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Comment Re:Arguing over the subjective (Score 2) 523

The easiest distinguishing characteristic between a programmer and a software engineer - empathy for the people who have to test, maintain, document, and extend your code :).

I've always been surprised that people don't consider them separate things (programmers and software engineers) - so maybe it's just me.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 596

Sure, if that sensor reading went from 0 to 100% (or similar) and then stayed registering 100%. It seems very likely, given Tesla's response that there is a very 'human' curve in the application of the accelerator prior to the accident and then a very 'human' curve to the release of the accelerator post impact. Then, a surprisingly totally functioning and normal accelerator afterwards...

Comment " When will people stop lying about..." - Really? (Score 1) 596

People will never stop lying about things they think they can get away with - especially to avoid wounding their pride.
One of the few positives to the surveillance state, the constant tracking of data - is occasionally the ability to point out just like Tesla - "Uh, you're a lying sack of shit..."

Comment Re: slippery slope (Score 2) 822

That's not a particularly salient argument. Everyone would prefer that cars did NOT emit noxious fumes or gases; unfortunately it's not as simple a solution as banning smoking in public - ergo, we regular car emissions, and we're clearly moving towards vehicles that do not emit exhaust or only emit water.

Submission + - Microsoft Unlocks The Ability To Turn Xbox One Consoles Into "Development Kits"

Dave Knott writes: Microsoft today made good on a nearly three-year-old promise, unlocking the ability for all retail Xbox One consoles to become development kits. This mode will allow anyone to build, test and experiment with Universal Windows Program (UWP) development. Converting a console to Dev Mode requires no special equipment or fees, though to fully access the abilities, a user will need to create a Dev Center account. After setting up Dev Mode, a user simply pairs their Xbox One with Visual Studio, which sees the console as a Windows 10 machine to which it can deploy content directly through a wired connection. While this feature eases self-publishing on Xbox One, a developer will still have to go through Microsoft's concept approval, which usually takes about two weeks, before the game is eligible to be published on Xbox One. The big change here is that while traditionally Microsoft had to give a hopeful developer a dev kit, now a developer can just switch over their own retail console.

Comment Either VERY early in, or just a PR stunt (Score 1) 127

...because when you see 'sophia' speak, you'll notice that all of the visemes in her speech are exaggerated (it makes the corners of her mouth look super twitchy.) This is because whoever wrote the animation side of their TTS solution either just started this week or has never done this before.

The solution to this is some trivial blending and based upon the near and mid term expected word rate and the viseme to viseme transitions about to happen.

For a company espousing how human their robots are, they've got lots of very basic and fundamental cognitive cueing issues (the need to introduce minute focal point adjustments of the eyes [human eyes are rarely completely still] for example.)

Comment Re:Against an aircraft that first flew in 1974... (Score 1) 170

The point in mentioning the S-37 is because it is the test-bed for the Su-35 and emerging Russian technologies for integration into their existing front line and export aircraft.

The Su-27M is the export version.

The "Su-27M" is the Su-35. The 'K' version of an Su-27/35 Russian aircraft denotes an export version. Maybe you were referring to the Su-35S (the more recent upgrade, which is also available for export - China and Algeria have already bought them.)

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