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Comment Re: Real Problem (Score 1) 365

You have the choice to get in the car, same as today. If SDC is better than most humans --- and we're very close to that --- then most humans should be in an SDC. And the more SDCs there are, the fewer accidents because they all know how each other will react -- no sudden erratic changes of mind about lanes!

Comment Re: Real Problem (Score 1) 365

Road traffic surveys for anti-texting laws deny that claim. Last I heard when my city was debating an anti-texting ordinance, about half of drivers are distracted to a degree sufficient to impair their response in an emergency. Our saving grace is that emergencies are relatively rare.

Comment Re: What does this even mean ? (Score 2) 365

You should read non-fiction "The Robot's Rebellion." Ignore the preface of author rambling... the 8 core chapters are some of the most heavily footnoted text I've ever waded through detaining just how many guess-and-check shortcuts the human brain takes. The book lays out study after study, including some things you can try on your own, that pretty much denies any argument about humans having a serious advantage over computers in high-speed decision making. With deliberation, our brains are awesome. In the heat of the moment, we aren't even consistent in our heuristics.

Comment Re: So basically ... the attack wins? (Score 1) 212

My understanding is that they have massive bandwidth for all their normal traffic, but their *spare* bandwidth for surprise DDoS traffic was more limited, and this exceeded their spare unused capacity and it exceeded their $$$ for negotiating additional. If I'm misunderstanding something, please explain what I've missed.

Comment Re: So basically ... the attack wins? (Score 4, Insightful) 212

They are incapable of dealing with the largest DDoS they've ever seen, double the previous record. There is no defense against a DDoS except bandwidth, so there's an upper bound that will take down *any* provider. Akamai is a high-end defender, but in this space, attackers have the clear upper hand.

Submission + - Data to track global fishing violations now public (

Aristos Mazer writes: At, a digital map is now open to the public that uses satellite data to track the movements of ships in the world's protected fishing zones. By crowd sourcing exploration of the map, the bthe technology aims to reduce the problem of illegal fishing, which accounts for up to 35 percent of the global wild marine catch and causes yearly losses of $23.5 billion, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

The Global Fishing Watch was officially released to the public during the Our Oceans Conference hosted by US Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington on Thursday and Friday.

In order the make the data available for free, Oceana and its partners negotiated a deal with the satellite company Orbcomm to use its three-day old data, which is described as "near real-time," along with historical records. Although the delay means that any criminals won't be nabbed instantaneously, advocates say they expect the technology will open the world's waters to public watchdogs in a way that has never been done before.

Comment Re:Disconnect (Score 1) 413

I've read research articles showing stats that these presentations do have an impact by getting guys just to think about their behavior. A surprising number (well, surprising to me) never have thought about how a woman might view their aggressive behavior, and they back off when it is brought up. This matches my own anecdotal experience watching guys change their behavior after it is explained to them -- especially in a video that everyone has to see where they don't feel singled out (as with any correction, if you try telling it to a specific person then they get really defensive). No, it doesn't fix everyone, but I'm pretty sure there's enough value to justify the presentations.

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