinton (although Susan Rice - the ambassador to the UN repeatedly came out looking like a dipsh*t - lol.)

That's more time and investigations THAN 9/11!

The best part was the senate and house Republicans were several times caught being dumb enough to admit on camera that these were political attacks on Hillary Clinton (each speaking about their own investigations - not others.)

It is clear an obvious to an objective observer that the entire purpose was to generate as much negative association with her as possible.

I am myself a fairly socially liberal and very fiscally conservative person - but I cannot stand dishonesty (from either side - don't get me started on Nancy the f*cking devil Pelosi) - and I found myself repeatedly having to stand up for the facts (remember those?) when people I know would just mouth whatever they'd recently heard on Fox News that was intentionally inaccurate, incomplete, and often incoherent. I don't subjectively like Hillary anyhow, so that that used to piss me off even more.

OF COURSE fake news helped Trump. It wasn't just Russian//whoever fakes news - it was fake outrage, fake interpretations of real events, fake evaluation of real facts, fake Fox News (MSNBC used to be almost as bad but I avoid both), et cetera.

Now the crazy shit that was coming out during Trump's campaign? It was so obviously fake that at some point you just have to realize that a large number of Americans are stupid. I love America, and I like my neighbors (really), but some of them are idiots. That's just the way things are, and now they're going to get exactly what they voted for.

It makes me sad for America, but we'll recover. The really sh*tty part is that I remember during the primary watching Kasich and thinking "there's a decent, centrist, reasonable man - who would likely be a two term president." I think Rubio could have done a solid job as well (and he would have probably been able to drain some of the swamp with his idealism as well.) To be honest, other than Cruz, Trump, and Carson (wtf?), the remaining candidates (even Bush) were not terrible if not great (although I don't care for Pence much, I think at the national level he'd actually turn out to be less appeasing of the base he currently has to deal with at home.)

Anywho - long story short. Of course the CEO of a publicly traded company will act stupidly unaware of something that's been brought to his attention for months and is obvious to all of us... He's legally required to (in a way.)

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