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Comment Re:We can date the jump into the U.S. in about 197 (Score 1) 297

A lot of times where "suddenly" we find a lot of cases of a particular disease/disorder/etc is not because it sprang out of nowhere, but because testing that recognised it and/or confirmed it became more established.

It's kinda like various things that can affect your mental state (Alzheimer's etc). We've getting a lot more data and starting to learn more about it, and it seems like suddenly it's a big deal but reality is back in the day it was just "crazy aunt Doris" etc etc.

Comment Food or coupons (Score 1) 200

Or when food fails, coupons/cards that can be redeemed for free food.
McDonalds give out stickers cards which - when you get enough stickers - get you a free coffee, etc. I generally keep those around for anyone asking for "change for a coffee".

When it comes to food, it's not a big deal to buy some guy a sandwich (although the one guy I saw buying a shopping cart of beer right after kinda irked me). Often I just grab some no-face-value food cards, throw some cash on them, and hand those out. The no-face-value cards are better because they're harder to trade some for drugs/alcohol (hey buddy, I'll trade you this $40 card for $25 cash).

Comment Business as usual (Score 1) 192

At the heart of the fight is a debate over the societal value of the Airbnb platform and its role in the economy of cities throughout the world. The question is whether Airbnb has been a net benefit, by enabling middle class city-dwellers to make extra money by renting out their homes

These things don't enter in as legitimate questions in a free society. Free people reserve their right to enter a new business and compete. Opportunities are not things to be doled out to powerful and connected people in backroom deals.

It is literally laughable that these wealthy people carving up the power to rent to you, used "affordable housing" as a meme to get this anticompetitive law passed.

Observe as attack lap dogs regurgitate distraction memes about safety or regulation. No shortage of memes supporting big, money-donating businesses as the end product.

Comment Re: Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 2, Interesting) 200

> Bias is irrelevant. The methodology is either valid or invalid in relation to the hypothesis and the results. Are the findings supported by the evidence?

Bias can, and does, profoundly skew direct results and their interpretation. This is why double blind studies are so useful, to help avoid experimental bias. Thee was an excellent example of this in the 1970's, involving Jacques Benveniste, a supporter of homeopathic medicine in his immunological research. His positive results could not be replicated when the experiments were done by a review committee with better double blind methods.

The same can be seen in almost every business plan and employee evaluation.

Comment Re:Brick 'em (Score 1) 58

I'd say turn them off. If by 'brick' you mean make them unusable unless you reflash the firmware, why not simply turn them off ? Yes, the owner will notice and turn it back on, but after a few times like that he'll probably sent it back to manufacturer. And you can't be accused to damaging the device for simply turning it off.
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Journal Journal: As predicted ACA and insurance are incompatible.

An article in nytimes shows that millions of Americans choose not to pay insurance premiums but instead only get insurance coverage when they need it because the premiums are more expensive than government penalties of not buying insurance and because simultaneously the government forces the insurance companies to cover anybody regardless of any pre-existing conditions.

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