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Comment Re:sorry, it's not that simple (Score 1) 358

Tritium produced in liquid lithium shielding is a destabilizing consequence of using it in shielding because it propagates an extremely volatile, difficult to contain radioactive material into the lithium. Recovery of tritium from it, even in theory, is for safety, not for refueling the reactor. It's nowhere near _enough_ tritium to replace the original tritium fuel, and it can't be recovered safely or efficiently enough to use it effectively to refuel the reactor.

Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 414

You are only responsible to yourself (and possibly your family), you don't have to work if you don't want to, but you cannot demand that others work for you and pay for you, feed you, cloth you, shelter you, treat your diseases, educate you, etc.

So it is a choice, you can choose to work or not to work, you can choose to eat or not to eat. How is that a 'country' situation? It's a UNIVERSE situation.

Again, if Uber is the *difference* between Joe Somebody earning money or not earning money, then attacking the *ONLY* company that Joe is apparently capable of finding a work at is ridiculous and economically suicidal.

Comment Re:Top 3 promising fusion concepts: (Score 1) 358

It also took 20% of the world's oil production offline for nearly a decade, which profits other oil companies, especially with the guaranteed market for military fuel. And there was a _hope_, ill-founded, that a wave of strong anti-Muslim-leadership politics would sweep the region.

Comment Re:Mixed Metaphors (Score 1) 414

>> The revolution led directly to famine, from destruction of the economy, and genocide during the Reign of Terror. So yes, I'd say that Marie Antoinette's political behavior was "not doing anything wrong".

> Whenever it's the rich and the bourgeois taking it up the ass, rather than the poor, the fainting couches are whipped out and hands get chapped from frantic

When it's someone like Marie Antoinette, who actually tried to stabilize the country, who are blamed for the atrocities and used as examples of the abuses and are executed for them, it's important to defend them. Blame her for her very _real_ sins, such as her long resistance to badly needed fiscal reforms, not for complete disregard of the poor and of the populace of France that was more founded in propaganda. The "let them eat cake" quote was apparently just such propaganda.

Comment Re: Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 500

I don't disagree that this is how "everyone refers to it" or that it's a convenient shorthand to use for purposes of conversation. That doesn't change the fact that it's not an accurate description of what is actually taking place, hence my statement "the confusion most people seem to have."

Comment Re:ok Komrade (Score 1) 57

"staunch Republicans"= RINOs, i.e., Republicans who talk like Conservatives and vote like Democrats, so they are Democrats in Republican clothing.
And she did NOT win by "record margin". Not even close. Check the margins of victory in the two previous presidential elections.
And, there is NO evidence of Russian hacking interfering with the election, but we have plenty of proof of Democrat operatives paid by the DNC doing just that by their own words.
You've got to stop spending so much time being indoctrinated by Media Matters/ProgressNow, who funding the BLM riots.
After all, it was Hillary who said that not accepting the results of the election was "Horrifying, un-democratic and un-American". Remember?

Comment Re:Good luck, Europe (and China) (Score 1) 358

"Because not one near-worthless American dime will be spent on alternative energy research in now Big Oil America. I also fully expect any and all solar / wind subsidies to be eliminated (hell, they'll probably be levied a Big Oil Butt-Hurt tax to compensate for the Oil Patch's hard times)."
Taking Hillary's loss rather hard, aren't you?

Have you bothered to check out how many GW of solar power generating stations have been and are being built? Check out Wikipedia, it has a nice article about the topic:
Notice that the graphs projecting future trends for Solar power in the US have a hockey stick shape. You know what that means ... it's gone exponential, and the data behind those graphs have not been tampered with, fudged or cherry-picked. Also, note that the countries with the dirtiest air are those controlled by tyrants a/o Marxists. Why should Americans have to pay a Carbon Tax so China can continue to massively pollute the skies of our Planet with impunity?

Comment Pie in the sky promises ... (Score 1) 358

Ive been seeing propaganda like this for both fission and fusion reactors for the last 60 years, and I'm 75. It started with "Nuclear energy will be so cheap it won't be metered". No mention of the radioactive waste storage problem, which was passed along to future generations and now is a HUGE problem. Then came the fusion reactor promises: "Within 25 years .... ". They were trotted out every five years, along about funding time. This one is no different, except its lies are about its promise to be free of nuclear waste. High temperature plasma can produce high energy Neutrons which make metal brittle, leading to failures. They also strike other atoms, knocking out other Neutrons and Protons, creating radioactive elements. Some of the high energy Neutrons are slowed down, becoming Thermal Neutrons, which allow them to be captured by some atoms, making the atoms radioactive. Of course, the projected per KW costs for consumer electricity never include the processing and storage of radioactive waste products. IF they were honest about that consumers would not opt for nuclear power because it would be too expensive.

Comment Re:Mixed Metaphors (Score 1) 414

>> genocide during the Reign of Terror.

> Really? Against who?

The Vendee, in a region mostly populated by the Catholics of France. The wholesale slaughter among them was one of the reasons the "Reign of Terror" was known as such. I do note that the genocide was not one-sided, the Verdee were themselves engaging in slaughter of civilians based on religious differences.

Comment Deiterium-Tritisum Fusion no good for power (Score 1, Insightful) 358

I'm afraid that this design, like nearly all modern fusion designs, relies on deuterium-tritium fusion. Both are awkward, expensive, and even dangerous to produce and refine. Tritium, in particular has a quite short half-life and is best refined from nuclear waste at fission plants. If you are already producing enough tritium to run fusion reactors, you already have more than enough fission plants to provide far more and far more reliable energy. There are numerous old papers laying out the difficulties, such as Note that it's theoretically possible to generate more tritium than is currently generated by switcing to "breeder" fission reactors, but those have proven extremely dangerous to manage due to their use in creating plutonium, which is quite useful for nuclear weapon building. It's a very dangerous technology, and the generation of tritium on a commercial scale would be tied to creating _far_ more plutonium than is currently created.

The only currently feasible, safer, and scalable source of deuterium and tritium for fusion reactors is solar sails, capturing the more refinable percentage of such particles in solar wind. Since a solar sail is already capturing approximately 20 KW/square meter of sail from electromagnetic solar radiation, that is a vastly safer and easier to handle power source than collecting and shipping the isotopes of hydrogen to the necessary fusion reactor. Much like building a vast array of breeder reactors to generate tritium for fusion reactors, there is _no point_ to trying to run a fusion plant when the collection and refinement plant itself generates far more directly usable energy than can even theoretically be produced by D-T fusion.

I'll simplify by using the metaphor a colleague gave me recently. The refinement of deuterium and tritium for fusion power is like heating homes by burning the signs and posters put up to protest nuclear power plants. It can be done in theory, but it is not efficient and does not scale well.

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