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Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 200

> When will computer geeks grasp that most of the human race actually > enjoys the company of others and that there are actual economic reasons > why people cluster? That's exactly what Kurzweil DID agree with. He said we've crowded into cities because we want to crowd. But it has downsides. His contention is that as we improve communications and physical delivery of goods, we can have the economic benefits and companionship benefits of clustering without actually clustering.

Comment Re:Absolutely not (Score 1) 301

bughunter: I create accounts on those services and then don't use them, just as a defense against someone else creating accounts using my name. It's a protection against identity theft. I encourage you to consider a similar strategy if your name is something that you professionally trade on ever.

Comment Re:If they pay the license fee (Score 1) 230

It may seem wrong, but if that's the license agreement that the state agreed to, then that's the agreement. The company now has a right to enforce that agreement. If you don't like a EULA, you need to protest it when you buy the software, not 20+ years later when chickens come home to roost.

Comment Re: Wow, a page from the Valery Fabrikant (Score 2) 396

We (USA) did massive damage in the Mid-East long before 911. We sustained the Shah to get oil, we backed the creation ex nihilo of Israel, among other things. In more recent times, our cultural influence from Hollywood and music is easily viewed as an attack (we may not have intended it, but we were massively disruptive in many parts of the world with our mass media). We (USA) are largely seen as the successors to the British and the abuses of the colonial system. If a person believes that sons should answer for the sins of their fathers, it's easy to justify a 911 attack. And now we are a part of the mess that has been raging for centuries.

Comment Re: Crowdfunding couldn't do worse than the govern (Score 1) 189

Your tone implies that none of that was worth studying. That's the problem... you only consider things worth studying that you can already see value in. Basic research delves into many areas that aren't obviously of value. It also may confirm things that seem obvious, but every once in a while it overturns conventional thinking. You have to make the judgement on the value before the research is done and based on why the researchers think there's an open question. Just reviewing the titles, as you have done, is a poor basis of judgement.

Comment Re:The real purpose of security checks? (Score 1) 302

Perhaps the answer is to increase the budget *and* fire everyone currently involved. Then those who say, "we need a bigger budget" are not the ones who benefit. It encourages TSA to do as much as it can and only ask for budget as a last resort, and only when they really think it'll help security for the good of others.

Comment Re:End the theater (Score 3, Interesting) 302

Does anyone else have a problem with there being a fee at all? This sure seems like government treating people differently because of their economic levels, something that we are generally supposed to oppose. This really bothers me lately -- I'm standing in the high speed PreCheck line and watching the woman with three kids try to keep them entertained in the slow main line. She's a lower threat profile than I am (male traveling alone), but I have the time and resources to go get the TSA interview. Something feels really wrong here.

Comment Re:Time to get rid of the TSA (Score 1) 302

That's not how USA government works -- everyone gets a say in everything. That's a double-edge sword. It means people who don't fly vote on the TSA, but if you start whitelisting who gets to be involved then you get things like environmentalists not allowed to vote on agriculture policy because they aren't farmers. I really don't think you want to move to a system where the government certifies who gets to vote on an issue and who doesn't. It'd be worse than what we have today, I'm pretty sure.

Comment Re: Bullshit (Score 1) 190

Livius is partly right -- most credentials *from organizations generally* can be taken away for not paying fees. Pseudonym is right -- university credentials are not generally in the category of things that can be taken for not paying fees. And gweihir is right -- there are conditions under which the university no longer credentials someone for the field... An entire research paper on the law surrounding these situations: Yes, there is case law to allow a degree to be withheld, rescinded, or revoked for behavior after graduation, including failure to pay fees. How far it can go appears to be up to the university in question.

Comment Re:GNU is a recursive acronym (Score 2) 436

Judge Alsup is a very well informed judge for technical issues... take a look at the original 2012 rulings from Alsup in this case. He is trying to elicit from the lawyers an explanation for the jury. It's the judge's job to predict the questions the jury would have about what they've just heard. It is NOT his job to try to explain the information himself, even if he knows the answer ... he's there as judge, not to provide testimony.

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