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Comment I used to work for an "Idea Man" and it sucked (Score 2) 332

I used to work for a (bigger than small but smaller than medium) family owned business doing web development.

The CEO and President were brothers, they were the sons of the owner.

One of the two was the idea man. He'd see something on a competitor's website or he'd read about it somewhere and call a meeting to find out what would be needed for us to do it too. We'd discus it, start developing a plan and get to it and three days later, there'd be another newer, shinier thing that he wanted us to work on. It was soul-crushing because we never got to follow through on anything. I was very happy to leave that place.


Comment Re: Fake News? (Score 0) 624

If Snopes were left-leaning, it would have been impossible for me to defend Bush all those years.

Sorry, but Snopes is left-leaning. What you've run across are examples so flagrant, they had to admit them to false. For example, "Trump to Repurpose USS Enterprise Into Floating Hotel and Casino" or "Donald Trump Was Born in Pakistan" are obviously fake and Snopes will label it as such.
The best way to check any "fact-check" site is to find the same quote said by two people on different sides of the aisle. What I have found is that many times, the same claim will receive a higher rating from the left, as the site will find an excuse as to why it may be true. The right receives no such courtesy.

Comment Re: Fake News? (Score 0) 624

I'm led to understand reality has a pretty strong left wing bias, also.

Do you mean the "reality" that says only white Republicans can be racist?
Maybe you mean the "reality" that every Republican candidate since Reagan is a racist/misogynist/elitist/Bible-thumper?
Oh, I know... You mean the "reality" of Obamacare cutting health care costs and everyone being able to keep their doctor, right?

Sorry, but when "the left wing" has played the bigot (racist, misogynist, homophobe, transphobe) card so hard and so long that it's color has worn off, I have hard time believing that they know what "reality" truly is. Don't believe me? Go back and look at the smears against Romney and look at what they are saying about him now. Back then, he was an animal abusing, woman suppressing, religious nut-job. Today, he's the sane pick for Secretary of State. Seriously, how long did you think the American public would believe the BS when you tell them same BS every four years, only to back off your claims a few weeks after the elections end? Well, the elections you win, anyway.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe they simply disagree with your policies for reasons other than hatred?

Comment Re:Remind them that one day, their opposition can (Score 1) 359

I think that many of them don't realize the future implications.

I can only use the US's political landscape as a point of reference but I think the point will be clear...
We've been hearing about the GOP's "Demographic problem" for more than a decade. Basically, as America is getting younger and browner, there is dwindling power for those groups who have traditionally been the Republican party's base. People with left-of-center politics really did think that we wouldn't see another Republican president for a generation or more.

Now that Trump won the presidency and Republicans control both houses of congress, I have heard grumblings on the right-of-center side who think that the Democrats are now over and done.

They're both wrong.

Giving more power to the government is a bad idea, no matter who is in control of it.


Comment Remind them that one day, their opposition can win (Score 5, Insightful) 359

During the Bush administration, I used to remind people of the dangers of giving too much power to the executive branch by reminding them that one day, another "Clinton" will have control.

During the Obama administration, I reminded people that one day, another "Bush" will have control.

Eventually, I'll remind people that another "Obama" or "Trump" will have control.

Never give anyone, even your allies, the kind of power you would fear in the hands of your enemies.


Comment Re:And to think the DNC wanted to face Trump... (Score 1) 2837

Sorry to be the one to have to inform you of this, but this is not just about bathrooms. Sure, bathrooms are all you hear about on the news, because that's how it's framed. No one really cares the sex of the person in the stall next to you. Opinions change when you start talking about locker rooms, showers, and other facilities, especially when these facilities are used by children.

Sexual identity issues and bathrooms do not equal boys and girls in school showering together. You're literally making that up.
This is from the Charlotte non-discrimination ordinance:
"A place of public accommodation may not refuse to provide the full and equal enjoyment of its facilities based on a protected characteristic, such as gender identity and gender expression. Restrooms, locker rooms, and other changing facilities are covered by the ordinance."

Here is the source:

Oh, but you said boys and girls. OK. Let's look at what the Obama administration wants:
"Schools should let transgender students use bathrooms, locker rooms and other sex-segregated facilities consistent with their gender identity, according to the guidance." ...
"The letter does not carry the force of law but the message was clear: Fall in line or face loss of federal funding."

Comment Re:I still telnet for usurper (Score 1) 181

I don't remember the version number of the change change but I remember the game mechanics of the change. Back when they first make it so you could wear more than just an armor.

Back when the most Usurper could handle was a signed 32 bit integer. I had a crew of guys and I managed to amass over a billion credits. I saved up and bought a supreme protector. Then I saved up and got the best weapon (It's been so long, I just don't remember what it's called) and we took over the city. Everyone who tried to fight us lost miserably. I passed on a billion to my next in command and he sat on it, earning interest. As he began to approach 2 billion, I started messaging him furiously. He HAD to spend that money. Don't be greedy. Buy the stuff and give it to the next guy.

He didn't listen. There was an overflow and his bank balance went to something like -900,000,000.

The next day he started screaming and crying about all of his money and all I could say was "I tried to tell you".

With the next version of Usurper, they made it so there was different armor for different parts of the body and in the waning days of BBSs, I lost interest.


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