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Comment News to Me... (Score 1) 48

Here in the San Francisco bay area, AT&T has been running an ad for the last couple months or so on one of those electronic billboards advertising gigabit fiber service. Well, if they're actually offering it somewhere on the peninsula, I have no idea where, because every time I check on their site, they claim it's not yet available in my area, despite the fact that I've seen their trucks running around the area apparently putting up new cabling of some sort. Google seems to have gotten bored with Google Fiber, so I'm not holding my breath for them anymore. In fact, the only ISP I know is offering gigabit fiber service in the bay area is, in a very slow, limited roll-out.

Comment Upstart costs (Score 1) 36

This makes a lot of sense for China. If you're building out new infrastructure, build with the one that will be most cost effective in the future. You can take a solar panel to a remote village, and use a few hundred yards of copper to give lighting to all the houses....or, you can build a centralized coal plant and run hundreds of miles of copper to give lighting to all the houses. The renewable solar wins on a cost basis, even if you ignore the renewable.

Comment Re:Call the whaaaambualance (Score 1) 234

They do, but that means they're also playing with only the local people on that servers.

We have similar issues on MOBA type games where people from various places with crap pings login the western N America hosts and then either end up dropping or just screwing up the game in general with lag. It's one of the reasons for the massive DOTA hate on Peru.

But this is realistically a problem without a good solution? Sure they could add servers in Hawaii but then you're going to have a smaller pool of people to actually play with if using that local server.

Comment Re:How is this even illegal? (Score 3, Insightful) 33

> It's not. And as a Lyft driver,

You seem quite confident. Theft of trade secrets, even through an unwitting proxy to those trade secrets, is still theft. Much would depend on the details of the contract with Uber, and much would depend on whether the software committed acts which the Uber drivers had _not_ agreed to in their contracts. The drivers working for Lyft might not even be empowered, by their Lyft contract, to share that information with Uber, in which case they could not agree to share that data.

Comment Re: Ontario, largest subnational debtor on the pla (Score -1) 486

Wealth is an abstract concept. In nature noone owns anything

- you own your body if you can protect it. You own your territory if you can protect it. There is no difference between nature and us, we are nature.

If you don't own anything then why would you mind if I decided to kill you for food (don't worry, I am a vegetarian, but I may sell your body to others for food). So you see, your property starts with possession of your own body and mind and from there it extends to the work that you do in your life because that work takes your personal time, the time of your life.

Your work is time taken out of your life that you are spending not on pleasure but on work (maybe your work is pleasure for you but that doesn't really change anything). To take what you have worked for and to distribute it to others, who did not do this work is the injustice of oppression imposed by the collectivism that we are observing here and the more of that is happening the more people will fight against it in every possible way.

I am all for people outsourcing, automating, avoiding and evading every tax they can because that is the fight against the oppression and violence of the collectivist mob and it needs to be done.

Comment Re:Vigorous debate? Surely you jest (Score -1) 486

I've been on this site since around 1998, registered the account within a couple of years I think. As an anarcho capitalist/objectivist I don't see what it is you are seeing (this site becoming more libertarian minded, which means less Statist, less collectivist). For whatever reason the population here is quite happy to be part of a 'larger than self' collective and it's quite happy to use collectivism for protectionism, for taxation and redistribution and such. Where have you seen this shift towards 'Randian garbage' as you call it? Individuals are mostly drowned out in the overall collectivist noise here.

Comment Re:It's spelled "UNIX" (Score 1) 192

I'm afraid that I've encountered a few engineers who refuse to acknowledge the distinction between UNIX operating systems, which follow certain detailed standards documented in the "Single UNIX Standard" at and other operating systems whose kernels, and whose core libraries, have critical distinctions. MacOS, for example, is. Linux is not, as documented at . Solaris was, and SCO OpenServer was, as was AT&T SysV.

Following a standard in every detail can be difficult, confusing, and expensive to verify. This is partly why genuine UNIX operating systems have fallen out of favor in many environments.

Comment Re:Missing option: None (Score 1) 138

Yeah... Try that in a multilingual environment.... I dare you. I routinely work with five languages in a day, but my phone only knows one. Okay, it knows four of the five, but I have to select one.

It also assumes it does understand what you said. My experience is: it doesn't even when I do talk English to my phone. Obviously that is my fault. I'm not going to deny that.

Where I live, you see/hear no one use these systems.... For good reason.

On a decent keyboard, all of those are -by the way- faster than what you say. You conveniently omit the "Sir/Alexa/OK Google/Cortana" detection phrase, then your inquiry, then the processing, then the verification of what has been detected, then the acknowledgement of the fact that detection has worked correctly. Otherwhise you get such things as "When date LGBT closet tonight". Not really acceptable.

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