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Comment Re:Seems like it's somewhat worse than that... (Score 5, Insightful) 141

If you don't use a VPN, *your* ISP can correlate all your traffic to your billing information (which is necessarily very detailed as they often have a physical cable to your location). If use a VPN, *their* ISP can only correlate that traffic to the VPN's billing info and not your own. Of course, the VPN provider can make this correlation but there are more options for VPN providers than ISPs in a given location.

Comment Re:What about Slashdot? (Score 1) 382

I'm assuming there were multiple accounts on this server. Depending on how the discovery request was worded, if the VIP's email address was removed or modified from the from / to headers of emails, one could reduce the set of emails that have to be handed over 'where the VIP was included in the conversation'. Or perhaps remove embarrassing email addresses that were cc'd/bcc'd on sent mail.

The danger is that another party to the chain still has a copy of the email that shows it in a different state then would be in the archive which would expose the subterfuge.

Perhaps it was that concern that resulted in deleting emails rather than modifying them, as perhaps destruction of records is far less of an issue then falsification of records.

Comment Re:Where did the money come from? (Score 1) 160

Money laundering is obscuring where money came from. If you walk into a bank with $3M in cash, its going to be noticed. However, if you sell a ton of $Drug for $3M cash, and own a cash-heavy / inventory-light business such as a strip-club or casino, you inject the cash into that business over time with fake transactions and treat it as ordinary income. You pay taxes on it and to everyone it looks like you are operating a particularly successful business, and you have legit cash in the bank.

In this way you've obscured that the money came from an illicit deal and made it appear legitimate. Any business that can do a lot of turnover without a lot of inventory (as someone might notice if your bar is doing a ton of business but never buying inventory) is a candidate.

For larger non-cash sums you can do things with offshore fake businesses; make a 'startup' offshore, then sell it to another offshore entity and bank the cash / declare it on your taxes. The fact that it didn't really exist is hard for on-shore regulators to notice, and now you've got a bunch of legit taxes-paid cash in your wallet. describes some more schemes.

Comment Combination (Score 1) 229

RAID to protect against local storage failure (not a backup per se), ongoing CrashPlan backup for the desktops, AWS EBS Snapshots for the AWS volumes, and AWS Glacier copies of the really irreplaceable stuff (in addition to the prior). The Glacier components are gpg'd and .par2'd just in case there is some sort of bitrot in whatever storage mechanism they use.

Comment Re:Jury Decisions Do Not Create Precedent (Score 1) 243

A jury case can set precedent -- in a particular set of circumstances, the court case went a certain way. In future cases lawyers may reference this case when explaining how their side should win. See It may not be 'binding' and the details will determine how easy it is to equate future cases with this one, but it still goes into the legal record and you can be sure it'll be referenced if it is helpful to someones case.

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